Mouse Hunter review

Mouse Hunter gives you the ability to use your mouse wheel to scroll horizontally as well as vertically with just a touch of a button. Choose the hot key you'd prefer to activate this feature, and you're ready to maximize your mouse's scrolling potential.


Horizontal scrolling: This can be a pretty big headache, and especially if you have a lot of windows open on a smaller screen, you'll want to be able to pan sideways, as well as up and down. This app makes that possible, and in a very convenient way.

Customizable: Of course, … Read more

Deer Hunter 2014 review

Deer Hunter 2014 is another impressive installment of a game that doesn't have many equals in terms of shooting simulators. You'll get an experience most console games have trouble meeting. While that comes with some drawbacks, they aren't annoying enough to turn you off of the game.

This game drops you into several beautifully rendered forest environments, so you can shoot ducks, deer, and other unlucky animals that cross your path. The game is entirely first person, so it really feels like you're putting your eyes in the scope and aiming like you would a real … Read more

Do-it-yourself ghost hunting

A tea set, dolls, and a teddy bear set up at a table for a little girl. It would be sweet, if it wasn't in a dark, abandoned lodge filled with spider webs where a little girl named Sarah drowned in the late 1800s.

The toys were presumably laid out by someone trying to contact Sarah's ghost, which reportedly haunts the now-condemned Brookdale Lodge in Northern California's Santa Cruz mountains. In its heyday, the Brookdale Lodge played host to celebrities like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe and was a popular getaway for mobsters with its secret rooms … Read more

Microsoft pays out $28K to IE 11 exploit hunters

Microsoft recently launched a bounty-hunting program for researchers to find bugs, security flaws, and vulnerabilities in the preview version of Internet Explorer 11. And, now, a handful of hunters have come to claim their prize.

A total of six researchers have found 15 vulnerabilities within the preview version of Internet Explorer 11. And, Microsoft has paid them more than $28,000 to date.

Microsoft announced its month-long bug bounty program for IE 11 in June. The company's goal is to stamp out security vulnerabilities in its software as early on as possible. Microsoft offered researchers up to $11,000 … Read more

Review: Library Hunter for Mac catalogs movies, music, books, games, etc.

Library Hunter for Mac can compile a media library that includes movies, music, books, and games by grabbing relevant content information from the Web. The app offers e-mail, IM, Facebook, and Twitter support, and it allows you to sync your library via Dropbox so you can also access it anytime via your mobile device. It also allows you add all the information, manually, if you wish.

Library Hunter for Mac installs in no time. The interface is intuitive and lets you quickly view the library, add new media to your collection, share your library on social media sites, or sync … Read more

Super Mario re-created in snack food on Vine

The story of Mario has been told with video games, sticky notes, first-person animation, and real-life go-karts. But never before have you seen Mario quite like this, reenacted in snack food 6 seconds at a time using Vine.

The stop-motion animator behind this crazy concept is Hunter Harrison, a man who apparently has both too much time and too much snack food on his hands.… Read more

Review: Track and sort your library with Book Hunter

Book Hunter for Mac's excellent interface and helpful tutorial make it a good application for sorting and organizing a book collection. As users read more and more on their computers, smartphones, tablets, and with physical books at home, this type of application is becoming more useful.

After downloading and starting up, the free application brings the user into a tutorial, which links to the developer's Web page for more information. This help is not really needed since Book Hunter for Mac is easy to use. The main interface includes noticeable buttons for entering book information and creating separate … Read more

Review: DVD Hunter catalogs and organizes your DVDs the easy way

DVD Hunter for Mac offers basic functionality for creating a database of your DVD collection. Even though this application mostly works, adding titles can be a bear and some features are implemented rather poorly.

On first launch, DVD Hunter for Mac asks the user to import their Contacts, which may seem a bit odd at first since this is a DVD cataloging app, but after getting to know all the options offered later on, this made sense. After the application completes importing contacts, the user is given the option of reading a Getting Started guide. The app's interface seems … Read more

Review: Game Hunter sorts and organizes any large game collection

Game Hunter for Mac, like its sister application DVD Hunter for Mac, offers users a way to comprehensively catalog and keep track of their large video game collections. The level of detail this app offers might be a bit overwhelming, though.

Installation was performed quickly and easily, and we were adding games to our newly created catalog within minutes. The intuitive interface meant little hassle in adding titles and populating the various fields of data. We typed a few words into the title field and clicked "Auto complete" to retrieve the rest of the information from Amazon's … Read more

Watch video of Boba Fett's first screen test

Thirty-five years ago, sound designer Ben Burtt introduced an early version of legendary "Star Wars" bounty hunter Boba Fett to director George Lucas and select members of the "Empire Strikes Back" production team -- an epic behind-the-scenes moment you can now watch as if you were there.

"The Boba Fett character is really an early version of Darth Vader," George Lucas says in the visual novel The Making of the Empire Strikes Back. "He is also very much like the man-with-no-name from the Sergio Leone Westerns." … Read more