Review: Instagram for Android offers cool filters and neat sharing options

Instagram for Android combines great tools to add beauty to your photos with cool social sharing features. It's become synonymous with filtering and sharing photos for a reason. If you want a photo diary of what all of your friends and family are doing, there's no better way to get it.

You need to create an account to get to the app, but logging in through Facebook is allowed. If you choose that route, you can create a less personal username. The app will also scan your Facebook friends list and add anyone who uses it to your … Read more

McAfee: Photo 'location' leak meant to mislead cops

Update December 4 at 8:30 a.m. PT: John McAfee posted an update this morning saying the EXIF data were accurate after all, and apologizing for the misleading blog posts yesterday (which have subsequently been deleted).

He wrote: "I apologize for all of the misdirections over the past few days. It was not easy to exit Belize and required many supporters in many countries. I am in Guatemala and will be meeting with Guatemalan officials this morning. If all goes well I will do a press conference tomorrow. Vice Magazine reporters are indeed with me in Guatemala. Yesterday … Read more

Share photos taken by you and your friends around the world with Instagram

Instagram has skyrocketed in the mobile photography scene with its fresh set of photo filters, friendly user interface, and social integration. Instagram is a photography app that allows users to take photos and share their snapshot moments in a social stream.

After taking a photo, you can edit pictures with a variety of effects to create an artistic snapshot at the touch of a finger. The app comes with a rich collection of preset filters to give various effects like old-school vintage colors, grainy black and whites, vibrant retro effects, and more. You can also tag and add captions to … Read more

Instagram 3.0 covers new ground with Photo Maps

Instagram users can now display their photos by location with a new mapping feature, utilizing the app's geolocation abilities to visually showcase where photos were taken.

The company rolled out the new feature today, along with other tweaks to the app's interface, in the new version 3.0 for both Android and iOS devices.

Instagram seems to have paid careful attention to ensuring that users who don't want to mark their location can avoid it from the start.

When using the mapping feature for the first time, people will be able to select which of the photos … Read more

HipGeo makes documenting your travels easy on iOS

HipGeo Travel Blog and Trip Journal (free) lets you tell the story of your vacation with images, videos, text, tags, and more all tied to your geolocation. You start by signing up through Facebook or Twitter, then you can choose people to share your travels with. If you just want to see the app in action before you take your trip (and see best practices from other users) you can use an explore button to check out blogs of popular or featured users, or look at posts from near your location.… Read more

Highlight 1.2: Is it less creepy or are we just getting used to this?

"What are the odds," Highlight CEO Paul Davison asks, "that you'll have a connection with some random person sitting next to you in a coffee shop?"

He says that he's done the math and knows the answer: "The odds are pretty good." Especially with his app.

Highlight, which had its big coming-out party at SxSW this year, is all about helping people make connections based on common interests, activities, or social proximity. Pegged as the big deal app of SxSW before the show kicked off, it ended up not having … Read more

Twitter considering acquisition of Sense Networks?

Twitter is kicking the tires on geolocation startup Sense Networks, according to a TechCrunch report stamped "rumor" in the headline.

The acquisition, which would be Twitter's sixth of the year, is expected to be completed this month, according to a "good source." No estimated price or terms were revealed or suggested.

New York-based Sense Networks emerged from stealth mode in 2008 with the release of an "experimental" offering called CitySense, an urban-navigation product that put a new spin on location-based mobile networking. The company mines its database of location-based information to create both … Read more

Cool or creepy? Alohar tracks your location, always

In 2006, Sam Liang of Google started to work on the company's geolocation project. It was his team, he says, that created the back-end technology that enabled the creation of the blue dot on Google's mobile maps: the one that tells you where you are.

Now, six years later and at his own company, Alohar Mobile, he's working on a new blue dot: one that's both more precise and that uses far less battery life.

What he's trying to do is create an "ambient" location tracking technology. (Mark that word: ambient. It's … Read more

Judge dismisses piracy suits, says IP address doesn't confirm state

A California judge has dismissed 15 lawsuits against John Does accused of sharing pirated adult movies on BitTorrent, saying the court lacks jurisdiction because the geolocation tools relied on don't always accurately identify the state in which the IP address is located.

In order to serve Internet service providers subpoenas to find out which individuals are behind IP addresses linked to alleged pirated content on BitTorrent, the lawyers for plaintiff Celestial needed to convince the judge that the IP addresses are located in California. But the judge said he was not persuaded that the geolocation tools had a high … Read more

Dabble launching 'social graffiti' mobile app

There's a little battle forming up in a new mobile app segment: the graffiti app. The idea with these apps, of which Catarina Fake's Pinwheel is one, is that when you go to a location, you mark that you've been there and then maybe leave a note or a photo. Later, when your friends (or maybe not your friends) show up at the location or nearby it, they can see what you said and add their own comments.

The highest concept of these new companies is Wallit, which makes an augmented reality tagging app. You hold your … Read more