Houzz Interior Design Ideas review

Houzz Interior Design Ideas lets you access the world's largest database of interior (and exterior) decorating ideas from your Android smartphone. That means you can take great ideas with you to the hardware store, lumber yard, or antiques mall.


Sign in with Facebook: You can sign up to access Houzz's huge database with your Facebook account, which also makes it extremely easy to share ideas and seek advice from friends.

Ideabooks: We could save design ideas, products, and other items in Ideabooks or view awesome Ideabooks shared by contributors.

Go pro: Houzz Professional lists decorators, contractors, and … Read more

Idea Sketch review

Idea Sketch gives you the tools to create intricate mind maps quickly through its intuitive interface, and then view them in either outline or mind map format. No matter what it is you need to plan out, this app provides you with the platform to do it.


Smooth interface: Adding boxes and moving them around is a straightforward process in this program. Just tap the node you want to add to and the spot you want the next box to appear to get started. You can also select custom shapes and colors for each new box to make associations … Read more

Google's Schmidt to give $1M for tech that improves our world

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt will dole out $1 million to groups using technology to solve world problems.

Schmidt appeared on "CBS This Morning" on Monday to promote his new book "The New Digital Age," co-authored with Jared Cohen, founder and director of Google Ideas. Launched in 2010, Google Ideas was designed by Google to call attention to certain worldwide issues, including counterterrorism, counterradicalization, nonproliferation, and citizen empowerment.

And now Schmidt is putting that money where his mouth his, he said on CBS.

"The book is about the problems. There lots of people working on … Read more

Skype helps keep half of long-distance relationships alive, survey says

Ten years ago most people would caution someone from entertaining a long-distance relationship -- they're almost always doomed to fail. When significant others can't see each other the heart can grow cold.

However, new research shows Skype could be lessening long-distance relationships' bad outcomes. Microsoft's Idea Lab conducted a survey of Skypers in the US and UK in January and found that 96 percent of respondents said the video call service gives them a closer connection to their far-away loved one.

It's not only about a closer connection, however, because one could argue a phone call … Read more

Review: Get interior design inspiration from Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz Interior Design Ideas makes all of the great housing design content that's available on the Houzz Web site available on your iPhone or iPad. If you're already a fan of Houzz, you're sure to love this mobile version -- and if you're not already a fan, you will be if you have any interest in design.

Houzz contains a treasure trove of inspiring (or in many cases, envy-inspiring) photos, which can be sorted by room and style. In addition to interior design ideas, Houzz also contains exterior, patio, pool, and landscaping content. Each image is … Read more

Lenovo leaks manual for budget Android laptop by accident

It appears a new budget Lenovo laptop is on the way. The company accidentally leaked a manual for this so-called IdeaPad A10 online, according to PCWorld.

The manual (PDF) shows that this 10.1-inch laptop will be running Android, rather than Windows, and have an HD screen that works as a touch screen. Like other Lenovo laptops, the IdeaPad A10's display can be opened up to 300 degrees, so that it can be folded to sit in "kiosk mode" with the screen pointing out from the rear of the laptop, away from the keyboard and touch pad. … Read more

Lenovo offers new Yoga hybrids, a new Flex line of PCs, and more

As part of the IFA flood of new laptops, tablets, and other products, Lenovo is introducing a new PC line, as well as serious revisions to the popular Yoga hybrid. Also new, an Android tablet called the S5000 and a phone called the Vibe X, both of which claim to be especially lightweight.

Below you'll find links to hands-on impressions, photos, and video of Lenovo's new PC lineup, including a high-res update of the popular Yoga hybrid, and a brand new Yoga version from the ThinkPad brand, which includes a keyboard update that's been on our wish … Read more

Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 tablet combines low-key features with low-quality screen

Even when compared to other sub-$200 tablets in its weight class, the Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 comes up short in features, performance, and screen quality. While the microSD storage expansion is welcome here, it's not reason enough to buy the tablet. There are plenty of other microSD-toting budget tablets with higher quality screens and more useful features.

Speaking of features, the tablet’s inclusion of Dolby Digital audio enhancement is its one possible saving grace. It's geared toward audiophiles, but due to its headphones-only functionality and a lack of user-friendly integration, it's not as easily accessible as … Read more

Best 11.6-inch laptops and hybrids

One of the most surprising things about the Windows 8 era has been the revival of 11-inch laptops. After a couple of years of seeing very few PCs with smaller displays, we've reviewed half a dozen 11.6-inch systems in the past two months alone.

This is especially interesting to me, as ultraportable laptops, with their 11-inch screens (along with a few 10- and 12-inch stragglers), have had a very uneven history.

Ultraportables were once, typically, extremely expensive brag-worthy laptops that could cost $2,000 or more, back when miniaturization and thermal issues were much more difficult to navigate … Read more

Lenovo updates laptop lines for back-to-school

Lenovo has a short stack of new Windows 8 systems hitting stores in the third quarter of 2013, and while there's nothing as revolutionary as the Yoga hybrid or the Horizon 27 tabletop PC, there are some worthwhile updates to existing product lines and one new system, the Windows 8 Miix tablet, detailed here.

The more traditional systems come from the IdeaPad U, Y, and S lines, with a few important changes, as detailed below.

IdeaPad U330 Touch and U430 Touch This ultrabook line, with 13 and 14-inch screens, gets a necessary update to Intel's new fourth-generation Core … Read more