Tiny Heroes, big Tower Defense legacy (iOS)

There is no shortage of tower defense games at the iTunes App Store. Even in the beginning, developers understood that the touch screen was a natural fit for placing towers on a game board.

One of the first out of the gate, GeoDefense, was an immediate hit with tower defense players, providing a level of challenge that was mostly unmatched in the iTunes App Store. The game was developed by David Whatley of Critical Thought Games, a one-man development house. He developed the game in six months on nights and weekends. Our very own Josh Lowensohn wrote a story featuring WhatleyRead more

Defend against the swarm

GeoDefense Swarm is the follow-up to GeoDefense, and is an extremely challenging open-path tower-defense game. Like its predecessor, GeoDefense Swarm stands out for a unique play style that mixes frantic arcade action with bang-your-head-against-a-wall puzzle-solving. Aside from the new open-path format, GeoDefense Swarm has much in common with the original GeoDefense, from its psychedelic vector graphics to its drag-and-drop interface and the same selection of upgradeable towers (GeoDefense Swarm adds a sixth tower, the Thumper, which deals damage in a wide area). You're still destroying a set number of waves of geometric "creeps," all with differing health … Read more

Gesture-based music control and a challenging tower defense game: iPhone apps of the week

If you're a strategy gaming type of person, you know there is no shortage of tower defense games in the iTunes Store. It shouldn't be that big of a surprise, I suppose, because the iPhone and iPod Touch touch screens might be the best interface for games of this genre. Using your finger to choose and place towers couldn't be more intuitive. But even with the huge amount of tower defense games, some manage to rise above the rest. One of my apps this week is a sequel to one of the more popular games in the … Read more

Classic literature and difficult tower defense: iPhone apps of the week

I write this post every week and while I try to bring you folks all my favorite iPhone app finds, inevitably I end up missing a few along the way. With the current count of apps at the iTunes store now at almost 35,000, it would be impossible to cover everything, but hopefully I can at least bring you a worthy download every week. With that said, this week I'm going to talk about a new game and then grab one app out of the past that's worthy of a look if you haven't checked it … Read more