Star Apps: Body Count Featuring Ice-T

Rapper-actor Ice-T is a true original gangster. Best known to a younger generation as Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Ice-T originally felt more at home on the other side of the law, committing crimes and later writing lyrics about them. His most controversial song, recorded with with his band Body Count, is "Cop Killer," a polarizing track released between the Rodney King beating and the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Body Count's latest album, "Manslaughter," came out earlier this month, and the band will promote it … Read more

Review: Ice Climber is an excellent port of the iconic Nintendo game

Ice Climber is a neat way to play the classic Nintendo platform game on your smartphone or tablet. Everything about this app looks and feels like the original Nintendo game, which will be a major treat for fans. It's a very critical download for fans of platform gaming or 8-bit classics.

If you played the Nintendo game, with Ice Climber you'll feel right at home, since the game keeps everything down to the original menus the same. You take control of Popo and Nana as they climb and jump their way past enemies to rescue produce. The game … Read more

HiFiMan's advanced headphone tech at CES 2014 improves sound quality

HiFiMan is premiering two new models of audiophile headphones at CES 2014. At first glance the new models resemble HiFiMan's HE-400 and HE-500 full-size planar magnetic headphones, but closer inspection reveals an entirely new headband design, and these two models are considerably lighter and more comfortable than the headphones they replace.

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I was treated to an advance preview in NYC and auditioned the headphones at home. The sound is more open and clearer than ever before. Some experienced audiophiles may think these two new HiFiMans' sound is close to what you … Read more

Residents force ice cream truck chimes to be replaced by texts

For some children, it's the happiest time of day.

They hear the jingling of a tune and know that soon they'll be able to enjoy an ice cream and bug their parents the rest of the day with their sugar high.

Ice cream trucks have always introduced themselves with music. However, residents of one Swedish town wish to turn a deaf ear to the happy tunes.

As Sweden's The Local reports, in the town of Eslov, they've protested that the music's too loud.

So the Engelholm ice cream company has been forced to take drastic technological measures. Its ice cream trucks will be accompanied by silence. And text messages will be sent to local homes.… Read more

Get the KitKat launcher now

For most, getting your hands on Android 4.4 (KitKat) involves either buying a Nexus 5 or waiting for your carrier to give their blessing on an over-the-air update. Neither option thrills me.

If you're hungry for a taste of KitKat on your existing Android phone, CNET How To covers everything from installing the new keyboard, to faking it with the latest wallpaper art.

For me, though, the most desirable aspect of KitKat is the refined look of the home screen launcher. It's also the fastest way to deceive people into believing you have the real deal.

So … Read more

Glow-in-the-dark ice cream: Next food craze?

Novelty foods are all the rage. Just look at the cronut craze that hit New York earlier this fall, with fans shelling out upward of $100 and waiting hours in line for a taste of the new twist on the breakfast staple.

Now, a British foodie has unveiled what might become the next cronut: glow-in-the-dark ice cream.

To create the glowing treat, inventor and entrepreneur Charlie Francis, founder of the Lick Me I'm Delicious ice cream company, synthesized the protein that gives jellyfish their glow. It's similar to the way that scientists produced glowing bunnies earlier this year. … Read more

Jelly Bean sprouts up on almost half of all Android devices

Jelly Bean is now on close to half of all the Android devices tracked on Google Play, according to Google's Android developer dashboard.

Stats gathered during the seven days ended October 2 revealed Jelly Bean with a 48.6 percent slice of the market. Specifically, version 4.1.x accounted for 36.5 of all devices, leaving version 4.2.x with 10.6 percent and version 4.3 with 1.5 percent.

The latest data showed an ongoing gain for Jelly Bean, which was found on 45 percent of all Android devices in August. Assuming the trend continues … Read more

Jelly Bean swallows up 45 percent of Android devices

Almost half of Android users are now taking a bite out of Jelly Bean, according to Google's Android developer dashboard.

Looking at all Android devices that visited Google Play during the seven days ending September 4, the dashboard pegged Jelly Bean's share at 45.1 percent. Version 4.1.x alone snagged 36.6 percent, leaving version 4.2.x with 8.5 percent.

As Jelly Bean's slice of the market jumps higher, past Android versions are seeing their action melt away. Ice Cream Sandwich accounted for just 21.7 percent of Google Play visits this past … Read more

Review: Browse ultra-fast and ultra-safe with Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon is a secure Web browser based on the same open-source browser engine that powers Mozilla's Firefox. Like the Chrome-based Comodo Dragon, IceDragon offers a variety of security and performance enhancements to the browser core, such as improved social media integration, fast page loading via Comodo's integrated secure DNS service, and SiteInspector, which scans Web pages for malware directly from the browser. IceDragon is fully compatible with all Firefox plug-ins and add-ons, too. There's currently no 64-bit IceDragon release, but we tried the regular 32-bit version in 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium, and it browsed with … Read more

High-tech ice cream is nerdalicious

Walk into San Francisco's Smitten ice cream shop and you won't be able to peruse freezers with tubs of ice cream or sample a flavor. It's not because Smitten doesn't want you to try its strawberry white balsamic, sweet corn with summer berries or honey nectarine flavors, but because Smitten whips up each ice cream scoop made to order from scratch.

The ice cream is made with fresh ingredients in just 60 seconds in a machine called the Brrr, which uses liquid nitrogen to drop the temperature to negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit. (And if you can … Read more