FormatFactory review

FormatFactory is a convenient utility that lets you convert files into different formats to facilitate sharing, save disk space, or make compatible with a mobile player. Through its intuitive interface, this program makes the conversion process accessible to users of all experience levels.


Lots of options: Especially if you're trying to convert files to play on your mobile devices, you should be able to find the format you need. A few of the file types available for conversion include MP4, MPG, AVI, MP3, 3GP, FLV, WAV, and many more.

Intuitive interface: This app features a clear interface, and … Read more

Convert images using Preview in OS X

There may be times when you might need to convert an image from one format to another on your Mac, either because of some requirement for a specific format, or to compress batches of images to save space.

Regardless of the specifics, if you need to convert images then you might find yourself considering expensive tools like Photoshop, or perhaps free open source projects like The Gimp as options for converting images; however, in doing so you will be overlooking a built-in option for doing this in Apple's included Preview program.

Single-image conversion Preview is Apple's utility for … Read more

Poll: What's your favorite audio format?

A couple of weeks ago I asked Audiophiliac readers to vote in my "What's the worst audio format?" poll, so now let's find out what you guys think is the best audio format. As in that poll, sound quality isn't the only criteria -- how you use the format and other factors may come into play.

I love vinyl but play more CDs, mostly because the selection of contemporary music is vastly greater on CD than it is on LP. I listen to Apple Lossless files on my iPod Classic when I'm on the … Read more

Hasselblad sets a price for the H5D-50c: $27,500

Hasselblad has begun shipping its new H5D-50c, a high-end medium-format camera geared for professionals, and it's a notch cheaper than the $34,990 IQ250 from rival Phase One.

The Swedish company announced a pre-tax price of 20,900 euros on Monday, which is about $28,800 at today's exchange rate, but B&H Photo gives a $27,500 price tag. If you throw in the company's 80mm lens, the price hops up to $30,000.

Both the H5D-50c and IQ250 mark the shift to sensors made with CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) chip manufacturing technology. CMOS … Read more

Poll: What's the worst audio format?

Moving forward from the earliest days of Edison cylinders in the late 1880s, there is a long list of consumer audio formats that garnered popular support, while many others disappeared without a trace. The 78 RPM record, 45 single, and LP all enjoyed mass acceptance. Reel-to reel tape never took off, but 4- and 8-track cartridges had a good run, then the cassette hit the big time. A higher-quality analog cassette format, the Elcasette, arrived with much fanfare yet never caught on. Later, the two consumer digital tape formats, DAT and DCC, fizzled. The CD almost killed the LP in … Read more

Phase One's 50-megapixel IQ250 gives pro photographers a CMOS sensor option

Just days after competitor Hasselblad tried to upstage it with similar news, medium-format camera maker Phase One announced a new digital back that, for the first time, employs a CMOS image sensor. Unlike the Hasselblad model, however, Phase One's new 50-megapixel IQ250 is shipping now.

Until now, the medium-format camera market stuck with an earlier sensor technology called CCD (charge-coupled device) for converting photons into data. Now this high-end market segment is following the rest of the digital camera industry to CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) technology, the same manufacturing approach used to build conventional microchips.

The IQ250's new … Read more

Hasselblad overhauls sensors with new 50-megapixel camera

Instead of going for more pixels, medium-format digital camera maker Hasselblad is going for better ones.

Over the last decade, much of the camera world has switched image sensors from the older CCD (charge-coupled device) technology to CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor), the same manufacturing process used to build conventional microprocessors. Now the high-end digital camera maker is making the same shift -- something its primary rival, Phase One, has so far chosen not to do.

Hasselblad is planning a new flagship camera, its H5D-50c, that aside from the sensor looks like its existing 50-megapixel H5D-50. The company hasn't … Read more

Lexar joins CFast 2.0 party with 3333X flash-memory card

Lexar has joined rival SanDisk with support for the new CFast 2.0 format for high-end flash memory cards, announcing a very high-speed 3333X models with capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB at CES 2014 on Monday.

In addition, the company announced the CR-1, its CFast 2.0 reader with a USB 3.0 interface so that people can transfer files off the cards with their computers. A 3333X speed means cards will be able to transfer data up to 500MBps. Fast read and write speeds are useful for capturing high-resolution video reliably, shooting high-speed bursts of photos, and … Read more

How to set up an external hard drive for use with OS X

When you first attach a new external hard drive to your Mac, it should mount and be ready to use; however, before relying on it, consider first taking a couple of precautionary steps to ensure that the drive continues to work as expected.

One of the first things to take into account is that the drive is likely preformatted to FAT32 instead of a more OS-specific format. Since FAT32 is readable and writable on both Windows and OS X systems, this is quickest way for a drive to work on each platform; however, it does have some limitations, including the … Read more

Review: Naturpic Video Converter wows with tons of format support, speed, & options

Naturpic Video Converter gives all of the format support and speed you'd want from a video converter. It's loaded with features and doesn't even bog your video down with a nasty watermark. It's tough to imagine a situation where someone would need more than all of the power this awesome converter offers.

Though this program is labeled as a video converter, it also works with audio files. It has a very basic, clean interface, but it's not unattractive by any means. It actually makes the program much easier to use compared to its competition. Naturpic … Read more