12 apps for Super Bowl Sunday

Don't let Deflategate take the air out of your Super Bowl. On February 1, eight-time Super Bowl contenders the New England Patriots and returning champions the Seattle Seahawks will face off in Super Bowl XLIX. If you're looking for breaking news and scores, party tips, or free swag, these apps can amplify your Super Bowl Sunday.

NBC Sports Live Extra (iOS)

If you have a high-speed connection and a participating TV provider, then you can watch the Super Bowl on the NBC Sports Live Extra app on your iPad. You also get on-demand clips, full event replays, and … Read more

Top Eleven Football Manager review

This app, endorsed by Jose Mourinho, Top Eleven Football Manager, dazzles with its complete approach to team management, allowing you not only to handle training, tactics, and transfers, but also stadium building, jersey customization, and much, much more. Sadly, it suffers from a token system that desperately tries to get your money.


Astounding array of options: From the macro club management features to the micro team organization and player training, this game makes you really feel like a virtual manager, proving to be more of a professional simulator than a mere game. You can literally spend hours on end … Read more

The real big game Sunday: The Super Bowl trounced porn

If there was any question about whether football or porn is more popular, a study produced after the Super Bowl leaves little to the imagination.

According to PornHub, visits to its giant archive of free porn were down 6 percent nationwide during the Super Bowl on Sunday. As the site pointed out in a blog post, that's a significant number in a country of more than 300 million people.

The numbers were even starker in Denver and Seattle, the home cities for the combatants in the big game, won by the Seattle Seahawks 43-8. PornHub concluded that there was … Read more

Great smartphone games to get ready for 'the big game'

The big game is this coming weekend, and most Americans will tell you it's a lot more than just a football game. Many people make an event out of the game with parties, barbecues, and betting pools, even if their favorite team isn't in the running. My team lost a week ago, but you can bet I'll be watching just for the fanfare. Even the commercials shown during the game are an event in themselves with advertisers spending huge amounts of money for 30 second and one minute spots.

While you wait for next Sunday's festivities … Read more

At Super Bowl, detecting threats is like finding a needle in a haystack

Imagine this scenario: In the course of an hour this week, four different people involved in Super Bowl setup require emergency medical assistance, all for nausea, and all in separate incidents.

It could be that some vendor is serving spoiled food, or it could be a complete coincidence. But it could also be a sign of some sort of criminal or terrorist act aimed at America's biggest sporting event. For the people in charge of public safety at and around MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., home to this Sunday's NFL championship between the Denver Broncos and … Read more

How Verizon is bracing for Super Bowl insanity

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Like the millions of people tuning in during the Super Bowl, Michele White will be glued to her monitor.

But unlike everyone else, the big game won't be on her screen. Instead, White, the head of network operations and engineering in the New York metropolitan region for Verizon Wireless, will be staring at and stressing over something else altogether: the status of her network's ability to handle the estimated 82,000 people who will be in attendance at the game.

While the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will be vying for the Vince … Read more

Six big screens for the big game

Now that the teams for that certain super-sized sporting event have been determined, you might want a new TV for the occasion. Or maybe you'd like to take advantage of some of the lowest prices of the year.

Just about every HDTV looks great displaying football and other sports in high def, but there's one key ingredient that separates "great" HDTVs from those that make you say "Boom!" No, we're not talking about motion resolution, 4K, or even black levels this time. We're talking about sheer size.

This year our list of Bowl-worthy big-screens, arranged in descending order of review rating, is bigger than ever. It doesn't include any TVs smaller than 64 inches, and the final three hit 70. Because nothing says "huge fan" like a huge TV. Or because more size is the best way to spend your extra TV dollar. Or just because your buddy down the street just got a wimpy 60-incher.

Of course if you don't want to go quite this big, you can click through the review to see smaller (and cheaper) alternatives. And if none of these choices cuts it, check out our lists of Best TVs arranged by size.

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Why today's NFL is a paradise for nerds

It's often hard to remember many things about being a kid in Denver in the late 1980s and 1990s that don't involve the Denver Broncos, John Elway, or football. Sundays were for watching the games, leaving six full days a week to talk about them at school and with strangers on Prodigy or AOL. The off-season brought the NFL draft and time to trade collectible cards of the players (Prodigy and AOL were good for this too) and play Tecmo Bowl.

The struggles of a scrappy team and its Hall of Fame quarterback to finally win the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy during those years often seemed to parallel my own travails as an awkward tween, adolescent, and pretty terrible high school tight end/strong safety in my own right. During the same era that girlfriends, good grades, and my own big wins on the field escaped me, the Broncos made eight playoff and three Super Bowl appearances -- all of which ended in disappointing and sometimes embarrassing losses.… Read more

YouTube gives you an early jump on 2014 Super Bowl ads

If you're one of the people more interested in watching Super Bowl commercials than watching the actual game, you're in luck. YouTube has offered early access to Super Bowl commercials for those who just can't wait.

The Google-owned company on Thursday announced the Ad Blitz channel on YouTube.

The channel's main attraction is its Teasers section, showing a selection of Super Bowl commercials available now, before the game goes off. The channel also includes a Highlights section to see playoff analysis, as well as a postgame voting function that will go live after the Super Bowl … Read more

NFL players scared of fantasy fans' Twitter threats

It's not easy when someone tells you their woe is your fault.

Sometimes, you know it's their fault, but you can't find a way of telling them. Sometimes, these people need deep and serious treatment because their view of reality has become distorted.

One such case, certain fantasy football players have lost touch with reality. They seem to think that there's no fantasy. They believe that everything is for real. They believe that if a player lets them down, that player should pay.

As CBS Detroit reported Thursday, certain fantasists can't take losing. Yes, they … Read more