iBookstore for Mac review

iBookstore for Mac is a widget that lets you browse iBooks right from your dashboard through its straightforward and intuitive interface. Anytime you want to see the latest arrivals in the store or check to see if an item is available, you can just click over to your dashboard and take a look. And if you see something you want to purchase or download, you can go to the iTunes preview page and then to the store from the app, itself.

Once you install and open iBookstore for Mac, it will continue to run on your dashboard. You can choose … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1238: Smell the light? (podcast)

On today's show, it turns out flies are getting smell-o-vision before we do. Whatever. Also, the next Apple TV is coming, and you won't believe who thinks it's a dud (hint: Brian Tong is on the show). The iPad launches globally, Skype Mobile is coming to Android just in time to save us from the newly $5-a-month Qik. Plus, Rafe thinks Apple is angling to kill OS X. Find out why.

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iPad trick: Copy and paste from iBooks

Many people are hoping the iPad can replace their traditional laptop for many productivity applications. One such group is students. If you need to copy text from one of your eBooks on your iPad, you may be disappointed to find out that the DRM management in iBooks does not allow this directly. Use this tip to copy and paste content from your downloaded eBooks.… Read more

iBooks app now available on iTunes store

Numerous big-name app developers are announcing titles for the iPad, and Apple has made its much-advertised iBooks application available in the iTunes App Store. The application will allow iPad owners to access and organize thousands of e-book titles. While it will be running on the iPhone OS, according to the system requirements it will only be available for iPad devices.

This is Apple's version of Amazon's "Kindle for iPhone" application that was released a short while ago for the iPhone and also recently announced for iPad. iBooks will include a complementary illustrated version of "Winnie … Read more

CNET TV Apple Byte: iPad is an open e-reader

Brian Tong takes a tour of the latest in Apple news, rumors, and opinions. This week, Brian explores the iBookstore's pricing structure, discusses the traction that the iPhone OS is getting in the mobile gaming market, and demonstrates some tips for productivity on your Mac.

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CNET TV Apple Byte: Apple faces critics

Brian Tong discusses the latest in Apple news and rumors including news that publishing companies are hiking prices thanks to Apple's iBookstore deals, Mac Pros are having issues with heat, and even more problems with the 27-inch iMac.

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