5 frightening indie games

This has been a banner year for big-budget horror games: Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima's widely acclaimed Silent Hills P.T. Demo, Resident Evil veteran Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within, Ridley Scott's Alien: Isolation. But indie shops are on the scream team, too -- check out our picks for the top 5 most terrifying of 2014.

Lurking ( WindowsMac)

In Lurking, you must escape an asylum and avoid capture by the twisted residents, using only your hearing and wits. You must rely on echolocation, each sound you make revealing more of the world you're … Read more

Papers, Please dominates IGF Awards at GDC 2014

Many great indie games and AAA titles featured at GDC 2014 were collaborative efforts from highly talented individuals. But Papers, Please proves that there is still room in the gamers' hearts for lone-wolf developers. With an usual narrative, Papers, Please captures the emotional toll of working as an immigration officer in a fictional dystopian country. Using detective skills and powers of observation, players can allow or deny refuge for immigrants trying to get into the nation of Arstotzka.

Lucas Pope drew from personal experience as an American living abroad and applied the skills he acquired at Naughty Dog working on … Read more

What gaming drought? 7 great games you should be playing right now

I've been hearing it since the new year: "There are no games to play!"

Sure, we seem to have found ourselves in a bit of a lull when it comes to the big blockbuster video game. When I posted what I felt were 2014's most anticipated titles, I may have overlooked the fact that the beginning of 2014 was a bit on the light side for games.

Wrought with guilt that I may have in someway performed a disservice to you fine people, I felt compelled to compile a short list of interactive software worthy of your hard-earned income. The best part? Most of these titles are significantly cheaper than the $60 you're probably used to paying for a shiny new game.… Read more

Funhouse of Horror 2013: Top 5 free scary games to download

The time has come once again for the ghosts and goblins to roam the streets for sweets. But if trick-or-treating is no longer your thing and you'd rather stay in, has got you covered with some freebie games for creating your own scarefest -- without leaving the house. In 2012, our editors scoured our extensive catalog and collected the most unusual games they could find to scare you. This time around, we dug even deeper, saw things that nightmares are made of, and brought them back to share with you. These creepy finds are listed in no … Read more

C-Wars brings classic Beat 'em up action to a Tower Defense game

A Cyberpunk world, in a post apocalyptic wasteland being infested by a zombie army? C-Wars seems to hit all of the major buzzwords that would set off any gamer's alarm. Onipunks' brainchild might turn off many players who have been jaded by the promises of many so so and eh-inducing games released this year, the ones that seemed to be the products of some assembly-line design model created to separate us from our money. But after playing the Demo, it would be a lie to say I'm anything less than ecstatic that this game has been successfully funded … Read more

The 404 1,327: Where Yahoo and Google are 'Trading Places' (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- A single-serving Tumblr dedicated to the worst Kickstarter campaigns ever.

- Wait, what? Yahoo tops Google in US traffic.

- Cassette tapes are almost cool again.

- NYC programmer turns homeless man into startup experiment.

- SXSW in a nutshell: homeless people as hot spots.

- Snapchat beta tested with homeless people.… Read more

The 404 1,326: Where we learn our manners (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Hacker community rallies to reward Facebook bug finder.

- New York Public Library sets up photobooths for library selfies.

- Eight tech etiquette tips to enforce in your office.… Read more

Microsoft details indie game publishing for Xbox One

Among the many groups initially turned off by the first wave of Xbox One details were indie game developers and publishers. Despite creating critical and commercial hits for the Xbox 360 (and being major players in Android, iOS, and PC gaming), the indie game community was troubled by new rules that would require all games on the upcoming console to come through a game publisher, rather than being uploaded and self-published by the developers themselves.

The issue was second only to the confusing and shifting rules for used and downloaded games in sowing discontent among gamers, and Microsoft eventually backtracked … Read more

Get 10 indie games for five bucks

A lot of game bundles let you name your own price for a smattering of titles, but reserve the really good stuff for those who meet or beat the average price. And they hold a few bonus titles hostage for days or even weeks.

The Bundle Stars Superfly Indie bundle puts everything on the table: 10 games, five bucks, end of story. And some pretty good games they are, too.

I'm not going to list them all here (you can see screenshots and game details on the bundle page), but I will point out a few highlights. Air Conflicts: … Read more

Spike Lee pans in on Kickstarter for next indie film

Acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee on Monday launched a campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site in hopes of raising $1.5 million for his next feature flick about people who are "addicted to blood."

"Filmmaking is what I do. Filmmaking is what I love. And you guys help me keep it going. This is a mother******* tough business, and I'm going to keep fighting the powers that be," Lee said in a video on the Kickstarter site (and embedded below) as he explained his plea.

For now, Lee is only calling his next project the "… Read more