Better notes mean better grades

Notability might be the best note-taking application we've seen for the iPad, with tons of useful features that are easily accessed through the app's intuitive interface. Perfect for students or really anyone who needs to gather and organize information, Notability lets you use your onscreen keyboard (or a compatible Bluetooth keyboard) to keep track of information by grouping your notes into categories by subject.

You can start a new note by tapping on the Compose button, or open an existing note from the start screen. You have the option to open notes from Dropbox, or from your iDisk … Read more

Pretec announces tiny USB 3.0 flash drives

LAS VEGAS--It seems that portable hard drives get progressively smaller as CES 2011 continues.

Yesterday, Verbatim introduced the USB 3.0 External SSD, which beat the recently reviewed LaCie FastKey both in terms of storage space and portability. Now, as the show is nearing its end, Pretec, a company known more as a maker of system memory, has unveiled an ultracompact USB 3.0 flash drive of its own, the i-Disk Rex 100.

Measuring 2.9 inches by 0.7 inch by 0.2 inch, the i-Disk Rex 100 is arguably the tiniest flash drive in the world that offers … Read more

Apple KB Updates: Small iPhone issues, and iDisk sharing

Apple's latest bout of knowledgebase updates includes a number of small pointers for people using their iPhones. These are basically simple how-to steps for people who are managing their SIM cards, connecting to data networks, and managing applications purchased from the App store. Apple also has a tip for iDisk users trying to share large numbers of files.… Read more

Apple sends out Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update; Updates iDisk iPhone App

In the realm of updates this week, Apple has added increased support for RAW images and made some updates to its MobileMe iDisk iPhone App. The Raw Compatibility Update 2.7 adds support for six new digital SLR cameras from Canon and Nikon. Among the features of the MobileMe iDisk iPhone App update is the ability to save or copy images.… Read more

MobileMe: iDisk is full

Occasionally, when using one of the many great features included with MobileMe, users will encounter an error telling them their iDisk is full. The error may occur when copying files to your iDisk, syncing to MobileMe, using iWeb to publish your Web site to MobileMe, or using Backup to back up to your iDisk.… Read more

Apple KB Update: MobileMe "iDisk full" errors

Apple has issued a number of iPod and iPhone related knowledgebase updates in the past week, covering topics on how to activate the iPhones and transfer data between them, or purchase content. On the Mac side of things, the only new article is one on MobileMe iDisk Full errors and related problems.… Read more

Apple's iDisk finally comes to the iPod, iPhone

After more than a month of waiting, Apple has finally brought its MobileMe iDisk application to iPod and iPhone users. Originally announced during Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in early July, the free iDisk app offers users of Apple's MobileMe service a way to access files they, or their MobileMe contacts have stored on Apple's servers.

Some of the nicer features include being able to view and send any native file types. This includes music, so if you've got a bunch of tracks stored on iDisk, you can stream them from the app. Movies work as … Read more

iDisk for iPhone enables file viewing, sharing

Lost in the shuffle of yesterday's myriad WWDC announcements, Apple unveiled iDisk, a free app that lets you view and share documents, videos, and the like.

If that sounds familiar, it's because these capabilities already exist in apps like Air Sharing, File Sharing, and Soonr.

So, what sets iDisk apart? For starters, it's exclusively for MobileMe subscribers. (Feel free to stop reading here and now.) So while the app itself is free, it'll actually cost you $99 annually to use.

iDisk offers two main functions. First, it lets you view your MobileMe-housed Office or iWork '09 … Read more