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Firefly GO Launcher Theme review

With its dainty icons and delicate design, Firefly GO Launcher Theme stands out as one of the prettiest fantasy-inspired themes in the Play Store. If Peter Pan in Neverland had a smartphone, this is the theme he'd be using.


Exquisite icons: Firefly GO Launcher Theme's 25 unique, leafy icons look spectacular. From the fancy green to the flourishes like dewdrops or ladybugs, these icons look like some of the best crafted ones we've ever seen on Android. They look especially great on a smartphone screen.

Graceful: Just like a fairy, this theme moves swiftly and smoothly, … Read more

GO Shoot! review

GO Shoot! is a compendium of photography resources presented in one attractive, accessible app. If you're a photo geek of any sort, from new hobbyist to professional, this is an app you'll want to check out.


Variety: GO Shoot! combines all kinds of photography content in one place; there's something here for everyone, whether you like looking at cool photos, staying up to date on the latest gear, or reading about tips to improve your photography. The app includes access to photos of the day from a variety of sources and links to popular Web sites, … Read more

Gremlins GO Super Theme review

Gremlins GO Super Theme feels and looks like a polished theme, but features only 20 original icons, some of which are highly similar, and comes with a rather dull default background for the free version. The premium version is where all the fun's at, bringing you interactive wallpapers and fancy effects. The gremlins promoted by this app have nothing to do with the wicked creatures in the 1984 film or the mechanically-oriented mythological creatures.

Gremlins GO Super Theme installs and runs best with GO LauncherEX 3.27+. The default background isn't anything fancy, just an egg-like color with … Read more

GO Multiple Wallpaper review

Go Multiple Wallpaper enables you to set up a unique wallpaper for each of your screens, offering nine beautiful nature-inspired wallpapers, as well as the option to choose your own custom images. Transitions can't be customized and occasionally overlap and lag, especially if you flip through screens quickly. Still, if you're bored with having the same image on all screens, this app can make your device a bit more exciting.

To use Go Multiple Wallpaper you need a third-party home screen launcher, preferably GoLauncherEx. After a quick installation, you are taken to the wallpaper customization screen. Initially there … Read more

Fresh - GO Launcher Theme review

Featuring a girlish theme especially appealing for a younger audience, Fresh - GO Launcher Theme comes with wonderful icons and a cute background. While this theme lacks the sophisticated animations and live wallpapers of other GO LauncherEX themes, its minimal design makes it accessible and practical, an excellent choice for any girl that runs many apps on her smartphone or tablet.

While Fresh - Go Launcher Theme seems to run on older versions of the GO Launcher, it's preferable to grab the latest release if you don't have it already to maximize performance. The theme's fresh, pinkish … Read more

Elegant - GO Launcher Theme review

Elegant - GO Launcher Theme can make your interface more graceful and smooth, but has relatively few icons compared to other themes. Other than that, however, this polished theme makes a positive impression, enabling you to take advantage of all the essential features of GO LauncherEX, from stylish clock and weather widgets to app launching using gestures. This is an especially appealing theme for women who want an elegant and sophisticated home screen that stays basic and to the point.

After an effortless installation, Elegant GO Launcher Theme replaces your current background with a light one featuring diagonal stripes and … Read more

SeaParty GO Super Theme review

SeaParty Go Super Theme looks nice, moves quickly, and comes with many fancy icons. It's a good choice if you want a fun and playful theme that doesn't eat too many resources and provides smooth screen transitions. To unlock different animated backgrounds, however, you'll have to upgrade to the premium version.

SeaParty Go Super Theme works only if you have the popular Android launcher GoLauncherEX installed on your device. The graphics are pleasing and relaxing: a sunny beach, a cloudy sly, some palm fronds, and a dainty sea horse that keeps blinking at you from the left-hand … Read more

DarkMagic Super Theme GO review

DarkMagic Super Theme Go features beautiful icons, interactive wallpapers, and a clever moon clock, but to fully enjoy it, you have to unlock the premium features. Its dark Gothic feel and awesome animations and effects can make your home screen much more interesting, but they deplete your battery in no time. For lovers of magic, however, this is an outstanding theme.

To enjoy all the effects of DarkMagic Super Theme Go, you need to have the latest edition of the popular GO LauncherEx installed on your computer. The first thing that will strike you about this theme is the wonderful … Read more

Crave Ep. 152: App lets you make music with a full symphony

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How fast can you solve a Rubik's cube? Probably not as fast as the CubeStormer 3 Lego robot, which just set a new world record. We jam with Cadenza, an app out of Harvard that lets you play along with a full orchestra, and we get Superman's POV using a drone, a green screen, and some really creative video. All that and more on this week's Crave show. Read more

Superman + drone + GoPro = awesome POV footage

While we're all waiting around for Superman to hook up with Batman in 2016, we'll have to get our Man of Steel fix elsewhere. So let's saunter over to YouTube and join a couple million other people in watching a low-budget Superman POV adventure cleverly filmed with a drone and a GoPro.

The video features a guy in a classic spandex Superman outfit, complete with tightie reddies, flying through a city to return a lost GoPro camera to its owner. Naturally, it's not that simple. There are bad guys with guns, a cop who is also a fan, a building on fire, and a thrilling mid-air rescue of a damsel in distress.… Read more