Great iOS apps for planning Thanksgiving dinner

Though I've never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner myself, I've been through enough holidays with my family and friends to know there are a lot of moving parts with the preparation and cooking that all need to come together at once. With several steps involved in roasting the turkey, the need to make numerous sides (such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy), along with other Thanksgiving favorites, it's no wonder the cook can get a little stressed.

While my personal cooking experience will be of no help to you during the holidays, there are a number of great … Read more

Top holiday cooking apps on iOS

Are you hosting Thanksgiving or bringing a dish to a potluck? If so, plans are probably already in place for the turkey, side dishes, and desserts, but there might be a chance to take your recipes to the next level -- if you have the right apps.

There are several cooking apps for both iPhone and Android that are great year-round, but they also often have special featured recipe collections around the holidays. If you want to kick your green-bean casserole (or any other holiday dish) up a notch, I suggest you take a look at what these apps have to offer.… Read more

It's all gravy with the heated gravy boat

There are more ways than one that heated gravy can be a tricky mealtime endeavor. The essential accompaniment to many meals, gravy is quite often the highlight of the meal. Trouble is, sometimes it can be difficult to keep on the table, and not just because of its wonderful flavor. Sometimes the mad rush of the kitchen keeps all the stovetop burners occupied, making finding a place for warm gravy a difficult task. Other times, the length of the meal exceeds the heat of the gravy and you are left with a cold, unappetizing soup that nobody wants to pour … Read more