Air Hockey Gold review

Air Hockey Gold perfectly mimics the experience of playing air hockey on a real table, and it lets you select from a wide range of skill levels for gameplay. You also can choose to play against the computer or challenge your friends, giving you so many possibilities for competition that you'll have a hard time putting this game down.


Game options: No matter how you feel like playing, this game can accommodate you. Levels of difficulty range from Kiddie to Insane with several more steps in between, and you can even play with one or two pucks to … Read more

The 404 1,423: Where we let that baby settle (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Bye-bye Flappy Bird -- popular game grounded by its creator.

- NYPD gets onboard with Google Glass. Relax everyone, it's just a test.

- How to hack a 3D printer into a surprisingly skilled air hockey robot.

- New study finds that moms aren't as annoying on Facebook as you thought.

- AMC's zombie stunt scared the hell out of these New Yorkers.… Read more

USA Hockey texts 67-year-old Canadian to say he made Olympic team

Phones have made communication easy.

With a couple of finger-flicks you can order a pizza, dump a lover, or send your new lover a picture of you in a goat's milk bubble bath. There are occasions, however, when pressing send can hurtle you into the boards of life's chilly rink.

Which leads me to USA Hockey. Clearly feeling the need to be impersonal -- and yet immediate -- the governing body for ice hockey in the US decided to inform those who had made the Olympic team by text.

One can certainly imagine large, toothless multimillionaires huddled over … Read more

The 404 1270: Where it's like comparing apples and googles (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- CNET's full coverage of today's Google I/O 2013 event.

- Get out of the sun!

- Follow Jill on Twitter.

- Check out Jill's new site.… Read more

Air Hockey 1.4 Review

Don't bother plunking quarter after quarter in your local arcade to play your favorite puck-flinging game. Air Hockey lets you take on a friend or more challenging computer in a fun take on the arcade favorite. It's a little heavy on the ads, but the game is plenty of fun if you can get past that.

The game lets you choose from multiple paddle, puck, and tabletop designs to play your game. The four difficulty levels -- from easy to "insane" -- start off relatively challenging and get ridiculously difficult if you don't know what … Read more

iPlayBook Hockey Free 5.018 Review

If you've ever seen a hockey coach's playbook, you know that he's carrying around a lot of plays and notes on a relatively unsecure format -- paper. For that reason, there have been multiple attempts to take playbooks into the 21st century with a digital format. One of the most recent such attempts is iPlayBook Hockey Free. With numerous menus, pre-designed plays, recording features, and playback and share buttons, iPlayBook is a solid playbook app for the iPad, even if it is a little cluttered.

The app, itself, is straightforward, but the interface does have a lot … Read more

Enjoy a simple game of air hockey with Air Hockey Deluxe

Simple, slightly addictive, and quite competitive, this app reminded us of Pong, the game that revolutionized arcade gaming in the early 1970s. Even though Air Hockey Deluxe resembles Pong in style of gameplay and is in general quite fun, it shows some imperfections that could easily be fixed by the developer.

Interface of Air Hockey Deluxe offers no advanced options or specific game settings. It simply provides you with one-player and two-player options. The one-player option will put you against an AI, while the two-player option lets both players play on the same screen. The controls of the game don'… Read more

Build your team and increase your players' skill

If you know hockey well, be ready to go straight through the menus of Big Win Hockey and play your seasonal games away. If you're not that familiar with hockey, well there's always room for a little trial and error.

The simple interface of Big Win Hockey has straightforward buttons and options. For those who are well-versed in the game, it should be a breeze to jump in and get your team assembled, but a few specifications presented in the player's stats, such as the player's shot orientation and rating, might not make immediate sense to … Read more

Impact-sensing sports cap measures head injury

True story. A few years ago, I got a concussion at a baseball game -- and not because a ball hit me in the head. When my friend and I simultaneously turned and leaned in to talk, her head hit mine with such force I thought I had broken my nose. My doctor, however, said all signs pointed toward a concussion. Did I mention it was a Giants game? Go, Giants!

World Series aside, had I been wearing a new impact-sensing skullcap from Reebok and startup MC10, I might have immediately known whether I needed medical treatment or rest before resuming play, which in my case involved sitting on a bench trying to explain baseball to CNET's Swedish summer interns.

The sensor-laden mesh cap provides colored LED readouts that vary according to the level of impact, thus providing instant information on the gravity of the blow. It should be commercially available to consumers early next year, "essentially serving as an extra set of eyes on the ice -- or any other playing field," MC10 says. … Read more

The 404 1,071: Where we say goodbye to Hollywood (podcast)

We'll wait until tomorrow to go over all the Apple announcements from WWDC, so today's show is all about Jeff's return to the East Coast and his E3 wrap-up. Jeff and Scott Stein agree that the show lacked the hardware announcements everyone expected, with Nintendo playing serious catch-up with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Jeff and I then envision a potential future without E3 or maybe even a move to New York, where my co-host wouldn't be forced to play next-gen hockey games as the LA Kings.

Moving on, we'll talk about Microsoft registering … Read more