Design your custom DVD and burn it easily with iDVD

iDVD for Mac is Apple's DVD authoring-and-burning tool, working with internal and many external DVD burners. iDVD lets you walk through all the usual DVD creation projects, but also has Magic iDVD built in, which can handle all the most common settings automatically. It produces a burned DVD from your files with a minimum of keystrokes and operator intervention.

The iDVD interface opens with four options for creating or editing a project, using Magic iDVD, or using OneStep DVD to record from your camcorder or camera. Magic iDVD lets you set up disc menus and overall themes, then drag … Read more

Apple releases iLife updates

Apple has released a few updates for its iLife suite of media creation and management applications, which have been made available through the Mac App Store as well as by conventional means. Because of the way Mac App Store applications are coded, the version of iLife distributed through it will require updates issued through the store instead of via Software Update. Therefore, if you have installed iLife via the Mac App Store, you will need to use the Store to update your applications, and if you have iLife installed by conventional means then you can download updates either via Software … Read more

Apple releases iDVD 7.1.1 and MacBook Air Updates

Apple has released a couple of updates today, for iDVD and for the MacBook Air. The update to iDVD brings the version to 7.1.1 and fixes problems users have had with sending iPhoto '11 slideshows to iDVD. It also fixes some stability bugs in the program. The software update for the MacBook Air (late 2010 model) addresses a problem in which the systems would not go to sleep.

The updates should be available via Software Update, but can also be downloaded from the following locations:

iDVD 7.1.1

MacBook Air (Late 2010) Software Update 2.0

The … Read more

Apple iLife '11 full review is in

There's a lot to like about iLife '11, Apple's just-updated suite of media sharing and editing applications. We got our grubby mitts on it last week, and posted the full review on Friday.

Click here to read it.

Apple had a long history of releasing a new version of the suite every January for four years, then it was six months late for the '08 version before getting back on track for '09. This version comes a year and nine months off that cycle. The big question you're probably wondering is whether it was worth the wait? … Read more

Apple's iLife '11 rumors include new iWeb and no iDVD

Back in January 2009, Apple released iLife '09 and we haven't gotten a full version update since. Now, new rumors peg a November 2010 release for the iLife '11 suite that includes 64-bit support, a brand new iWeb, iOS compatibility, and the demise of iDVD.… Read more

Apple KB Updates: iPod/iPhone problems, Installing and restoring OS X, more...

Apple recently updated a number of knowledgebase articles, which address problems people have been having with their iPhones, iPods, and Mac hardware and software. The issues include problems with iDVD encoding settings, iMac restores using incorrect system software, and problems installing OS X to external drives.… Read more

First taste of iLife '09: iPhoto's face recognition

Jasmine posted her brief sneak peek at iLife '09 yesterday with a slide show, and it's pretty clear that major improvements have come to Apple's suite of lifestyle applications, most notably iPhoto '09, iMovie '09, and GarageBand '09. Since I'm an amateur photography nerd with aspirations of rock stardom, I'm most interested in iPhoto and GarageBand, though the new iMovie may be enough for me to whip out my Flip camcorder and record more than just dogs riding on skateboards. Of course, iWeb '09 has a few updates, too. I have just got through the iPhoto '09 face recognition hurdle, and am just starting on the rest of the iLife suite. So here's an in-depth look at the facial recognition bit of iPhoto, with more to come later.

iPhoto '09 Lets start with the belle of the ball, iPhoto '09. Why do I say that? Because the new Faces and Places feature on iPhoto '09 was definitely one of the biggest news out of Phil Schiller's Macworld keynote. While iPhoto '08 introduced Events, which lets you group photos based on the dates they were taken, iPhoto '09 introduced three new features that got the Mac community buzzing--facial recognition, geotagging, and social network support. For the facial recognition, you don't have to tag every single photo you have with a name and a face; the idea is that iPhoto '09 will be smart enough to do the facial recognition for you. However, it will only work after you do the necessary legwork to make it all happen.

Assuming you don't have photos in your iPhoto library already, you'll have to import them. Me, I have about 3,500 photos sitting in my Aperture library on the laptop, and that's not even counting the more than 10,000 photos I have in my external hard drive at home. So if you're a big photography dork like me, it'll take some time for all the photos to import over. Once that happens, you can immediately start identifying faces and names. Sometimes iPhoto will be smart enough to detect faces for you, and sometimes it won't be. If it does detect a face, it'll display a square over what it thinks is a face, with a placeholder name "unknown face" underneath it. If it doesn't detect a face, you'll have to hit the "Add Missing Face" button on the bottom left, select the face, and add a name. Once you identify a face with a name, you can go to the Faces corkboard, select a face, and iPhoto '09 will scout out your entire library to find photos with a similar face. Once it does, it's up to you to go through the results to confirm or not confirm if the photos really do show that person. This is how the facial recognition training works.

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