Photo Grid review

Photo Grid tries to bring your old, forgotten photos back to life by enabling you to arrange them on a grid to create a beautiful collage that you can then easily share online. Unfortunately, the current version crashes whenever you try to save a collage.


Easy photo handling: Photo Grid automatically scans your image folders, allowing you to easily add photos from different sources to the grid without having to import them, individually. Once added, images are easy to manipulate whether you want to move, zoom, or rotate them.

Seven grids and 36 layouts: The grid options are minimal … Read more

Schulte Grid review

Schulte Grid is a game designed to help you improve your focus and attention, and it may help improve your speed reading, as well. Watch your skills grow as you move on to larger and larger grids, always competing against the clock to see how quickly you can tap the numbers in order.

This app has a very intuitive interface and straightforward features. From the home screen, you can select the size grid you'd like to use from 2x2 all the way up to 9x9. There are tabs at the top of the screen to switch between Easy and … Read more

Review: Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich) doesn't let you create a true collage

Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich) doesn't let you add any photos to its very small number of collage layouts. It's loaded with neat backgrounds, but those don't do much if you can't add your photos to them. Even if you could, the app's limited number of layouts would make this one a tough sell anyway.

Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich) is supposed to be a collage-making app that lets you drop photos into a collage frame. However, once we chose the frame we wanted during testing -- from the only five available frames -- it … Read more

Review: Action Grid for Instagram creates cool action collages but isn't too customizable

Action Grid for Instagram does a neat job of making collages, but mediocre layout and limited customization hinder the app's overall appeal. There just aren't enough ways to tweak the grid the app creates for you. The app is worth trying, but you might be better off with a more traditional collage-making app.

Though this app mentions Instagram, it's not really connected to that app at all. Instead, the app lets you record two to nine seconds of footage and then pick nine different still images to turn into a 3X3 grid collage. When you're recording, … Read more

Review: Grid by Binary Thumb is a unique content creation tool for your iPhone

Grid by Binary Thumb is unlike most create-and-share apps for the iPhone, allowing you to drag and drop almost anything you want into any number of grid spaces onscreen. For this reason, the learning curve is a little steeper than it seems like it should be, but there is a lot here to utilize, which makes for an app that can useful for a diverse range of different projects.

After installation of Grid, you'll be prompted to create an account. This is required to use the app, but it allows you to share your Grids with other users, something … Read more

Review: Photo Frame Free offers numerous, free ways to customize photos on iOS

Photo Frame Free looks like just another free photo framing and collage app, at first glance, but it stands out from that oversized pack with the number of frames, stickers, and options included for free. While the app offers very little new or exciting to the already very crowded list of apps with similar features, it does offer quite a few options within its feature set.

When you open Photo Frame Free you can select one of nearly 50 different frames for your photos. From there you can tap any frame to load an image to it from your photo … Read more

So many photo tools, so little time

Camera360 Ultimate for iOS is a photo editor with tons of fun and unique tools, but the interface can be confusing, and it lacks features for sharing the finished product. You can save your completed projects to your photo library and share from there, but it would be much better if it had the options found in other photo editors (more on this later).

Tons of interesting photo features Camera360 is not your run-of-the-mill photo-editing app. It does have common features like rotate, crop, brightness, and contrast, but where it truly diverges from the rest of the pack is in … Read more

Stormy weather -- on the sun -- heading toward Earth

NASA spotted a colossal "coronal mass ejection" erupting off of the sun on Tuesday morning. This solar phenomenon spewed billions of tons of particles into space at speeds of 570 miles per second and they are currently headed toward Earth, according to the space agency.

NASA estimates that the particles will reach our planet in one to three days and could cause a geomagnetic storm.

"These particles cannot travel through the atmosphere to harm humans on Earth," NASA said in a statement, "but they can affect electronic systems in satellites and on the ground."… Read more

Review: Photo Grid Collage Maker brings something new to the table

Photo Grid Collage Maker seems at first like another collage making app, but with a few clever design choices it stands out from the pack in a number of ways. Because it automates much of the process, offers quick and very responsive formatting tools, and it is free, the app is a very useful tool for anyone that wants to make a collage but doesn't want to do the hard math required by so many other apps.

When starting the app, your first option is to choose photos, not the frame. You can go through your photo library or … Read more

Getting started with Grid for iOS

Grid is a simple, intuitive app that can be used for any number of ways to organize your thoughts or life. According to The Verge, it was started by an ex-Excel developer at Microsoft, who struck out on this own to create a spreadsheet app for the many ways people used Excel beyond numbers and formulas. Grid is such a departure from Excel that it's hard to imagine its author was once coding for Microsoft's spreadsheet team.

Open Grid and you're presented with a blank grid, well, after initially launching the app and tapping your way through … Read more