Instagram review

Instagram provides a platform for you to apply filters and other effects to your photos and then share them with friends. You can choose to post only to Instagram, or you can share simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare right from the app.


Hashtag searches: In addition to adding your own photos to Instagram, you can also browse through the millions of photos other users have posted. One great way to see the kinds of pictures you're interested in quickly is to search for certain hashtags. And you can also include hashtags along with your own photos … Read more

Xbox One gets updates for Kinect, storage

CNET Update dreams of dual cameras:

In this episode of Update:

- Look for a software update to the Xbox One next week. It adds features for battery alerts, storage and Kinect voice controls.

- With Microsoft's latest investment, expect Windows Phone and Bing to include data from Foursquare.

- Get caught up on all the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors, including the report that the screen can read fingerprints.

- Learn what dual-camera madness HTC may have in store for its next phone.

- Get paid for putting ads on your Android lock screen with Slidejoy.

CNET Update delivers … Read more

Microsoft invests $15M in Foursquare, buys location data

Microsoft is funneling $15 million into Foursquare and has agreed to a multi-year deal to license the New York-based startup's location data, Foursquare announced Tuesday.

Four-year-old Foursquare makes a Web and mobile application for checking in to places and finding nearby hot spots. The company, which has 45 million registered users, completed a $35 million round of funding in December.

Microsoft's money will be pooled with those funds as Foursquare figures out how to make money on its own. As for the licensing arrangement, Microsoft is buying access to Foursquare's database of more than 60 million entries … Read more

Back up your Schemer data and use these alternatives

Google will be shutting down Schemer on February 7, 2014. After this date, all accounts and their associated data will be deleted. That means it's time to back up your schemes before they're wiped from existence.

You may have received an e-mail with a link to export your data. If you didn't, you can do the export at this link. You'll be directed to log-in to the Schemer Web site and request a copy of your schemes, which will be delivered by e-mail. Google says that the backup copy may take 24 hours … Read more

Foursquare makes it easy to find what you'll love

With its latest update, Foursquare has evolved beyond its roots of checking in to businesses and unlocking badges and special offers from those businesses. Now the app lets you explore your local area based on data culled from other Foursquare users while still retaining the gamelike features of its roots.

While the original app was always well-designed, the new features make it even more useful. Recommendations for smaller towns can be sparse, and the settings can be somewhat overwhelming, but it remains an essential download for avid Foursquare users.

The basics When you first launch Foursquare, you'll need to … Read more

Use Launch Center Pro and Foursquare to speed up your check-ins

Launch Center Pro, the popular iOS automation app, takes advantage of third-party apps that have URL schemes. These schemes are nothing more than ways for apps to talk to one another in iOS, sharing information between one another.

Previously, Foursquare was listed as a supported app for Launch Center Pro, but it was removed after a recent update removed the URL scheme setup Launch Center Pro had been using.

By looking at the Foursquare developer documentation you can see that URL schemes are still part of the app, but they need to be more specific than in the past. Instead … Read more

Foursquare unlocks $35M to figure things out

Foursquare said Thursday that it has raised $35 million in Series D financing. The news comes just weeks after the places-centric social network completed the iPhone rollout of its most ambitious -- or obnoxious, depending on your preferences -- feature to date: real-time recommendations.

The equity round was led by new investor DFJ Growth and included participation from another new investor, Capital Group's Smallcap World Fund. Barry Schuler, managing director for DFJ Growth, is joining Foursquare's board. Previous investors sat this round out, though their convertible debt investments from April converted to equity.

Foursquare isn't disclosing its … Read more

Show and tell: Foursquare reworks iOS app with design, function

The best Foursquare tips on what to eat, see, or do nearby are headed directly to an iPhone near you thanks to a just-released version of the place-centric social network's iOS application.

The new application, released Thursday, includes the suggestions in the form of user-created Foursquare tips that are automatically delivered via push notifications whenever you go somewhere new. Dubbed "real-time recommendations," this come-to-you feature made its debut on Android earlier this year, arrived in preview stage on the iPhone in October, and is now available to all on iOS.

Along with the informative nudges, Foursquare has … Read more

Foursquare's head of product checks out of company

Foursquare's head of product, Alex Rainert, is checking out of the place-based social network he designed with long-time friend Dennis Crowley.

"After four incredibly intense and rewarding years at Foursquare, it's time for me to move on," Rainert wrote in a post Wednesday on his personal blog.

Rainert has been a cohort of Crowley's since before the two of them worked together on Dodgeball, a location-sharing service that was the predecessor to Foursquare. His exit comes as the New York-based company, which has a modest user base of 40 million people, finds itself in the … Read more

Hungry for money, Foursquare dishes out self-serve ad tool

In its most aggressive maneuver to make money yet, Foursquare is introducing self-serve advertising tools that merchants can use to dish out promoted updates to a selection of the place-based social network's 40 million members.

Monday, the 4-year-old company is launching in full an ad product that any of the 1.5 million claimed locations on Foursquare can use to reach people through the home screen of the application or in the "Explore" tab, where members typically go to search for places to visit.

Foursquare plans to hawk the self-service tools, which have already been live in … Read more