iOS 6 fixes bug that let stolen iPhones receive iMessage texts

An iMessage security hole discovered earlier this year has reportedly been patched in iOS 6.

Revealed in February, the bug allowed texts through iMessage to continue to appear even after the phone's account information had been wiped, the SIM card deactivated, or the password changed. This meant that a stolen iPhone could still receive text messages intended for the device's owner.

The Next Web reported that a source with knowledge of the matter said that the issue was resolved in iOS 6 after Apple pushed through several new checks for iMessage. One critical tweak requires users who change … Read more

Apple: 365 million iOS devices sold; 80 percent running iOS 5

Curious how popular Apple's iOS platform and devices are? Look no further than the stats the company announced at Worldwide Developers Conference today.

According to Apple senior vice president for iOS Scott Forstall, the company has sold 365 million iOS-based devices through March 30. A whopping 80 percent of those devices are now running Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 5.

Speaking of iOS 5, Forstall offered up a host of staggering stats related to its built-in applications. For example, he says that iOS 5 users are receiving 7 billion push notifications each day, for a total of … Read more

Voice to text on iOS

Voice Assistant is a handy little app that accurately converts your words to text for use in e-mails, SMS messages, and social network status updates. It is not a Siri replacement for older iPhone users (you can't ask questions), but it does a surprisingly good job translating your words into text.

You start by choosing your language from 22 available, then the app brings up the sparse interface of a microphone button to record and a gear icon in the upper right for settings. From there, you simply hit the button to start recording and begin dictating. When you'… Read more

Apple calls iMessage bug story an 'extremely rare situation'

Apple has weighed in on a controversial issue with its iMessage service that keeps accounts on devices even when the owner has wiped the phone.

A story posted by Gizmodo yesterday detailed the dangers of the issue after a reader sent the outlet photos and details of iMessage exchanges that appeared on their iPhone after having it serviced at an Apple store.

According to their story, it all stemmed from that employee using their own phone's SIM card as part of the repair, which linked up the customer's phone to that employee's iMessage account. That resulted in … Read more

iMessage bug swats iPhone owners who switch to Android

Some new Android handset owners are complaining that they can't receive text messages from friends who own iPhones.

According to a growing thread in Apple's support forums, former iPhone owners that had been communicating with friends via iMessage are unable to receive any messages from those same folks when they try texting from an Android device.

"I bought an Android phone tonight, replacing my iPhone," Apple support forums user "Literroy" posted last month. "I also ported my number to the new phone. However, now, anytime someone with an iPhone tries to SMS me, … Read more