What if Red Bull's season didn't improve?

As Britain's greatest bard put it; "Now entertain conjecture of a time".

Pre-season testing has not gone well for the Red Bull F1 team. They've started on the back foot (or perhaps hoof in the case of Red Bull, and err, also Ferrari for that matter). The Renault power unit has proved troublesome, and Adrian Newey's tight packaging has simply exacerbated those problems. From this moment on, they are playing catch-up, and, as they say in Formula One "If you are not going forwards then you are.. just plain f*#3d".

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Review: It all adds up with FormulaCalculator for Mac

FormulaCalculator for Mac offers users numerous advanced calculator features, including tools for finance, geometry, and unit conversions. It's not the most intuitive program we've ever used, but it's not a bad choice if you're looking for features beyond the offerings of Apple's native Calculator app.

FormulaCalculator's interface is fairly straightforward, with a number pad on the right and algebraic and trigonometric functions on the left. A drop-down menu lets users select the finance, geometry, or unit conversion libraries; once one of these is selected, an additional drawer slides out to the right displaying additional … Read more

Review: Formula Cartoon Touch 'N' Go is an accessible kart racer

Formula Cartoon Touch 'N' Go is a kart racer featuring popular characters from shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, but it's not as robust or even as hard to play as bigger-name console racers from Nintendo or Sony. The result is a very accessible game that may not be something you play often, but will entertain young players for short bursts of time.

The game starts immediately after installation and gives a very short tutorial showing you how to pick a kart, power up the cart, and earn new coins. You can then choose a racetrack and start … Read more

The Formula One London Grand Prix: Why it could, and should be done

Next year will see a bigger shakeup in Formula One than we've seen for many years. Not only are the beloved shrieking V8s to be replaced with Turbo V6s, but also the calendar itself is set to be the biggest in the history of the sport. Subject to final approval, 22 races in all will be run, compared with this year's 19.

This includes a record six street circuits, with the addition of New Jersey (battling in the piercing shadows of New York's striking skyline) and Russia joining the likes of Melbourne, Singapore, Montreal, and, of course, … Read more

Google subtracts MathML from Chrome, and anger multiplies

MathML, a years-old technology for displaying mathematical equations and formulas on the Web that has strong advocates at scholars and researchers, stands at a crossroads.

Firefox and Safari support it, but Internet Explorer does not. Google could help tip the balance in favor of MathML, but it's concluded the technology isn't justified. It's supporting a workaround called MathJax that instead uses JavaScript, the Web's programming language, but the company's position has displeased some who want mathematics to be a native citizen of the Web, not a slower-performing outsider.

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Piena is like a coffee maker for baby formula

If you have a baby, you have your hands full. Mixing up formula takes time and care is required to get it down to the right temperature. For a $149 pledge on Indiegogo, you can hand that duty off to a kitchen gadget.

The Piena Tender Touch baby formula maker is like a coffee maker for infants. You place the powder in a special container that can hold up to 24 ounces and keep it sealed up, fresh and dry, for up to four weeks. Fill the separate water reservoir. Turn the machine on and it boils the water, then cools it to near body temperature.… Read more

Tipo 250: A re-creation of the greatest Formula 1 car ever

In 1957 legendary Formula 1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio won the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring despite a 48-second deficit. He made that deficit up over 22 laps, passing the race leader on the final lap. In doing this he broke the lap record. Ten times.

His car was the Maserati 250F.

Over its lifetime the 250F was driven to victory in eight Grand Prix by Fangio (six times) and Stirling Moss (twice). Moss called it the nicest front-engined F1 car he ever drove.

By 1958, when the Constructors' Championships started in F1 the 250F had become outclassed, but … Read more

Formula E electric-car race adds Los Angeles venue

Los Angeles, once known for its smog, has signed on with the all-new Formula E racing organization to host one of the worldwide series of 10 electric-car races, kicking off next year.

Los Angeles joins Miami; London; Rome; Beijing; Rio de Janeiro; Putrajaya, Malaysia; and Buenos Aires, Argentina, in hosting races in the series. Two more cities in the series have yet to be announced.

The Formula E organization demonstrated one of its electric race cars in Los Angeles on Monday.

Although Formula E intends the series to be open to competitive build teams, the organization has contracted Spark Racing … Read more

Tech powers F1 cars in Austin

Did you know that a modern F1 car incorporates 130 sensors, transmitting a large volume of data during each race and practice session? During this weekend's Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas, teams from all over the world will be examining reams of data covering their cars' engine and driver performance.

Data storage company NetApp, the solutions of which are used by such F1 teams as BMW's Sauber, created a graphic (above), showing technology and other facts about modern Formula 1 racing.

For instance, did you know that active suspensions were banned in 1994, but kinetic energy recovery … Read more

iXoost iPod dock made from an F1 exhaust

Would you spend more than $9,000 on an iPod dock? No? What if it was made from the back end of a Formula One car? That's what gives the iXoost its grunt, making each custom-made dock a "pleasure machine, coupling fine mechanical workmanship with the high-tuned nerves of a throbbing Formula One tailpipe."

This "orchestra of sound and metal" comes in three distinct forms: the 8-cylinder iXoost òt, 10-cylinder iXoost dês, or 12-cylinder iXoost dàdês.… Read more