Star Apps: 'Big Hero 6'

Marvel comic turned 3D animation "Big Hero 6" began production in 2012, and since then its health-monitoring robot has come a little closer to reality thanks to wearables and health apps. But unlike an app, Baymax the robot cares, looking after prodigy Hiro's physical and emotional well-being after his brother Tadashi's tragic death. Directors Don Hall ("Winnie the Pooh") and Chris Williams ("Bolt") talk about compassionate health care, drawing, and their favorite apps.

The thing that struck me most about the film is how much Baymax replicates the experience of Apple HealthKit … Read more

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft review

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game featuring characters, events, and classes from Blizzard's iconic Warcraft series of computer games. The game, while relying on familiar icons and characters, is a wholly unique experience that manages to create an accessible, addictive, and yet incredibly deep experience that plays perfectly on the iPad, even with its PC origins.


Deep, well-balanced gameplay: The biggest strength of Hearthstone is its ability to feel instantly familiar with accessible rules and a player-friendly learning curve, and yet have such a deep, intricate meta-game that gamers who have been playing Magic: The … Read more

Record Run for iOS review

The first mobile game from Harmonix (makers of Rock Band and Dance Central), Record Run introduces a rhythm and beat element to the runner genre. Will Record Run hit platinum, or is this game destined to be shelved?


Run to the beat: By introducing rhythm to vanilla running gameplay, Harmonix has spiced up a mostly stale genre. Enjoy some sweet tunes while you jump over obstacles and avoid danger.

Be the DJ: One of the huge draws of Record Run is the ability to import your own songs. Sing along to radio Gaga, crank it up like a true … Read more

Super Hero GO Launcher Theme review

Featuring a crisp background and a few amusing icons, Super Hero GO Launcher Theme runs well with the latest version of the GO LauncherEX and may appeal to superhero fans. What you'll most like about it is that it lets you enjoy GO LauncherEX's many features, including auto-arranging apps into folders according to their type, choosing from several beautiful screen transitions, and using widgets more effectively on the home screen.

Compared to other themes, Super Hero GO Launcher Theme doesn't stand out visually, though it does have a few humorous icons, like a pair of red underwear … Read more

Farm Heroes Saga review

Farm Heroes Saga is the younger, healthier version of Candy Crush Saga, featuring a whole new set of challenges to overcome and levels to master. While the mechanics of this game are similar to those of Candy Crush and others, Farm Heroes adds some new twists and turns, as well as a freshly designed interface.


Cute veggies: Instead of candy, you're matching produce on this adventure, and the fruits and veggies even have cute little faces to encourage you as you go. Each level features a goal that you'll see displayed across the top of the screen … Read more

Ride the Oculus Rift to outer space!

"Only 530 humans have traveled to space. This project isn't for them. It's for the rest of us..."

So begins the video presentation for a new Kickstarter campaign that's seeking funding to create a virtual ride to the highest reaches of our atmosphere. The team of researchers developing the idea is working at Surrey Space Center at England's University of Surrey. They propose to send a series of 24 GoPro Hero3 cameras attached to a balloon approximately 12.5 miles into the air. There, the balloon will pop, a parachute will open, and the whole works will drift peacefully back to Earth, filming all the while.

The video footage of the journey will then be stitched into a continuous immersive experience that will be available as software for the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset, complete with its own musical soundtrack (which you can customize using your own MP3 player). The software will allow you to speed up, slow down, and reverse time -- all the while looking wherever you want thanks to the magic of the OR headset.… Read more

'Heroes' returns with new NBC miniseries in 2015

What would you do if you woke up one morning and suddenly could fly, predict the future, stop time, instantly heal, or had superhuman strength? The groundbreaking TV series "Heroes," created by Tim Kring, addressed what happens when everyday people suddenly acquire skills and superpowers worthy of comic book characters.

On February 22, NBC announced with a surprise commercial during the Olympics that the saga will return in 2015 with a 13-episode stand-alone story arc called "Heroes Reborn."Read more

Review: BattabattabattaSWING! Baseball Hero is big-league fun

Lots of us are great ballplayers in our minds, but now you can be a Baseball Hero on your phone, too, with Doodle Mobile's free 3D Android game. Batters face realistic pitches, and pitchers not only get to call the pitch but also the speed, since Baseball Hero responds to finger motion when you're at bat or on the mound. Smooth 3D motion adds to the realism, too. Quickplay, Practice, and Career modes let you hone your game in the batting cage or play an entire season. You start as a rookie but can work your way up … Read more

GTA Online hit with launch problems

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- Prepare for a few glitches as Rockstar works to fix issues with GTA Online. While waiting to log on, read up on Gamespot's tips on getting started in your new life of crime.

- Pay $9 a month to access the Scribd digital book subscription service, which competes with the Oyster app.

- Be mindful that posts and status updates on Facebook will be searchable.

- Spot the new Spotify "Follow" buttons popping up with other social media shortcuts.

- Check out a new crop of cameras from GoPro. … Read more

GoPro upgrades sports camera line with Hero3+ models

With mobile phones gobbling up much of what used to be the camera market, it's hard to imagine that a new company could find a niche. But that's exactly what GoPro has done.

On Tuesday, it announced its Hero3+ upgrade to its line of compact, durable videocameras that customers attach to cars, surfboards, quadcopters, birds, and bike helmets.

GoPro introduced the Hero3 in 2012, bringing Wi-Fi support that made it easier to use cameras that don't necessarily have an LCD. The Hero3+ adds improvements to performance image quality, GoPro said.

According to the company, the top-end $400 … Read more