How to switch to using the new Gmail import tool

Switching e-mail providers isn't always an easy affair, especially if you want to hold onto your old e-mail messages. And if you want to switch from Gmail, Google's use of labels instead of folders can throw another wrench into importing your messages.

In the past, moving your Gmail to required some manual steps and you'd lose your Gmail labels in the end. Now, has an import tool that walks you through importing your Gmail messages, and it even converts your Gmail labels to folders.

To use's Gmail import tool, click … Read more

President Obama declines to veto ban on Samsung products

President Barack Obama has decided against vetoing a possible ban on Samsung products.

Samsung requested the Obama administration veto a court-ordered ban on Samsung products that US International Trade Commission ruled infringe on two Apple patents. Bloomberg was first to report on the news on Tuesday.

The president has the power to veto decisions made by the ITC, but such moves are extremely uncommon. In August, for the first time since 1987, the Obama administration vetoed an earlier ruling by the ITC that would have seen Apple's products banned in connection with another Samsung patent-infringement case. The veto was … Read more

How to import your Google Reader data to Feedly

Just a couple of weeks ago, Feedly and Digg Reader weren't able to import Google Reader subscriptions manually. Digg recently added support for OPML import and now you can do the same with Feedly. If you haven't exported your Google Reader data yet, you only have until July 15 to do so. Once you've exported the data, here's how to import it to Feedly:

Step 1: Extract the ZIP archive to a folder on your computer. The archive file contains some JavaScript files and "subscriptions.xml."

Step 2: Log in to your Feedly account.… Read more

How to import your Google Reader data to Digg Reader

Google Reader is officially gone, but you still have until July 15 to export your data via Google Takeout. Once you've exported your data, you can begin importing it into alternative readers, like Digg Reader. Here's how to import your Google Reader feeds, including starred items, into Digg Reader:

Step 1: Go to, then under the Digg Reader section, click "Upload."

Step 2: Click on "Upload your data," then select your Google Reader Takeout archive -- the entire ZIP file -- for upload to Digg Reader.

Once the import completes, … Read more

ChronoSync for Mac 4.3.7 Review

Users working between multiple workstations may need to access the same file from different computers and back up data between them. ChronoSync for Mac is a welcome program for those users and syncs data quickly and securely.

The program offers a free trial version available with a 500-file transfer limit while the full version requires $40 to unlock. The setup of ChronoSync for Mac went smoothly despite requiring acceptance of a lengthy user agreement. Upon first starting the program up, the user can choose to open a complete user manual, which is a welcome addition to this type of program, … Read more

Canvas 14 creates sophisticated tech illustrations

Canvas 14 from ACD Systems is an enterprise-class technical illustration program. With it, you can create, refine, and publish sophisticated illustrations, animations, and documents.

It combines the drawing and illustrating features of a premium graphics app, the 3D modeling and drafting capabilities of CAD, and the collaborative capabilities of a productivity suite in one surprisingly intuitive package. A quick-start guide, copious documentation, and a helpful sidebar called the Canvas Assistant made getting to know this capable but complex software easier than we expected.

To try Canvas 14 for free, you must select that option during installation and complete the process … Read more

HTC: Our phones don't infringe Apple patent

HTC believes it's free and clear of infringing on a key Apple patent despite allegations to the contrary by the iPhone maker.

This week, Apple filed its third complaint against HTC in the past three years with the U.S. International Trade Commission. The company is alleging that HTC is still violating the same Apple patents that triggered a recent ban on imports of the HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE.

Following the initial complaint, HTC said that it took steps to work past Apple's U.S. Patent No. 5,946,647, also known as the data … Read more

Import bans over patents cause 'substantial harm,' FTC says

Google's efforts to block imports of Microsoft's Xbox and Apple's iPhone could cause "substantial harm" to consumers, competition, and innovation, the Federal Trade Commission said in a letter today.

The letter -- addressed to the U.S. International Trade Commission, a federal agency with the power to enforce bans on products shipping to the U.S. -- suggested companies should be limited in their ability to block competitors' imports based on patents that are built into industry standards.

"Simply put, we are concerned that a patentee can make a RAND [reasonable and nondiscriminatory] commitment … Read more

HTC's One X and Evo 4G LTE pass Customs inspections

After a two-week-long Customs delay, shipments of HTC's One X and Evo 4G LTE are flowing unfettered into the U.S., the company announced today.

"HTC has completed the review process with U.S. Customs and HTC devices have been released, as they are in compliance with the ITC's ruling," the company said in a statement. "Future shipments should continue to enter the U.S. and we are confident that we will soon be able to meet the demand for our products."

The two smartphones were put in limbo earlier this month over unresolved … Read more

The semi-automatic way to manage multiple contact lists

Few business resources are as valuable as your list of contacts. It's no wonder companies such as Twitter and iPad app vendor Path are trying to get their hands on their customers' contacts--with or without their express permission.

Contacts are like rabbits: they tend to multiply whenever they get together.

In the past year my Gmail contact list has grown by 50 percent, not to mention the many updates and changes to existing entries. Contact-sync programs promise to keep the information in multiple address books up-to-date, but the programs I've tried create so many duplicate records they'… Read more