Nostalgia Electrics dishes out a double scoop of frozen treats

Decisions, decisions; life has enough of them. Sometimes, the best course of action is to opt not to choose. Take a hot summer day, for example. After a long hot day at the beach or the park, there comes a time to choose what the cool-down treat is to be. Naturally, having gone through a long day of decision making regarding which sandwiches to bring to the park or whether to barbecue at the beach, the finishing touch should be an easy one to make.

Just in time for the warm weather months, Nostalgia Electrics has released not one, but … Read more

Microsoft's SkyDrive accidently freezes out Opera users

After a SkyDrive debacle over the weekend, which caused Opera users to be blocked from the cloud storage service, Microsoft has said it's working quickly to fix the problem.

The problem began when Opera, which is a Web browser, received a bug report showing that Microsoft's cloud storage service froze out all users when it was being loaded. Instead of being able to see their saved files and photos, users could only see millions of characters of code.

After some poking around, Opera's Hallvord Steen realized that the problem was "some strange bug in the Microsoft … Read more

CNET Roadside Assistance 034: Can cold weather freeze your car speakers? (podcast)

Can cold weather ruin your car speakers? More of your insights into self-driving cars, recommendations for cheap cars that are fun to drive, and our plans to review the VW GTI.

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Zoku does take two

Not everybody has 2.3 kids (or whatever the national average is nowadays). While this probably isn't a very shocking revelation, the fact remains that many appliances and gadgets are designed for larger households. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; more is usually better, right? Except sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Any parent of a sugar-fueled tribe would most likely agree.

More than just a way of limiting sugar consumption (although it does have that going for it too), the Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker is perfect for those with 2.0 kids. … Read more

Custom-painted BMW M3 Coupes sell out in 12 minutes

The only thing that sells out more quickly than the latest iPhone is an M3 coupe with a custom paint job.

In only 12 minutes, 30 aficionados filled up the registration slots to buy the 2011 BMW Frozen Gray M3 Coupes, with at least 50 others as backups should any of the reservation holders fail to buy the 414-hp limited-edition cars, which will ship later this month.

Bragging rights aside, the only thing separating these cars from comparably equipped 2011 BMW M3 Coupes is the paint job and dual-leather interior. While conventional exteriors have gloss finishes, these 25th-anniversary coupes have … Read more

It's never too late for frozen pops

The leaves may be turning and the clocks fallen back, but that doesn't mean good frozen treats have to go away. Especially frozen pops that are homemade. When you make them yourself, you can control exactly what goes in there, allowing you to make them as healthy (or not) as you desire. All you need is a mold of some sort, your favorite juice, and a freezer. Except now, you don't even need a freezer.

OK, a freezer is still necessary to make frozen pops, but you don't need to make them in the freezer. The Zoku Quick Pop MakerRead more

We all scream for (our favorite flavor) ice cream

Ice cream is a selfish treat. After all, when it comes down to it, other than dogs, babies, and very significant others, nobody wants to share that cone with you anyway. Even if one were so inclined, the issue of flavor would most certainly come up. This is why we have stores dedicated to giving us picky consumers dozens of flavor options. But what of homemade ice cream? If you enjoy making ice cream at home, somebody has to decide what flavor to make. Most ice cream machines can only handle one flavor at a time, so somebody has to … Read more

I woke up this morning, and my Zune was gone

Update: Microsoft has just posted an official explanation for the problem--it's related to a clock driver that doesn't handle leap years properly. So apparently, the Zune 30 is date-aware. The fix: wait for January 1, let your battery run down, charge it up again, and turn it on. I'd suggest giving that a try before trying to pry the case open to unplug and replug the battery.

Reports are coming in from all over the Internet that 30GB Zunes--the original model, which Microsoft shipped in 2006 and 2007--are all freezing up at once.

I have one of … Read more

Move over scratch 'n' sniff, here's Peel 'n Taste

First Flavor Inc. has developed a new way to entice potential customers into trying new products: with Peel 'n Taste flavored advertising. Soon you'll be able to stroll down the aisle of your local supermarket and try before you buy.

This updated version of the scratch 'n' sniff sticker being created by First Flavor is a new way to market and advertise products. According to the company: "Using the latest in taste-matching technology, we replicate the flavor of your product and deliver it to consumers in a compact, dissolving edible film." The actual flavor strip can then … Read more

Dvorak on Mac: 'The machine is not half bad'

John Dvorak said something nice about a Mac this week.

Dvorak, the long-time tech industry columnist with PC Magazine, is notorious for his negative stances on Apple and its products. So when he admitted to liking the iMac he's using, the world seemed upside down for a second.

Now, it's quite possible he's pulling our leg. Dave Winer once got Dvorak on camera, commenting on how easy it is to get traffic by tweaking Apple users, but it was hard to tell if he was being serious or just in character. Still, in a column titled "… Read more