Glow-in-the-dark plants could soon light up your home

When it comes to living things that glow, a plant is probably your best bet for a low-maintenance conversation piece to have in your home. It's much easier to deal with than a jellyfish, or even a glow-in-the-dark cat. Bioglow is preparing to offer its bioengineered Starlight Avatar autoluminescent ornamental houseplants to the public.

Other glowing plant companies have popped up (notably the Glowing Plants project on Kickstarter), but Bioglow has been leading the movement ever since molecular biologist Alexander Krichevsky created what the company calls the first light-producing plants and published his findings in 2010.… Read more

Glow-in-the-dark ice cream: Next food craze?

Novelty foods are all the rage. Just look at the cronut craze that hit New York earlier this fall, with fans shelling out upward of $100 and waiting hours in line for a taste of the new twist on the breakfast staple.

Now, a British foodie has unveiled what might become the next cronut: glow-in-the-dark ice cream.

To create the glowing treat, inventor and entrepreneur Charlie Francis, founder of the Lick Me I'm Delicious ice cream company, synthesized the protein that gives jellyfish their glow. It's similar to the way that scientists produced glowing bunnies earlier this year. … Read more

Build your own phone with Project Ara

CNET Update takes a modular approach:

In this episode of Update:

- Take an early look at the customizable phones Motorola is working on with Project Ara.

- Hear why an optional earbud will be an improvement to Google Glass.

- Find out how Facebook may be tracking your cursor on the network.

- Get a free Samsung tablet with a Samsung phone at AT&T.

- Check out the new Nook GlowLight e-reader by Barnes & Noble.


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Review: Glow Home Screen Designer offers fun and easy customization

Glow Home Screen Designer includes a number of options to customize the home screen of your iOS device, including new backgrounds, glowing shelves, and app outlines. While the design is a bit dated with the advent of iOS 7, the effects still look good and the app allows you to customize in a number of ways.

If you are interested in customizing your home screen, there are quite a few apps that will allow you to do so -- be sure you pick one that fits your desired style. Glow Home Screen Designer has a decidedly bright and glowing look … Read more

Trying to get pregnant? Fertility, fitness apps team up to help

Glow is in the data business. But unlike many companies in the data science field -- a hot sector in Silicon Valley right now -- Glow's data sets can be intensely personal.

That's because the app helps couples trying to have babies.

To do that, the app -- co-founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin -- asks questions you might otherwise discuss only with, well, a fertility doctor: ovulation patterns, emotional distress levels, your morning temperature. The app takes that info, then each day gives you a percentage score, telling you how fertile you are on that certain day. … Read more

Review: Glow Puzzle Free is a fun, challenging take on line connecting games

Glow Puzzle Free takes a classic game -- connecting dots on a piece of paper -- and makes it into a fun, attractive, easy-to-play iOS game. The concept is an old one. Onscreen are a number of dots and lines. You need to connect every dot on the screen without doubling back with your finger. So if you tap a dot, you cannot tap it again unless completing another line. It's easy at first, but as you progress in levels you'll really need to think about what order to connect your lines.

The game starts with a series … Read more

PayPal founder takes on the fertility industry with Glow

Max Levchin was one of the founders of PayPal, sold a slide-sharing service to Google, helped start Yelp, sits on Yahoo's board, and started HVF to fund efforts to use analog data to solve big problems. His latest company, Glow, veers off into a new area, with a mobile app that uses massive data to help families have babies.

"Having babies is a moral imperative for the human race. What's been missing for people who can't is data and financial arbitrage," Levchin said during an onstage interview at the D: All Things Digital conference here. … Read more

Glowing plants could act as biological night lights

Humans have a lot in common with magpies. We gravitate toward shiny things.

It's easy, then, to see why the Glowing Plants project on Kickstarter has more than doubled its goal and still has 38 days to go. It's a fascinating mix of botany, science, and unexpected glowing things.

Some people can boast a green thumb, but very few people can boast a glowing green thumb. For a pledge of $40, Glowing Plants will send you 50 to 100 seeds to let you raise your own glowing plant at home. The project's creators say that this is a one-off opportunity and the seeds will not be available commercially later on.… Read more

Neon waterfalls illuminate nature at night

There's something beautiful and futuristic about bright neon lights against a natural background.

In a stunning series of images called "Neon Luminance," San Francisco multimedia group From the Lenz used long-exposure photography to capture glow sticks traveling down a waterfall. The resulting pictures look straight out of a science fiction movie featuring a strange new world unlike our own. … Read more

The Glowing Void 3 Review

For the first few minutes we spent playing The Glowing Void 3, we weren't quite sure what the goal was. There was no tutorial and the "obvious" (i.e. wrong) action kept getting us killed. When we finally found the instructions, the game became a revelation, providing a unique spin on the block-breaking concept that it is built on. With five different game modes, dozens of ways to win (and lose), and a fair difficulty arc that really challenges your reflexes and thought speed, this is a very solid and enjoyable iOS game.

The game's core … Read more