Free PhotoDirector, HD drones, and other Black Friday deals

Welcome to's Black Friday Software Deals page. Here we'll post all of the best deals on the top products in the Download catalog and from our partners. Some deals are already live while others are still rolling in. We'll be constantly updating this page to bring you the very best savings, so stay tuned.

Top Offer Get CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 for free. Go to the giveaway page and use code PhD5CNET. | CyberLink  Name your own price StackSocial's  Must-Have Mac Bundle (including Starry Night, Hotspot Shield VPN Elite, Pixa, MacJournal, Data Backup, Spotdox, … Read more

10 unbeatable Black Friday shopping apps

The mall is a combat zone on Black Friday, and you need a strategy for snatching the prime deals and getting out quickly. Put these 10 apps in your arsenal for a fighting chance at getting everything you need at the lowest possible prices. And for the top tech deals, check out CNET's Black Friday guide.

Giftster Wish List Registry ( iOS, Android)

Don't play the guessing game about what friends and family want, or risk your selections ending up in the regifting pile. Instead, share holiday wish lists with Giftster. You can easily mark an item as reserved … Read more

Friday Five

Thousands of apps and updates come out each week, but the five products that piqued our interest this week offer time-lapse videos, an iOS edition of a premium first-person shooter, 64-bit browsing, free photo editing, and 1TB of storage.

Instagram introduced another iOS app this week, Hyperlapse, a free and seriously easy way to shoot and share time-lapse videos. There's just one button, Record, and other than playback speed, there aren't lots of settings or filters to fuss with. Read our Hyperlapse review, and see CNET's simple how-to and some best practices for great videos.

If you'… Read more

Friday Poll: What will the Web be like in 25 more years?

The Web turned 25 this week and the birthday celebrations have been full of memories and musings. Crave's Eric Mack put together a four-part series tracing his life through the Web, from his days as a teenage dial-up addict, through the dot-com boom and bust, to how the Web looks today.

It's been a wild ride so far, but where will the roller coaster take us next? There's been plenty of speculation on the future of the Web. Even though "Minority Report" came out back in 2002, it's still mentioned constantly as a model for immersive interactions with computers. Perhaps we'll all be flailing our hands about in the air as we interface with a Web that has pretty much the whole world under surveillance.… Read more

Friday Poll: Should Bitcoin be banned?

It's been a strange couple weeks in the realm of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that defies government regulation. The first US Bitcoin ATMs went into service, popular exchange Mt. Gox seized up, and Joe Manchin, a Democratic senator representing West Virginia, called for a US ban on Bitcoin.

In a letter sent to the Treasury Department and other federal regulators, the senator characterized Bitcoin as "highly unstable and disruptive to our economy." He calls for a complete ban in the US. The letter is more about drawing attention to Manchin's view of the issue, rather than anything that will result in regulatory action.… Read more

Friday Poll: Will you buy a Samsung Galaxy S5?

Few things in the smartphone realm can rival the madness around a new iPhone announcement, but the arrival of a new Galaxy definitely is a contender. Samsung has invited journalists to a Monday shindig at Mobile World Congress at which it's expected to spill the details on the upcoming Galaxy S5.

You can follow the proceedings on CNET's live blog and expect to get answers to pressing questions like whether it will have a fingerprint sensor and if it will come with a premium metal case option.… Read more

Friday Poll: How loyal are you to your phone brand?

Apple fans in the UK recently came out and admitted to having "blind loyalty" to their iPhones. Devotees of particular brands love to throw names at enthusiasts of other brands. You get terms like "Fandroids" and "Apple fanboys" tossed around as intended insults.

All that name-calling plays off the idea that some people are completely dedicated to a particular phone brand. For instance, this guy is already waiting in line for an iPhone 6, before he even knows the first thing about whether or not it's a good buy for his … Read more

Friday Poll: Do you still use a desktop computer?

Sometimes it seems the death knell of the desktop computer has been getting louder and louder for years, yet the devices still hang around. They just won't be hanging around Sony any longer. The electronics giant announced that it's unloading the PC part of its business.

Sony's move is just the latest sign that the personal computing business has changed significantly in recent years as more and more customers spend more and more time on small mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.… Read more

Friday Poll: Which Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor do you most hope is real?

We appear to be ticking down to the inevitable release of the next Samsung flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5. That means we first have to wade through a froth of rumors well before the actual product ever gets announced (likely in March or April). When it comes to the S5, there are some fun possibilities on the table.

One suggestion is that there will be two versions, a plastic-body version and a premium metal-body version. That's potentially good news for fans of metal phones who like the durability.

Another interesting upgrade would be the rumored rapid-charging battery. Smartphone battery life is a big recurring complaint these days. If this rumor pans out, the S5 would have a 20 percent greater capacity in the same footprint as its predecessor, and it would also charge up in less than two hours.… Read more

Friday Poll: How careful are you about passwords?

It seems like everybody knows better about passwords, but not everybody behaves better. SplashData's list of the worst passwords of 2013 has given the easy-to-crack "123456" the crown as the most common bad password of last year. It took out rival (and equally bad) "password" to claim the throne.

The fact that this list exists is thanks to all those people who still use simple, hackable passwords despite repeated warnings to shape up and get complicated with those valuable strings of letters and numerals. It's not just a few people using passwords like "… Read more