Buzz Out Loud 1254: BOL: The college years (podcast)

Buzz Out Loud: the podcast that carries you through your formative years and even into college. We've got a great email about it, in fact. Also, we were totally right about the e-book price war--Kindle is now down to $189. Also, Apple will now collect your precise geographic information and share it with its partners. You can't opt out or anything, but hey, at least they let you know. Also: a Molly rant. Like, a real one. It's at the end. Enjoy!

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Social networking for the deceased (video)

Links from Thursday afternoon's episode of Loaded:

Apple faces antitrust accusations over iAd.

The Sony PlayStation 3 now has 3D games.

Jurassic Park and Back To The Future will become video games soon, too.

An entrepreneur in China starts a social network for the deceased.

Buzz Out Loud 1243: iPhone 4 unveiled (podcast)

After two solid hours of live coverage of the Steve Jobs keynote at WWDC, we dissect the announcement and offer you all the takeaways. Oh, and that's not the only tech news. How about HTC Evo's record breaking launch, HP printers getting their own email addresses, and a look into the mysterious insignia printed inside Mark Zuckerberg's sweatshirt.

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Buzz Out Loud 1194: Pee2Pee (Podcast)

The show's a pretty well-controlled train wreck right up until we start talking about the underwear that texts when it's, um, moist. No, you're not listening to the 404 (or Gadgettes), it's actually Buzz Out Loud. In real news (if you will), the first week's worth of iPads have apparently sold out and actual competition is coming to the wireless space ... around 2011. Also, cosmic rays are making your car go fast. No, really.

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iLuv USB charger juices up 3 gadgets at once

As owners of the iPhone are wont to (correctly) point out, their uber-handheld obviates the need to carry a separate phone, media player, and game device. But there are plenty of us who still need to tote an employer-issued BlackBerry, prefer a plain old iPod, or just can't bear a coast-to-coast flight without a DS or PSP. For that multidevice crowd, the new iLuv iAD117 USB wall charger is an inviting choice. It crowds three USB charging ports into one compact wall wart, and offers foldable power prongs for easy travel.

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