World Cup Soccer collection for iPhone

The World Cup is now down to the final eight. In the U.S., where soccer mostly flies under the radar, the success of the USA team brought out a huge number of fans, many of whom probably now have a new appreciation for soccer. With the U.S. out of the running, and only eight teams left, it will be sad to see the most popular tournament in the world come to an end.

Fortunately, you can continue the fun on your iPhone with the right iPhone soccer game. I've rounded up the best soccer games at the iTunes App StoreRead more

Vuvuzela sim: Goooooaaaalllll, bzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Vuvuzela 2010 is a free vuvuzela simulator--an iPhone and iPad app for reproducing the droning buzz of the globally infamous stadium horn heard in every World Cup 2010 soccer match.

Vuvuzela 2010 has a simple interface: a long vuvuzela fills your screen lengthwise, and you just tap it (or, even better, shake your device) to produce a loud, realistic "vuvu" drone, which sounds even better on speakers or headphones.

You can tap (or shake) it repeatedly to create a looping--and potentially even more irritating--sound, and you can customize the horn's color by tapping one of 10 jerseys … Read more

A remote you can kick around

U.S. Soccer Federation, take note: If you want the sport to be as popular here as it is in the rest of the world, start marketing more products like this.

We know as much about futbol as we do about figure skating, but we'd be the first in line to get one of these soccer ball remotes that are sold in the U.K. And it can actually be used as a ball to play with, according to Gizmodo, though we wouldn't recommend that if it was the only remote in the house.

It supposedly can be … Read more

Soccer ball MP3 player bulks up

If TVs can be built into basketballs, is there any reason that MP3 players can't look like soccer balls? Absolutely not, as far as Shiro is concerned.

The Singapore-based company has updated its "AS" ball-shaped player with a 2GB storage capacity but thankfully has changed little else (if anything) in its excellent futbol design, which has the controls on its contoured panels. Measuring under 2 inches in diameter, it still has a circular LED display, according to Technabob. And true to its athletic roots--it was originally designed to commemorate the World Cup--the player has a stopwatch and … Read more