Review: eFile your small business or contractor taxes with H&R Block 2013 Premium

H&R Block's 2013 Premium Webware is an affordable eFiling option for contractors, rental property owners, and self-employed individuals. Its online storage and search features, live and real-time support, and reassuring guarantee of support if audited make it a good choice as a primary tax tool.

H&R Block's main Web site lets you view and compare its online tax tools side by side and start using any of them for free. The first step is to create or log in to an H&R Block account; but it's free, too, so you're … Read more

Review: Prepare and file your business taxes with H&R Block's Premium and Business software

H&R Block's Web-based Premium and Business might be the only tax software your business needs. It handles corporate, partnership, and LLC returns, produces payroll and employer forms, and helps you maximize your expenses. Best of all, you can store, prepare, and file up to five business returns securely from the comfort of home. Add the guidance and assistance that draws on H&R Block's tax knowledge, including real-time chat with tax experts, free unlimited business state program downloads, and H&R Block's guarantees -- and it's hard to beat at any price, … Read more

Review: Contractors and the self-employed can eFile with H&R Block 2013 Premium

H&R Block's Premium online 2013 tax service lets contractors, rental property owners, and self-employed people prepare and file their taxes from the kitchen table (or anywhere) like other taxpayers. It includes everything found in HRB's Free, Basic, and Deluxe services plus priority real-time support and expert help with Schedule C and E, maximizing deductions and other tax questions you're likely to have. You can file your state taxes, too, for a small, extra fee. H&R Block guarantees you the largest return or smallest bill, just like its local offices. You can run through … Read more

Review: Prepare and file online with H&R Block Free

H&R Block Free for your 2013 taxes stands out among online tax prep services because the site is streamlined and the service's step-by-step process makes preparing your taxes easy. Plus, you can file your income taxes online for free (state taxes, too, for a fee). H&R Block Free includes free advice from tax experts and free in-person support if you're audited, and it guarantees you the lowest tax bill or largest return, depending on what you've got coming to you.

We visited H&R Block's store-like Web portal and clicked the … Read more

Review: Deduct home mortgage, investment income, and more with H&R Block's Deluxe Web site

H&R Block's Web-based Deluxe tax preparation service lets you easily include your home mortgage, investment income, charitable giving, and other credits and deductions. The Deluxe option includes everything in Block's Free and Basic services, such as the ability to import data and documents from other tax software and online storage and access of your tax forms. But the Deluxe service adds expert guidance for your mortgage and other deductions, live and real-time technical support, and other extras. You can try H&R Block Deluxe for free without filing or paying until you're satisfied. We … Read more

Review: File taxes with mortgage, investment, and other deductions with H&R Block's Deluxe service

If you own your home or have some investments, H&R Block's Deluxe online filing service delivers the convenience of eFiling with expert guidance, and for a surprisingly affordable (and recently discounted) price. The Deluxe option has everything offered in the Free and Basic options plus help with your home mortgage, investments, dividends, and charitable deductions. You can also file your state taxes for an additional fee. You don't have to file (or pay) until you're satisfied and H&R Block guarantees its arithmetic, too. The Deluxe tool lets you import previous filing data from … Read more

Review: File easy with H&R Block's 2013 Basic Webware

H&R Block's Basic Webware for 2013 taxes is an online alternative to tax prep software and a great choice if your taxes aren't complex but you need more than free services offers. The second level in H&R Block's four online tax prep options, the Basic service has everything the Free tool offers plus free technical support, online storage, and access for three years -- and the ability to import W2 and other forms as well as returns from previous years. H&R Block has discounted the Basic service, so it's a … Read more

Review: File easy with support with H&R Block 2013 Basic

H&R Block's 2013 Basic online service offers reliable no-frills income tax preparation at a bargain price. As the least expensive of H&R Block's 2013 filing options, Basic offers everything in the free service, like free tax preparation and filing, expert advice, and support if audited -- plus free tech support, online returns storage for three years, and the ability to import tax documents and data from most popular tax software. For an additional fee, you can file your state taxes at the same time. Best of all, you can start for free and see … Read more

Cheers to the aliens: Sci-Fi Hotel, Giger Bar coming to US?

When Andy Davies, founder of Sci-Fi Hotel, decided to move forward with plans to build a "cat tree for geeks" (his words), it seemed a no-brainer that he would have to include an out-of-this-world bar to toast his accomplishment.

To this end, Davies set up a meeting with Swiss artist H.R. Giger to talk about bringing a version of Switzerland's famous Giger Bar to the United States.

The H.R. Giger Bar is a work of art in itself, boasting a comprehensive "Alien" biomechanical environment -- from floor to ceiling to furniture -- all designed by the artist.… Read more

Google-style question put to prospective employees

Everyone wants to hire clever people.

Unless, of course, they happen to be smarter than their bosses. Then it's trouble.

The intention of most companies, though, is to hire brains. So one Australian startup called Bigcommerce thought it would separate the wheat from the hapless by posting ads that included a mathematical conundrum.

Solving it would allow the wise to access its special "Batphone," where eager people were waiting.… Read more