RoboForm review

RoboForm is far more than a form-filling and password-managing browser add-on; this inexpensive shareware is one of the most useful browser enhancements we've encountered. RoboForm saves and enters log-in data and passwords, as well as your address, contact data, or any form fields you're always entering the hard way in Web sites and Windows programs. It also manages bookmarks, downloads, notes, and much more. RoboForm costs just under $10 with a free 30-day trial.


Everywhere or Desktop: You can install RoboForm to save data only on your main PC, or you can create an online account that … Read more

Microsoft plans to patch critical Windows, IE bugs next week

Microsoft has marked two of the five security updates it plans to release next week as "critical," including one that addresses a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that is currently being exploited in the wild.

One of the updates announced in a security bulletin Thursday will patch a flaw in IE 10 -- discovered last month by security company FireEye -- being exploited by attack code found on the Veterans of Foreign Wars' Web site. Security firm Websense reported finding similar code exploiting the same flaw on the compromised Web site of a French aerospace association, indicating there was … Read more

IE 11 snares 10 percent of desktop browser traffic

Internet Explorer 11 continues to catch on with Web surfers.

The latest version of IE grabbed 10.4 percent of all desktop browser traffic recorded in December by Web tracker Net Applications. That number revealed a huge bounce from the 3.2 percent seen in November and the 1.5 percent in October.

IE 11 initially popped up as part of the Windows 8.1 preview that debuted in June. A version for Windows 7 finally appeared in early November as an "important" update, paving the way for its adoption by a much larger audience. The December stats … Read more

Google, Microsoft offer different methods for tracking Santa

It's that time of year, when Google helps little ones around the world track Santa. This year, instead of only tracking Kris Kringle on Christmas Eve, Google is giving you a different glimpse into what's occurring at the North Pole every day leading up to Christmas.

The announcement from Google came courtesy of a post on its Google Maps blog early Wednesday. With a countdown timer at the top of the page, you're able to view familiar Google Maps pins for each day leading up to Santa's busiest day of the year, and see prep work … Read more

Microsoft's IE chief shifts to new (unspecified) role

Dean Hachamovitch, the corporate vice president of Internet Explorer, is taking on a new role at Microsoft.

Hachamovitch is taking on a new job on a new, unspecified team after working on IE for the past nine years, he blogged on Monday.

"I'm changing roles at Microsoft, and excited to start a new team to take on something new," Hachamovitch said in his post.

I asked Microsoft executives if they're commenting on his next position or who will take his place heading up IE. A spokesperson said Microsoft execs had no comment beyond Hachamovitch's blog … Read more

Review: Add Web of Trust protection to Internet Explorer with WOT for iE

WOT for IE applies the Web of Trust's user-based ratings systems to Internet Explorer. When you browse to a questionable site, WOT for IE's toolbar icon changes from green to yellow to red, based on the site's reputation. That reputation is based on feedback by actual visitors and shared through the Web of Trust, a free, community-based online rating service. It does for Web sites what Angie's List does for plumbers; sort the trustworthy from the unreliable, the incompetent, and the scammers. WOT's social features let you read feedback shared by other users and contribute … Read more

Internet Explorer transforms into anime heroine

CNET Update is super kawaii:

In this episode of Update:

- Meet Microsoft's new anime Internet Explorer personification, Inori Aizawa. After downloading IE11 on Windows 7, you can also check out her themed site and wallpaper.

- Read up on a few lesser-known Marvel heroes before their shows air on Netflix in 2015.

- See which entertainment apps will be on the PlayStation 4 when it launches next week. Microsoft has yet to say which apps will be on the Xbox One, which hits stores a week after PS4.


iTunes (HD)iTunes (SD)iTunes (HQ)

RSS (HD) |&… Read more

Meet Microsoft's new anime IE 'it' girl, Inori Aizawa

Editors' note: This is the first CNET article by Crave's newest writer, geek celeb Bonnie Burton. A best-selling author of "The Star Wars Craft Book" and host of the Web show "Geek DIY," Bonnie will be covering all manner of geek and sci-fi happenings. Got a story idea for Bonnie? Beam it her way!

What would it take to make Internet Explorer hip again? Could an anime heroine do it?

As it gears up for the launch of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 on Thursday, Microsoft posted a new ad featuring Inori Aizawa, a feisty anime girl who battles robots with her trusty SmartScreen shield while wearing a Sailor Moon-esque outfit complete with the Windows logo on her skirt.

According to the Facebook page dedicated to Inori, she's considered the personification of Internet Explorer. … Read more

Befriending a cutesy anime kid, IE 11 cozies up to Windows 7

Remember Clippy, the helpful, googly-eyed paperclip? Microsoft hasn't had a lot luck with anthropomorphic characters. But that's not going to stop Sailor IE from lending a hand to the launch of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 on Thursday.

Known as Inori Aizawa, the Microsoft Singapore character was created to draw local attention to the new IE, as well as Windows Phone-powered Nokia phones and Surface tablets, from attendees of the currently-underway Anime Festival Asia.

A Microsoft representative told CNET that Inori's not about to become an official Internet Explorer mascot, but that doesn't mean that … Read more

Google Apps dropkicks support for IE 9

With Internet Explorer 11 only a few weeks old, Google Apps will support only the current version and IE 10, Google announced on Tuesday.

The move -- which Google says follows its established practice of supporting only the current and prior major versions for competing browsers -- could help push Google Chrome's adoption rate. It's unlikely that Chrome, which automatically updates to its latest version, would ever not work with Google Apps.

However, with Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 in the near future, companies that need IE support for other enterprise Web apps probably will hold on … Read more