Super Stickman Golf 2 review

Super Stickman Golf 2 delivers everything you'd expect from a fun 2D golf simulator and doesn't force you to make any in-app purchases to enjoy the game. More than a great game, this title is an example of what a freemium app should be.


Addictive gameplay: Super Stickman Golf 2's straightforward aim-and-hit gameplay challenges you without frustrating you, featuring excellent ball mechanics and responsive controls. The big challenge comes from the 20 creatively designed fairways whose fantastical shapes and portals, moving obstacles, repulsor magnets, and sticky pink goo add excitement to an otherwise slow-paced game.

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Super Stickman Golf 2 review

Super Stickman Golf 2 is a fun and challenging diversion, with plenty of levels and ways to play that will keep you engaged for hours. With this app, you can play on your own, or you can challenge your friends to a variety of games to keep things interesting and show off your skills.


Lots of options: There are plenty of different courses and levels to try out so the game stays fresh. You also can choose to customize your character by selecting different hats, bodies, balls, and more. And the game has options for solo games, turn-based multiplayer, … Read more

Flappy Golf review

Flappy Golf features a flying golf ball that you control by tapping on the screen with the ultimate goal of getting it in the hole and advancing to new levels. While this may sound similar to many other games hitting the App Store these days, Flappy Golf has a lot more to offer than most of its competitors.


Lots of levels: Unlike many of the similar games out there right now, Flappy Golf features individual levels, or holes, for you to attempt. The goal is to get the ball into the hole with the fewest number of taps possible, … Read more

GL Golf for Mac review

GL Golf for Mac provides a realistic virtual golf experience by employing responsive physics and features such as water hazards. You're able to customize the appearance of your character as well as the environment, and you can choose from three difficulty levels. While lacking online multiplayer, the game provides a global leaderboard.

When launched, GL Golf for Mac presents you with its main settings screen. There you can choose the type of game, weather conditions, time of day, number of players, and difficulty, as well as customize the player's appearance and the clubs they will use. Through the … Read more

If the VW Golf GTI isn't enough, you have issues.

Ah, hope. Hope's a good thing; it primes you to expect the best outcome you can imagine. It sets you down a mental path that, until zero hour, is filled with happiness, lights and smiles. A person will hope their birthday party will be awesome, they'll hope they have a productive day at work that leads to untold praise and riches, they may even hope that one day someone'll make a pre-packaged sandwich that doesn't taste like cardboard. They may even hope that one day they'll be zooming around in a sports car, carefree and … Read more

Profile: Golf GTI

The seventh-generation GTI is a very grown-up car: fast, refined, sure-footed. It will no doubt be reliable and headache-free to own. But I can't help thinking that it lacks the pizazz of the first-generation GTI, and I think I know why.

The original GTI wasn't built because Volkswagen had a reputation to live up to, or because a product planner decided a GTI model would sell. In fact, almost the opposite is true: in the early '70s Volkswagen was known only for rather old-fashioned air-cooled machinery with no sporting pretensions whatsoever. The GTI was pieced together by a … Read more

Baseball, golf, or tennis your game? Meet your swing

LAS VEGAS -- You might think that most Major League Baseball teams know everything there is to know about their hitters, but to hear Zepp Labs tell it, there's plenty of unknowns about batters' swings.

That's where Zepp and its multisport sensor comes into play.

At CES on Sunday, Zepp showed off the sensor, and the accompanying platform, which together are designed to give any baseball or tennis player or golfer, the most information possible about their swing. In real time.

Zepp's sensor, which mounts on a baseball bat or tennis racquet or a special golf glove, … Read more

Crave Ep. 148: App turns you into the dog whisperer

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This week on Crave, we take a look at a robotic guitar tuner that tunes your guitar for you. We also learn how to remote-control dogs from 100 feet away with an iPhone app, and Captain Picard sings us a geeky Christmas carol. All that and more on this week's Crave show. Read more

Batman Tumbler golf cart for sale: Bring justice to the links

When Christian Bale roared down the road for the first time in the Tumbler, an aggressively revamped Batmobile, fans got giddy at the sheer size, heft, and sound of the beastly vehicle. You can capture just a hint of that feeling with a custom-made, slightly-less-intimidating Tumbler golf cart.

The cart is up on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $17,500, though seller rayshollywood is entertaining offers as well. The mini-Tumbler started life as an EZ-Go golf cart that was torn down to its frame and cup holders before the rebuild. A lot of work, sheet metal, and $30,000 later, it was reborn as the Bat-themed Tumbler golf cart. The miniature Tumbler, which has gotten some use on the Warner Bros. studio lot, even has the same style of Super Swamper tires as the big boy.… Read more

Golf to technology: Shove it

The people who run golf often seem like stuffy reactionaries trying to preserve ancient hegemony and its patrician ways.

Which, to a large extent, they are.

However, this can bring with it some welcome side effects.

One appears in a rule change that the game's rulers hope will keep technology a club-length away.

Golf, you see, has some stickly rules. One states that your ball can't move after you've addressed it or while you're removing loose debris around it.

However, viewers at home would use their DVRs and HDTVs to call into major tournaments and complain that a ball had moved. This was especially unfair to the more famous players, as they're more often on TV.… Read more