Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe review

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe takes your photos, videos, and audio tracks and transforms them into DVD presentations. It offers hundreds of transitions, effects, and clipart graphics with which you can create a compelling slideshow that you can then turn into a DVD or export as a file or YouTube video format.


Ideal for inexperienced users: Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe does not require any intensive user input, just the basic importing of photos, videos, and audio. The application guides you all the way to DVD burning and file exporting.

Wide personalization options: The personalization stage is the application'… Read more

My Wallpaper Gallery review

My Wallpaper Gallery provides access to a wide variety of options for wallpaper that you can use to dress up your desktop. Choose from multiple image options in many popular categories, or keep life interesting by having the program choose for you. Either way, you can be sure you'll always have something cool to look at as you work.

As soon as you download the app, you can begin switching up your wallpaper. The app's interface is perfectly straightforward, and all you have to do is decide which category you'd like your image to come from. The … Read more

Google Maps Gallery debuts as Web's interactive digital atlas

Ever wanted to know the best escape route out of a city in case of an emergency? How about which of the world's coral reefs are in the greatest danger? Or, the exact route of the Lewis and Clark Trail in 1814?

All of these maps are now far easier to find because of a feature Google launched on Thursday called Google Maps Gallery. This gallery is full of interactive digital maps from a variety of businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations, such as National Geographic, World Bank Group, and the US Geological Survey.

The topics covered in the maps … Read more

Frigidaire unveils new Gallery Collection appliances for 2014

At the 2014 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show today in Las Vegas, Frigidaire announced two new additions to their Gallery Collection of kitchen appliances: the Gallery Double Wall Oven, and the Gallery Dishwasher. Both will join the refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and other appliances already bearing Frigidaire's Gallery brand.

Citing a series of studies that show 67 percent of consumers think that their oven takes too long to preheat, while 40 percent don't think it cooks food evenly enough, Frigidaire is promising better performance from the Gallery Double Wall Oven. Its Quick Preheat feature claims to warm the oven … Read more

If 'Doctor Who,' 'Breaking Bad' were Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books have been a staple of childhood since they were introduced in 1942, and part of the charm is how little they've changed. "The Little Red Hen" is still toting the same old shovel and planting her wheat. An exhibit at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, Calif., is taking a more updated approach to the classic children's literature series.

The "Little Golden Tales" show runs through February 9 and features a whole host of artists presenting their interpretations and tributes. Of special interest to the geek crowd are covers for "Doctor Who," "Breaking Bad," "Lord of the Rings," and "Star Wars" books, complete with the shiny gold book spine edge.… Read more

How to join the CyanogenMod GalleryNext beta

CyanogenMod, the open-source version of Android that is growing in popularity, has released what is expected to eventually be the officially gallery app for the custom OS.

The app, GalleryNext, is currently in beta and requires users who are interested in trying it out to take a few additional steps before it can be installed on any Android device. You don't need to be running CyanogenMod to take part in the beta.

As announced on Google+ by Koushik Dutta, you'll first need to join the CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta Google+ community, then join the beta by clicking this link.… Read more

Google Open Gallery brings the art to you

Art fanatics soon will have a new place to go to appreciate fine work.

Google Open Gallery launched on Tuesday, promising artists, museums, archives, and galleries the ability to create online exhibits. The service is available by invitation only at the moment, but it will be home to all kinds of artwork, Google says.

Google Open Gallery integrates into an organization's Web site, allowing users to view different pieces within the exhibit. The gallery also includes a feature for site owners to add more information about the exhibit, providing details similar to those which would be displayed in an … Read more

The mind-bending sounds of the theremin

Leon Theremin invented the world's first electronic instrument in 1920, and while it never achieved widespread popularity, the theremin has been used in movie soundtracks, avant-garde classical music, and pop. The theremin is played without physical contact; the musician moves his or her hands near two metal antennas to change pitch, volume, and tone.

Allen Farmelo is a record producer and engineer, and he curated the "Odd Harmonics" show at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York City. "Odd Harmonics" also featured performances by Mikael Jorgensen (Wilco), German classical theremin virtuoso Carolina Eyck, performance artist … Read more

Selfies get their own gallery in London

Chances are you've taken one or two (or a dozen) selfies in your day. And if you're like the majority of selfie-snappers, your digital self-portraits have probably involved pointing a smartphone at yourself and hoping you manage to capture both your nose and mouth in the same frame.

Then there's Alexander Porter, who took a selfie involving a digital 3D scan of his face, unfurled in pastel moving images like a pillowey landscape canvas.

He's one of 19 emerging artists whose short-form videos engaging with the "selfie" medium appear in the "National #Selfie Portrait Gallery," a curated installation that opened Thursday at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair in London. … Read more

Review: Private Gallery locks away your photos and videos behind a password

Private Gallery creates a blocked-off storage folder on your iOS device where you can place personal photos and videos away from prying eyes. The app works as intended, though it does suffer from a slightly messy interface and some limitations in the trial version.

When you first open Private Gallery, you must choose between either a four-digit pin or a hand-drawn password using the familiar 3x3 grid. You'll need this passcode to access the contents of the app anytime you log in from now on. After you choose your password, you can start creating folders, moving images and videos, … Read more