Kids Learn to Spell (Fruits) review

Kids Learn to Spell (Fruits) for Android is a fun way to help kids learn to spell. It's also easy to play: Kids tap scrambled letters to make the names of fruits appear in correct order in blank boxes. The game keeps top score but otherwise is quite basic, which has good and bad aspects. Kids Learn to Spell (Fruits) is free but displays banner ads.


Easy play: A minimum of commands and audible feedback make Kids Learn to Spell (Fruits) suitable for young learners as well as more advanced students.

Challenging words: It's not just "… Read more

Swiped Fruits review

Swiped Fruits is a free Android puzzle game in which you swipe matching fruit symbols to score. It's been done many times, but iGold Technologies' version has some things going for it, such as nicely rendered game pieces, lots of game modes, and no "pro" upgrades.


Fruit salad: Swiped Fruits offers multiple modes to keep you challenged: Classic, Fruit Mania, Timeattack, Score Panic, and Continuous.

Plenty of options: You can swipe loops, diagonals, and angles. Top-notch sound and graphics, too.

Full-featured freeware: Unlike many free games with "pro" upgrades, Swiped Fruits has no limitations … Read more

Snapchat hack spams users with smoothie photos

Snapchat is combating yet another security issue, and it's a juicy one.

In a story posted late Tuesday, Wired editor Joe Brown said his Snapchat friends were asking why he was sending them messages with photos of fruit smoothies. That was a surprise to Brown because he hadn't sent any such messages. Other Snapchatters have since complained about receiving these same messages, according to a Twitter search.

The messages serve up a URL for a company called Snapfroot, which then redirects the recipient to an page for a "Berry Delicious" smoothie. The spam outbreak … Read more

Review: Fruits Break offers fast action and colorful graphics

Fruits Break tests your matching skills and reaction speed while you progress through many challenging levels. The game features good graphics and interesting gameplay, and operates without any crashes.

After a quick and easy installation, Fruits Break greets you with pleasant music and an attractive home screen. If by any chance you don't like the music, you can easily switch it off with just a click on an icon in the upper-right corner. There is a "Help" button, but that only illustrates how to swipe and doesn't give any guidelines or tips on how to score … Read more

Review: Engage yourself in frantic fruit matching with Fruits Legend

Fruits Legend is an addictive, fast-paced fruit matching game that promises to entertain for hours. It features bright colors, good sound effects, and constant action. The game is free, so it does come with ads, but they're subtly placed at the bottom of the screen and the pop-ups during the game are minimal.

Fruits Legend downloads quickly and you can start playing immediately after the installation. The game board resembles most matching games and consists of a large grid packed with colorful images. You can match fruit by swiping the icons vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The more fruits you … Read more

Review: Turn your child into a fruit connoisseur with Baby Learns Fruits HD

Baby Learns Fruits HD is the iPad version of the popular Baby Bus: Baby Learns Fruits app, and it is one of the more engaging offerings from the line. Using the same basic interface and design that has made the Baby Busy line of apps so popular for young children and their parents, Baby Learns Fruits is a great way to engage a young child and help them learn at the same time.

Most Baby Bus apps come with two games, but Baby Learns Fruits HD comes with four, making it even more engaging than others in the series. Games … Read more

Review: Increase your tot's fruit fancy with Baby Learns Fruits

Baby Learns Fruits is perfect for young children, because it is educational and will keep them engaged both physically and intellectually.

Baby Learns Fruit is one of many apps in the Baby Bus line of apps. The idea of these apps is to teach children simple concepts like fruits, vegetables, shapes, colors, numbers, and letters with tap-and-play games. This particular app has four separate games that will ensure your child knows the names of fruits through and through. The interface is a small issue, initially, practically requiring you to change games or move to a different menu for them. Ads … Read more

Loopy Fruit Tap 1.4 Review

Loopy Fruit Tap is a unique game if nothing else. It takes a simple concept -- the "follow the leader" gameplay of a Simon Says tap-the-color app -- and turns it into a sort of rhythm game, complete with fun characters and decent music. There are some issues, including a poor tutorial and lack of clarity in some patterns, but the core gameplay is well designed and the resulting game is fun to play.

The upfront execution is easy in that there is only a single menu. The "How to Play" button provides only a basic … Read more

Nostalgia Electrics dishes out a double scoop of frozen treats

Decisions, decisions; life has enough of them. Sometimes, the best course of action is to opt not to choose. Take a hot summer day, for example. After a long hot day at the beach or the park, there comes a time to choose what the cool-down treat is to be. Naturally, having gone through a long day of decision making regarding which sandwiches to bring to the park or whether to barbecue at the beach, the finishing touch should be an easy one to make.

Just in time for the warm weather months, Nostalgia Electrics has released not one, but … Read more

Test your aim and have plenty of fun

William Tell shouldn't get to have all of the archery fun! In Fruit Shoot, you'll fire arrows at all sorts of produce on the heads of bears, dragons and even other warriors. The sheer number of levels and different gameplay modes make this app a very enticing download for fans of physics games. Some may find the app's presentation a little too bizarre, though.

When you first load the app, it advertises other apps in big splash ads. It's hard to find the X to close these ads. The app chooses to include goofy characters to … Read more