How to save to hidden directories in OS X

While in standard uses there may be little reason to save files to a hidden directory in OS X, there are sometimes cases when you might want to do this. The operating system contains numerous hidden directories, such as the Library folder in your user account, a number of system folders that contain configuration files and programs, as well as the ability to manually hide specific folders on your system which, for fun or otherwise, can be used to keep items relatively hidden.

If you would like to access a hidden folder on your system, you might find that accessing … Read more

GE dishwashers gain a modular third rack

The plight of the kitchen utensil is well documented. That spatula or ladle is incredibly handy when you're cooking and serving, but when it's time to stick it in the dishwasher, things get a little bit murky. Cooking utensils tend to get scattered around my dishwasher like an afterthought, because, well, they are.

GE is hoping to change all that with today's announcement of two new dishwashers, the $1,599 Profile Series Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher with Hidden Controls PDT760SSFSS and the $1,699 Cafe Series Stainless Interior Built-In Dishwasher with Hidden Controls CDT765SSFSS. Both are revamped … Read more

Research makes case for home blood pressure monitoring

Think you've got normal blood pressure because the readings are always good at the doc's? Think again. As many as one in seven of us have what is called "masked hypertension" -- meaning we have healthy blood pressure readings in the comfort of our doctors' offices, but elevated blood pressure at work or home.

New research of more than 5,000 people spanning four countries finds that not only do people with this kind of hidden hypertension have a greater risk of heart attacks and strokes, but that home blood pressure monitoring often helps identify this phenomenon.… Read more

Review: Folder Hidden keeps your files hidden or disguised and password protected

Folder Hidden lets you keep important files and documents hidden or disguised and password protected, either on a hard drive or USB. The interface of this app is intuitive and clean, with large buttons to perform the various functions and a clear display of information. Choose between hiding your files completely or disguising them as a recycling bin, network drive, or My Computer to keep them safe and control who has access.

The first time you open Folder Hidden, you will be prompted to create a password. After that's done, you're ready to begin securing your files. Simply … Read more

Flight makes emergency landing after camera found in bathroom

If you were going to affix a tiny camera in an airplane bathroom, wouldn't you remember to take it down again?

Before, you know, someone found it.

It seems, though, that an unknown person -- for an unknown reason -- taped a camera inside an airplane bathroom on Sunday and left it there.

When it was discovered, the American Airlines 767 plane, which was en route from San Francisco to New York, was diverted to Kansas City, as no one at the time could identify the device. It was feared to be a bomb.… Read more

Forging a real, working Assassin's Creed hidden blade

The Assassin's Creed games have thrived on stealthiness and effective weaponry. The lead character has sported a hidden blade in every installment of the series. The spring-loaded knife attaches under the forearm with a leather brace and pops out to wreak quiet havoc on demand.

Master armorer Tony Swatton, the focus of the Man at Arms YouTube series, has created a real-world design based on a licensed toy version of the hidden blade. He started by reverse-engineering the toy to determine the size and how the retracting mechanism works.… Read more

How to hide a folder within a folder on iOS 7

Hiding preloaded apps on an iOS device has always consisted of creating a "junk" folder, placing all unused apps in it, and hiding it on the last home screen. Up until iOS 7, placing apps such as Newsstand in a folder wasn't even possible.

For the time being, there's a bug in iOS 7 that allows you to place a folder inside another folder, as originally pointed out by TUAW.

The trick to creating nested folders is all in the timing. That may sound familiar, as it's a similar workaround to a previous bug that … Read more

Review: Found: A Hidden Object Adventure is one of the better hidden object games

Found: A Hidden Object Adventure is a deep, sometimes funny, often challenging hidden object game that forces you to pit your wits against a series of deserted island-themed puzzles. With crisp graphics, a fun storyline, and plenty of game modes to keep you busy, Found becomes a successful app in almost every sense of the word -- pitting your skills at tracking down hidden objects against your iPad's screen.

When you load Found, you'll be treated to a short cinematic and then a tutorial walking you through each step of the process to find hidden objects. Each "… Read more

7 unexpected features in iOS 7

My review of Apple's iOS 7 went up Wednesday morning, but since then I've been writing posts about what I think are the seven best and seven worst things about the new mobile OS.

Here is the third and final part of this series, covering some unexpected or hidden features in iOS 7.

There are certainly a ton of things that people are finding as they use iOS 7, so this is just a list of things that caught my attention over the past couple of days. If you have other hidden gems, please let me know in … Read more

Review: Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac allows iTunes customization

Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac is an excellent application for customizing Apple's media software. Despite its utility, novice Mac users may have trouble with its slightly complicated installation process.

After downloading, Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac opens up as a disk image with detailed installation instructions. While comprehensive, it requires users to open hidden folders, create new ones, and drag the application's scripts into them. This could be too complicated for some early Mac users. The instructions did work, though, with the application's scripts becoming visible in the drop-down menus in iTunes. Once clicked, an … Read more