Uh-oh, this 3D-printed metal handgun actually works

While the first known 3D-printed gun has been more-or-less dismissed because it can't reliably shoot, a new 3D-printed firearm has now been invented -- and it has no problems firing a round. In fact, it appears this handgun can fire dozens of rounds without a hitch.

What's the difference between the two? Instead of plastic, the new gun is made of metal.

The 3D-printed metal gun is made by the Texas-based 3D-printing services company Solid Concepts. The company used a laser sintering process to create the gun and powdered metals for the firearm's material. The weapon's design is based on a classic 1911 handgun and is made up of 33 different stainless steel and Inconel components, along with a carbon fiber filled nylon handgrip.… Read more

World's first 3D-printed gun makes its debut

Many believe that the future of printing is in 3D, which enables companies and even novices to design whatever they want and "print" it into a real-world device.

Now, a group has a proof-of-concept that such a dream could be a reality. Only this device is a gun.

Defense Distributed, a Texas-based group working toward nonprofit status, has given Forbes images of what is being called the world's first 3D-printed handgun. The gun is capable of firing standard handgun rounds and is made entirely of plastic, except for a nail that's being used as a firing … Read more

Contract Killer: Zombies

A spin-off of the original Contract Killer hit, Contract Killer: Zombies ups the ante by dropping you smack dab in the middle of an undead apocalypse. Fans of the original hit should recognize both the format of the game and the interface.

For those unfamiliar with the original, its controls are simple. Contract Killer is a first-person shooter. You swipe around the screen to look for zombies and set your sights, and tap the fire button to trigger your firearm. There's also a quick-switch button that allows you to swap between your primary and secondary weapons.

The structure of … Read more

Snipe on the city's baddest baddies

Contract Killer puts you in the shoes of a master sniper for hire. Work your contacts, look for missions, and complete hits in order to gain new weapons, experience points, and money. Become a good enough killer, and you might be able to climb your way to the top of the underworld ladder.

Sniping is simple. Just tap and drag around the scene to find your target. Once you find him, tap the scope button to zoom in, drag around to adjust your crosshairs, and fire away. Aim for the head for an instant kill. But watch out, because crime … Read more