Apple's iPhone 5S boosts fourth-quarter sales in China

Apple's iPhone 5S has proven to be popular in China.

The company sold a record number of smartphones in the country during 2013's fourth quarter, according to data from research firm IDC reported by The Wall Street Journal. These numbers were reportedly driven by demand for the iPhone 5S.

Apple's China market share rose from 6 percent in the third quarter of 2013 to 7 percent in the fourth quarter. This put it in fifth place for smartphone makers in the country, coming in behind Samsung, Lenovo, Coolpad, and Huawei, respectively. Samsung had 19 percent market share … Read more

Smartphone shipments hit the 1B mark for the first time

For the first time ever, more than 1 billion smartphones were shipped worldwide in 2013. This is mostly thanks to Android.

New data from research firm IDC shows that Android stayed strong throughout the year reaching a total of 793.6 million shipments -- this gave it 78.6 percent market share. While Apple's iOS held a steady second place with 153.4 million shipments and 15.2 percent market share. Together the two operating systems accounted for 95.7 percent of all smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2013, and 93.8 percent for the full year.… Read more

Tablet market up 50 percent, led by Apple, Samsung, Amazon

The holidays proved to be a boon for the tablet market. Worldwide shipments of the iPad, Kindle, Galaxy Note, and other tablets grew to 76.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2013. That's 62.4 percent growth over the previous quarter. For the full year of 2013, tablet shipments totaled 217.1 million, up from 144.2 million in 2012 -- which equals a growth rate of 50.6 percent.

These latest figures come from a new survey by research firm IDC, which shows that even though the tablet market is clearly displaying strong growth, it appears to … Read more

Android dominates 81 percent of world smartphone market

For the first time ever, Android has hit more than 80 percent market share for smartphone shipments worldwide.

The new Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker was released on Tuesday by IDC, which detailed third-quarter numbers for all smartphone shipments worldwide. A total of 261.1 million smartphones were shipped during this quarter, 81 percent of which run Google's operating system. A study by Strategy Analytics last month revealed nearly the same numbers, showing that Android gobbled 81.3 percent of the global smartphone market in the third quarter.

There are several smartphone manufacturers that run Android on their devices. … Read more

IDC: iPad loses market share as competitors close in

Apple may still rule the tablet market, but its Android competitors are gaining on the iPad, according to new data released by research firm IDC.

The study, released Wednesday, says that the overall market for tablets grew 7 percent in the third quarter, with tablet shipments hitting 47.6 million units worldwide. The driving force behind that growth? The momentum of Android tablets.

The iPad still leads the market with a 29.6 percent share. But Samsung, its most formidable hardware competitor, is closely tailing it at 20.4 percent. It's a starkly closer race than this time last … Read more

PC sales decline is finally slowing, IDC says

For most of 2013, the narrative of the PC industry has been on the verge of becoming a bloody horror story. But the bleeding has finally slowed, based on the latest figures from IDC.

The market research firm published its third-quarter report on Wednesday after the bell, with analysts affirming that worldwide shipments of 81.6 million units beat expectations.

However, sales are still falling as shipments were down 8 percent from the same time last year.

The short story here is that the PC market didn't do as badly as expected (for the time being) thanks to the … Read more

Tablet shipments forecasted to outpace PCs by 2015

As a slew of new tablets were announced over the last few days, data shows that tablet shipments will soon surpass those of personal computers.

A report by research firm IDC predicts that for the first time more tablets will be shipped in the fourth quarter of 2013 than PC shipments; and, by 2015, annual tablet shipments will top PC shipments.

"The device world has seen several iterations of cannibalization impacting different categories, with the last few years focused on tablets cannibalizing PC sales," IDC clients and displays program vice president Bob O'Donnell said in a statement.… Read more

Outlook for PC shipments gets even bleaker

Things aren't looking so great for the PC market.

According to latest figures by research firm IDC, worldwide PC shipments are expected to drop by 9.7 percent in 2013. The reason, according to the firm, is due to a cessation in desktops and notebooks shipping to emerging markets, compounded by an uptick in smartphone and tablet shipments.

The PC market is expected to decline through at least 2014, although the firm believes a modest single-digit growth could be seen in early 2015.

But IDC also issued a stark warning to PC makers, who are stuck in the desktop … Read more

Tablet sales take a hit from lack of sizzle

There's nothing like a hot new device to goose tablet sales. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case lately.

That lack of sizzle has given market researcher IDC no choice but to rein in its forecast for tablet sales for 2013 and the years that follow.

IDC said Thursday that it now expects this year's worldwide tablet shipments to reach 227.4 million units, down just a percent or so from its earlier forecast of 229.3 million.

With that modest paring down, the pressure will be on tablet makers to come through in the remaining months of … Read more

Lenovo's smartphone and tablet sales top PCs for first time

In a bad sign for the PC industry, Lenovo touted its success in smartphones during the company's fiscal 2014 first-quarter earnings conference call.

Lenovo reported Thursday that quarterly profits jumped 23 percent over the same period last year. Net profit came to $174 million in the quarter ending in June compared with $141 million last year. That beat the street's profit estimate, which was expected to be $167 million.

Revenue hit $8.8 billion, up 9.7 percent from the $8 billion reported last year.

Historically, Lenovo has been viewed as a PC company, but the CEO spent … Read more