Garmin sat-nav app finds its way to Sony Smart Watch 2

BARCELONA, Spain -- Garmin's teamed up with Sony for a killer feature so far missing from smartwatches: navigation.

The Garmin Xperia Edition app for Sony smartphones has an extension for the Japanese company's Smart Watch 2. It means you can set yourself a route for a relaxing walk or an invigorating run and not have to keep looking at your phone -- just glance at your wrist.

Also included in the app are premium navigation features such as lane guidance, speed warnings, traffic tracking, and social media integration. Out in March, it's free for 30 days then $… Read more

Garmin interface refines menus, adds HUD

LAS VEGAS -- Current automotive infotainment systems tend to scatter icons for different functions willy-nilly over many screens, but Garmin refines this information flow on its K2 system and adds a head-up display to help drivers keep their eyes on the road. Garmin showed off the latest version of its K2 system at CES 2014.

The K2 system is an OEM product that an automaker would install at the factory, rather than one of Garmin's traditional navigation devices. The K2 software covers navigation, audio playback, telephony, smartphone integration, and app integration.

With latest version of the system, information flow … Read more

Garmin updates HUD+ with new companion app, lower price

LAS VEGAS -- Garmin just announced the HUD+ at CES 2014. It's a new version of its Head-Up Display, but judging by the photos and the lack of any announced new features, the only thing that appears to have changed is the price.

The HUD's hardware doesn't appear to have changed at all since I reviewed it in late 2013. Its bright green LED display still projects turn-by-turn directions, speed, lane guidance, and other relevant navigation data onto a transparent windshield film or an attached reflector lens and into the driver's line of sight.

The addition … Read more

Newest Nuvi boasts Garmin's first wireless backup camera

LAS VEGAS -- The new Dash Cams aren't the only Garmin product announced at CES to feature cameras. Nestled within the updated 2014 series of Nuvi GPS navigators, the Nuvi 2798LMT debuts as the first Nuvi to feature a wireless backup camera.

The Nuvi 2798LMT starts off with a massive 7-inch screen and boasts Garmin's outstanding navigation software with features that I've enjoyed on its latest flagship navigators, including voice-activated destination entry, free lifetime traffic and maps, and Active Lane Guidance with voice prompts. It also features Garmin Real Directions, which calls out landmarks in the turn-by-turn … Read more

Garmin launches new dash cams at CES, GPS optional

With the market for portable navigation devices shrinking, Garmin is constantly looking for new, clever ways onto your dashboard. Rather than tell you where to go, Garmin's latest devices, the Garmin Dash Cam 10 and 20 announced Monday at CES 2014, aim to document events and accidents along the way.

The Dash Cam affixes to the windshield with a suction cup mount and is powered by the car's 12-volt power system, automatically springing to life when the engine is started and shutting down when the car does. A wide-angle HD camera points out of the windshield at the road ahead and records a continuous loop of 1080p, 720p, or WVGA video onto its included 4GB microSD card. Up to 32GB memory cards are supported, should the user want more space to store more incidents or increase the length of the recording loop. … Read more

Garmin's new car kit uses NFC to autolaunch navigation

Garmin has announced a pair of smartphone mounting kits for Android and iPhone devices that are designed to help drivers to interact with the Navigon navigation app safely and more conveniently.

The GPS hardware manufacturer and navigation software developer has really been pushing the Navigon app with its latest forays into the smartphone accessory biz. First, there was the Garmin HUD, a retro-sweet head-up display that displayed turn-by-turn directions on your windshield, but only if you used it with the Navigon app.

Snap your Android smartphone into the Universal Smartphone Mount and, if the device supports Near Field Communication, an … Read more

Netflix knows best, sorts your list for you

CNET Update would Bing for a free tablet:

In this episode of Update:

- Let Netflix learn your tastes with the new version of Instant Queue called "My List."

- Learn how Mark Zuckerberg plans to bring Internet access to everyone in the world.

- Use Bing to earn free Surface RT tablets for your school.

- Add location data to your sports and action videos with Garmin's Virb camera.


iTunes (HD)iTunes (SD)iTunes (HQ)


Garmin gets up in GoPro's grill with VIRB HD cameras

Garmin's been taking some interesting chances with its hardware as of late. First, it was the Head Up Display and now the GPS manufacturer is getting into the sports and action camera game with the announcement of the VIRB and VIRB Elite HD cameras.

The VIRB is a full HD sports camera; so many of the broad HD sports camera strokes will be familiar to anyone who's ever held a GoPro or Contour camera. The VIRB can record in 1080p high-definition video, but features modes for 720p, 960p tall HD, and more. It can also capture 16-megapixel color … Read more

'80s style meets modern tech in Garmin's HUD

The Garmin HUD is very cool, but in a 1980s sort of way. Driving around with this little, green head-up display projected into my line of sight with its segmented LED text and simple digital readouts made me momentarily feel like the star of an '80s action movie behind the wheel of an experimental sports car or an F-14 Tomcat. In reality, I was in a Ford Escape headed to pick a friend up from the airport or on my way to the office.

A head-up display adds a bit of drama to the driving experience, but more importantly it … Read more

Free iOS apps during App Store anniversary

CNET Update will cook all the things:

In this episode of Update:

- Score some freebies on iTunes as the App Store marks five years. Apple has yet to make an official announcement about the anniversary on Wednesday, but the free apps spotted so far include: Barefoot World Atlas, Badland, Day One, Infinity Blade II, How to Cook Everything, Knots 3D, LiquidSketch, Map My Ride+, Over, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, Tiny Wings (iPhone and iPad), Traktor DJ (iPhone and iPad), and Where's My Water?

- Navigate into the future with Garmin's HUD, which displays directions onto the windshield. … Read more