1Password for Mac review

1Password for Mac lets you keep all of your log-ins in one place, so you'll never have to worry about forgetting passwords again. And all of the information you enter into this app is protected by a master password, which means you won't have to worry about unauthorized access, either.


Browser integration: When you install the browser extensions that work with this app, you can store your log-in information as you enter it into each new site. You can also access stored credit card information and profiles to facilitate completing online forms.

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Privacy dominates tech execs' discussion at Davos

DAVOS, Switzerland -- Internet users will never have total privacy, a group of chief executives of communication and Internet companies said Wednesday.

"I don't think we as a society want 100 percent privacy," said AT&T Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson, speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. "But I think the debate is right."

The debate is over how much privacy users give up in order to be protected. Stephenson used law enforcement as an example of why some data should be shared, describing how the police … Read more

Chrome users mad at Google for switching up scroll controls

Several Google Chrome forum boards are lighting up with complaints about scroll bar changes. Apparently, people running Windows, and possibly other operating systems, have seen their scroll bars slim down and drop vertical scrolling arrows -- making Web navigation difficult.

"When I got on today I noticed that the scrollbar has changed from one with little boxes with arrows on each end you can click to one that you have to drag," forum contributor Bethany Rice wrote last week. "I was just wondering if its possible to switch back to the other one because this one is … Read more

Spotify to carriers: We don't need to be enemies

AMSTERDAM -- Spotify is one of the most prominent "over the top" services that tax the mobile data networks of wireless carriers, but the music-streaming service should be seen as an ally, not an enemy, in the view of the company's telco partnership leader.

Michael Abbatista argued here that a Spotify partnership actually helps carriers by reducing subscriber churn -- the tendency for customers to hop from one carrier to another. And particularly with younger customers, it can make the carrier look better.

"We bring a certain brand uplift," Abbatista said at the Broadband World … Read more

Qualcomm adds new high-tech luster to lowly electrical wires

AMSTERDAM -- Electrical wires hardly have the glamor of 4G mobile networks or invisibly small microchip transistors. But Qualcomm hopes a faster new version of technology called HomePlug will breathe new high-tech life into homes' old wiring.

Qualcomm's Atheros division makes processors that let devices such as set-top boxes and wireless network range extenders communicate over power lines using HomePlug. A new chip, the QCA7500 announced here this week at the Broadband World Forum, can take advantage of a HomePlug AV2 feature called MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) to boost data-transfer speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.

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Carriers, regulators tussle over next-gen broadband

AMSTERDAM -- From the European government's perspective, those who operate telecommunications networks are moving too slowly. From the operators' perspective, the government's rate of change would mean unacceptable financial risk.

That, in a nutshell, is the debate that underscores many declarations and discussions here at the Broadband World Forum. The industry players share a love of high-speed networking and all that it can bring to the world, but they don't always share a vision of how to move beyond basic broadband.

Last week, the European Commission (EC) announced it reached its 2013 goal of basic broadband at 100 percent of homesRead more

Equipment makers try coaxing telcos beyond basic broadband

AMSTERDAM -- Telecommunications companies can be reluctant to spend the money necessary to bring higher-speed broadband Internet access to the masses, but two network equipment suppliers think they have sales pitches that will convince them.

Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei, two giants in the telco equipment market, share a powerful business motivation to sell telcos the next round of high-speed gear. But they have different ideas about how to get there.

For Marcus Weldon, chief technology officer at Alcatel-Lucent, the approach involves bringing the high-speed core of the network closer to the edges with small, short-range wireless network cells and micronodes that … Read more

Got Google Fiber envy? Here are three steps to pave the way

AMSTERDAM -- The number of communities that wanted Google Fiber proved vastly larger than than the number of places -- three -- where Google thus far has actually chosen to build its gigabit broadband network.

But for the have-nots out there, Google Access project leader Kevin Lo offered some advice at the Broadband World Forum here for attracting Google Fiber or some other ultrafast broadband provider. It's not about tax breaks, he said, but rather relatively mundane measures that cities and towns can take:

• First, grant new Internet providers access to power poles, ducts, and cable conduits. Once Google … Read more

iOS 7 snags 5M social-media mentions in one day

iOS 7 lit up the social networks this week.

On its September 18 launch day alone, the new version of Apple's mobile OS grabbed more than 5 million mentions among social-media users, according to social media agency We Are Social. In comparison, iOS 6 captured only 749,505 mentions during its launch day last year.

Part of the gain in mentions was certainly due to the rising use of social networks, the firm said on Friday. But the data also shows that iOS 7 was a major topic of conversation.

Including both Wednesday and Thursday, the social comments about … Read more

The Asus Zenbook packs the latest Intel processors and wraps it in a gorgeous, glass-topped body (hands-on)

BERLIN -- You're a smart young professional, flitting between your fancy office and your home in Milan. You have a first-class flight booked and you've got some work to do. What laptop could possibly look as good as you do in the first-class lounge but still packs enough power to let you work?

Asus thinks it has the answer in the form of the Zenbook UX301. Continuing the evolution of its ultrabook range, the 301 packs in the latest Intel processors and an ultra-high-definition display, topping it off with a gorgeous glass lid.

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