The 404 1,357: Where Banksy wears glamoflage (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Mysterious NSA billboard pops up in Tribeca (no, it's not Banksy).

- Best 404 page ever makes man a temporary trillionaire.

- This woman claims to be the original voice of Siri.

- Custom T-shirts made to foil Facebook recognition.

- Donate to 404 listener Ryan Hatfield, who plans to play video games for 24 hours straight to benefit the Children's Miracle Network on October 26.… Read more

Review: Frujuici's Juici Up Your Photo with Graffiti filters and shares fun photos

Frujuici's Juici Up Ur Photo with Graffiti is a unique, fun-to-use app for creating wall art out of your images. It doesn't do a lot, but for the things it does, it does them very well. All you need to do is select or take a photo and the app will automatically convert that photo into a wall-art style graffiti image that you can then tag with text of your choosing before sharing with friends.

When you load the app, the first step is to choose or take a new image. Just about any image will work, although … Read more

Jet Set Radio goes mobile, fittingly enough

Jet Set Radio, the cult classic Dreamcast title from 2000, is now available for iOS and Android, following its HD rerelease on PSN, XBLA, and Windows.

Easily one of the most creative, as well as subversive, video games ever conceived, gameplay consists mainly of "grinding" (aggressive inline skating) across a colorful neo-Tokyo, tagging walls, and recruiting new members, who then become playable characters, to your gang, the GGs -- all while while evading police, rival gangs, and listening to the pirate radio station from whence the game gets its name, hosted by DJ Proooooofesssoooooor KKKKKKKKKKKK.

Jet Set RadioRead more

Microsoft Surface street art ads pop up in NYC

Microsoft seems to be taking to the streets to promote its upcoming Surface tablet.

Eagle-eyed residents of New York City have discovered new street artwork gracing the walls of certain buildings, as reported by The Verge. The colorful art depicts the word Surface in a tablet-shaped rectangle with a keyboard below.

A Facebook user named Surface Evangelist posted one photo of the artwork appearing on an unnamed street, while a Twitter user named Amanda uploaded another photo of a billboard-sized Surface ad on a building near East 2nd Street.

CNET contacted Microsoft, but the company said it's not commenting … Read more

Artist uses water to create illuminated graffiti

We live in a world full of LED lights, but the everyday illuminated fixture simply can't inspire like the Water Light Graffiti art wall.

Created by French artist Antonin Fourneau and his team at the Digitalarti Artlab studio in Paris, this piece proves that when you mix modern technology with traditional art, something quite compelling can happen.… Read more

Tag your desktop with Graffiti Art Windows 7 Theme

If you think graffiti is an eyesore, you probably won't be downloading Graffiti Art Windows 7 Theme from Windows7Theme. But if you see graffiti as art that reflects and enhances the urban streetscape, this free package of 10 high-resolution, high-quality desktop wallpaper images can do something much the same to your PC, without requiring a single can of spray paint. These 1,920x1,200-pixel wide-screen images celebrate the colorful chaos of graffiti art, and they're great, representative examples of the genre. As the name implies, Graffiti Art Windows 7 Theme is for Windows 7 systems.

The free theme … Read more

Masters of a new domain

Today we're putting dots on everything!

Expect to see tons of new domain extensions crop up, like .app or .baby. Hundreds of companies, including Google, Amazon and Apple, have applied to oversee new domains. If there's more than one application for a word (Google and Johnson & Johnson are battling for .baby), then the two companies will have to duke it out or it'll go to an auction. There are also some controversial ones, like .sucks. You can really see how .sucks can, well, suck for brands. Hard to see a useful purpose for that domain aside … Read more

Graffiti speaks, as spray paint comes alive

A new music video for a U.K.-based hip-hop artist showcases a fun idea: talking (and moving) graffiti.

The video, by British design outfit Paintshop Studio, features, in the words of Paintshop's blog, "animated graffiti rappers, created entirely in spray paint and brought to life by painting and repainting key elements."

Now, whether the idea of talking (and moving) graffiti is fun or horrifying depends on your point of view. Imagine if every tag you walked past in the city shouted the name of the tagger at you. (Then again, someone like street artist Banksy could no doubt work amusing, and even profound, wonders with this--as could a group of experimental poets, composers, and urbanists.)

Of course, this particular graffiti mural is confined to a video. But it does make us think. What if you combined this idea with QR tags and augmented reality? We've seen similar things before. Artists have "hi-jacked" billboards using iPads and AR, and damaged murals have been "restored" using QR tags. It might be pretty sweet if you could hold your smartphone or tablet up to a piece of graffiti or a mural and watch it come alive.… Read more

Giant QR code fights graffiti, 'restores' mural

It seems a mural sponsored by the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, as a deterrent to graffiti, wound up attracting a little instead. But someone came up with an interesting temporary fix for the defacement.

A tipster named Jason informed street-art site Wooster Collective that a giant QR code had been placed over the offending, spray-painted tag.

And when passersby scan the code with their smartphones, they're served up an image of the original, undamaged mural, along with information about its origins.

That's a nice idea. But in describing the fix as "temporary" a few paragraphs … Read more

Tech accessories for graffiti lovers

LAS VEGAS--Despite my jaded, bitter facade, there are times when I am easily impressed. Now is one of those times. A new, graffiti-inspired line from iWave is turning my head, and all the company did was splash a flashy exterior on to some otherwise pretty standard products.

The products in the Urban Collection include iPod/iPhone cases, earbuds, headphones, and speakers, which range in price from $9.99 to $39.99. Such budget pricing doesn't bode well for sound quality, but they sure do look purty! I'm especially fond of the speakers pictured above. Look for them on … Read more