Instagram review

Instagram provides a platform for you to apply filters and other effects to your photos and then share them with friends. You can choose to post only to Instagram, or you can share simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare right from the app.


Hashtag searches: In addition to adding your own photos to Instagram, you can also browse through the millions of photos other users have posted. One great way to see the kinds of pictures you're interested in quickly is to search for certain hashtags. And you can also include hashtags along with your own photos … Read more

Quoth your friends review

Quoth your friends is a social app that integrates with Facebook and lets you make note of great quotes you or your friends come up with. You can create separate collections and invite only certain people to them, so you don't have to worry about sharing things you don't want the whole world to know about. And with the ability to browse back through your saved quotes, you'll always have a record of those memorable things people did or said.

To log in to Quoth your friends, you need to have a Facebook account. Once you've … Read more

Tech transforms playtime at Toy Fair 2014

CNET Update forgot to feed the Tamagotchi:

The annual Toy Fair show in New York City offers a glimpse at how technology influences tomorrow's toys. In this episode of Update, you'll see the evolution of the Battroborg Warrior fighting robots. These wireless mini bots now swing swords instead of punches. The wireless controller is designed to look like a katana handle, and you try to knock down the opponent with each swing. Moving your warrior around the arena does take some getting used to. These will arrive in the fall, costing $30 for one warrior or $70 for … Read more

Bendy straw wine aerator knows no faux pas

There is no wrong way to enjoy a glass of wine. The delicious elixir, however, has long been subjected to rules and social conventions that have ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. No doubt that many of these customs have evolved out of a simple desire to improve the experience of wine-drinking, but sometimes they can just be too stifling. If I want to drink my wine with a straw, then so be it.

Just because one chooses to drink wine with a straw out of a coffee cup, they should not automatically be denied the best experience possible. … Read more

Read the news alongside your friends' social statuses

Paper, from the people at Facebook, lets you browse statuses and other news categories using a new, more visual interface than what you're used to with the official Facebook app. Mysteriously, the app is iPhone-only at the time of this writing, but it seems like it would be a great fit for iPad.

Taking a page from Flipboard, Facebook Paper delivers a tiled interface that shows your standard Facebook news feed, but also gives you curated news content organized by category. That combination makes Facebook Paper a distinct and more robust product that's meant to complement, rather than … Read more

Get alerted when someone unfriends you on Facebook

Unfriend Notify is a free extension available for both Chrome and Firefox that alerts you when someone has unfriended you on Facebook. Addictive Tips originally covered it as a Chrome extension, but as it turns out by visiting the extension's Web site, you'll also find a Firefox extension.

Without an extension such as Unfriend Notify, there isn't a straightforward method to discovering who has deleted you as a friend on Facebook. The only two methods available from Facebook directly are to browse through your friends list and try to figure out who is missing, or you can … Read more

Getting Down

Bang bang, you're dead

As you may already know, Bang With Friends was forced to change its name this past summer, following a trademark infringement suit won by gaming giant and "With Friends" franchise developers Zynga, best known for titles such as Words With Friends (iOS, Android) and Scramble With Friends (iOS, Android).

Up for the Down stroke But trust, in the end, it was to Bang With Friends' benefit. In early November, the popular Facebook game relaunched as the Down ( iOS, Android) app. After testing the iOS beta version, I am already convinced that it's … Read more

Apple's Find My Friends app gets iOS 7 makeover

Who knows what Apple's app designers were thinking when they crafted Find My Friends to look like a leather glove, complete with stitching.

With the arrival of iOS 7, all of the core apps (and most of the optional ones) got a much-ballyhooed "flat" redesign -- except for Find My Friends. It remained, to many, the ugly odd-app-out.

Well, today it's ugly no more. Apple just pushed out Find My Friends 3.0, which has no major new features but an entirely new appearance. The orange-hued icon meshes well with other iOS 7 apps, while the … Read more

Review: Angry Birds Friends has creative, festive levels and tons of social features

Angry Birds Friends combines the games' signature gameplay with social interaction on Facebook for a uniquely addictive mix. You'll get to fling all of your favorite birds and compete with your friends for the top spot on your social leaderboard. The app's constantly changing levels and landscapes add some serious replay value, as well.

This game uses the same gameplay strategies and birds you'd expect from the Angry Birds series, but it combines these with two new elements. The first is that you can play from Facebook or connect the game to your Facebook account to challenge … Read more

Philips LightStrips put an accent light on smart LEDs

Have you ever felt like your Flag Day lights were missing something? Perhaps your kickoff-timed lighting display still needs that fourth color from your team's second alternate European road trip jersey?

Rather than expanding into the galaxy of home automation component devices, Philips is taking a focused approach with its Friends of Hue product line. Hue, of course, is Philips' connected LED light bulb line that debuted last year. The Friends of Hue, at the moment comprising two accessory products, so far stay rooted in the world of LED illumination.

Among Hue's new Friends are the Bloom LED … Read more