Titanfall review

Titanfall, from the original creators of the Call of Duty franchise, promises to be the next step in the evolution of first-person shooters, offering action-packed gameplay.


Basic shooter with a new twist: First-person shooters (FPS) may not change much over the years, except for more guns, better graphics, and bigger explosions. But Titanfall introduces a couple new elements into an otherwise stale genre. Parkour-style wall running and giant mechs force old-school FPS-ers to adapt or die.

Seamless mechanics: What sets Titanfall apart? Activating actions is almost completely intuitive. When you run up buildings, cling to walls to set ambushes, … Read more

Battlefield 4 review

Following the critically acclaimed Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 continues the tradition of nonstop mayhem that is the sandbox/first-person-shooter genre. Battlefield 4 has a large selections of weapons, vehicles, and maps and keeps the action coming.


Bigger arsenal, more customization: With over 100 weapons and 35 vehicles, Battlefield 4 carries an even greater arsenal than its predecessor. Keeping its tradition of load-out customization, the game lets all players find their perfect bread-and-butter setup.

New engine, new mechanic: The Frostbite 3 engine not only brings brilliant graphics clarity to Battlefield 4, but it also lets players level the playing field … Read more

Get a Call of Duty game bundle (Mac) for $39.99

Game time! If you like to blow up stuff real good, and I know you do, it's hard to beat the Call of Duty series.

For a limited time, StackSocial is offering the Call of Duty Bundle (Mac) for $39.99. The bundle includes the following five titles, all of them linked to GameSpot reviews where applicable:

Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Black Ops - Annihilation & Escalation Content Pack Call of Duty: Black Ops - Rezurrection Content Pack

As you can see, Call of Duty … Read more

15 must-see slow-motion iPhone 5S videos

Apple wasn't the first smartphone maker to include a slow-motion camera feature, nor will it be the last.

But with more than 9 million iPhones sold in its opening weekend, and most of those expected to be the 5S, there are going to be a lot of slow-motion videos floating around.

We've compiled some of the best early ones from the past few days below.

Doing backflips on a bike, with a soundtrack:

A dog eating water, or in Internet terms, re-enacting the WHARRGARBL:

Horses being majestic:

iPhone 5S Slow Motion Test from Sean O'Bryan on Vimeo.… Read more

Superhot: In this FPS, time only moves when you move

As independent gaming development grows, so too are we seeing the proliferation of game jams where developers are tasked with designing a game in a short time. Last month saw 7DFPS, a game jam where the only requirement was to create a first-person shooter within seven days.

Now, we've seen some pretty cool games come out of these jams. Some have gone on to become hugely popular -- and one of those is currently in the making. Called Superhot and created by Polish studio Blue Brick, it brings something wickedly fresh and new to the arguably predictable FPS. … Read more

Battlefield 4 charges forth with multiplayer trailer, beta in October

We're on the precipice of a huge war -- well, at least in the virtual world. The highly anticipated Battlefield 4 was a hot topic Tuesday at the Gamescom expo in Cologne, Germany, as developer DICE detailed a closed (and open) beta, a new multiplayer trailer, and information about the Premium service, as well as the names of the expansions.

An explosive Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer shows gamers a hectic, watery landscape called "Paracel Storm" that will test the skills of any rabid first-person shooter fan. The explosive trailer reveals how chaotic 64-player (32 vs. 32 on all platforms) online combat can play out, especially in this montage that showcases nonstop explosions, collapsing buildings, and fierce air- and naval-based warfare.… Read more

Pixlgun 3D lets you play a Minecraft-like first-person shooter

Pixlgun 3D is a Minecraft-themed (though not affiliated with Mojang in any way) first-person shooter for both iOS and Android that recently updated with multiplayer, perhaps explaining its meteoric rise to No. 1 at the App Store (at the time of this review). But be warned that multiplayer is only offered over local Wi-Fi.

If you don't have friends sharing the same Wi-Fi, this means you'll be playing the campaign survival mode. In this mode you enter a series of levels where you'll need to kill every zombie on a map in order to move on to … Read more

Play Pac-Man as a first-person horror game

You are caught in a dark maze full of glowing orbs. You're hungry and only the orbs can feed your insatiable appetite. But at each turn, danger lurks. Merciless ghosts haunt your every move. This is the story of Pac-Man.

Freelance game developer Tom Davies has converted Pac-Man into a first-person shooter gaming experience that mines the darker side of the classic. FPS-Man is free to play on gaming site Kongregate.… Read more

Game mode on: CNET tests TVs for input lag

You just got a new TV, and the picture looks great. Then, when you pop in your favorite shooter, you notice your kills going down, your aim a step slow, and your sterling record taking hits like a noob wandering through the kill zone.

Do you all of a sudden suck at COD? Maybe. But perhaps your newfound lack of feel is caused by input lag introduced by your otherwise awesome new TV. Input lag is the delay, in milliseconds, between a TV receiving a signal and the results of that signal appearing on the screen.

Those milliseconds don't … Read more

Block building, tower defense, and first-person mayhem in one game

Block Fortress is a great mix of tower defense and first-person shooter that lets you build a home base with turrets and other defenses, then play in first person while you help defend your blocky base. It's an incredibly deep game, but the way the developers named the game types is a bit confusing on first play.

The graphics in the game are almost exactly like those in the hit game Minecraft, with tons of different block types to unlock and use to defend your fortress. Fans of Minecraft will feel right at home during the building phase of … Read more