The 404 1,174: Where we enter the cave with Jeff Nimoy (podcast)

Jeff Nimoy is the founder of, a dating site that pairs you up with other singles with the same food and dieting preferences. Inspired by his quest to find a partner who respects his love for the Paleo Diet, Jeff tells us the process that led to the site's inception and how you can make an easy transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- The Cooking Caveman documents Jeff's experience eating and dating in LA.

- Entering the Cave: How to get started with The Caveman Diet, also known as the … Read more

Microsoft's Bing Maps gets a food cart finder

Looking for a food cart in Portland, Ore.? There's probably one right in front of you. But maybe there's one up the street that's better. Now you can find out such things with a new mapping layer from Microsoft for its Bing Maps service.

Having grown up in Portland, I can tell you that most locals know where the best carts are, along with the food item to get at those places. But one thing the locals won't always be able to tell you is the location of the traveling food carts--the ones that are not … Read more

Make sure your tastebuds can survive

Whether you're a foodie or just shopping for one, the Foodie Survival Kit may be the perfect gift. Meant to make sure that a foodie caught with a less-than-wonderful meal can spice things up to her own tastes, the Foodie Survival Kit contains dill, mustard, cloves, garlic, nutmeg, paprika, wasabi, basil, onion, ginger, thyme, cinnamon, curry, oregano, cayenne, salt, pepper, soy sauce, and Tobasco sauce. I can just picture sneaking into the kitchen, kit in hand, to spice up the big holiday dinner. If you've got relatives with a tendency toward bland dishes, the Foodie Survival Kit may … Read more

Photos: Kappabashi: Tokyo's food district

When computer geeks come to Japan, they head toward the electronics neighborhood called Akihabara. But when food freaks visit Tokyo, their destination is Kappabashi-dori, a mile-plus-long street sporting several dozen stores that carry all manner of kitchenware and food.

Here you can find coffee cups half a storey tall, a thousand kinds of bowls, plastic sushi, restaurant ware, and more bento boxes than you can shake a whisk at.

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Im cooked, the homemade Food Network

Im cooked, a relatively new video-sharing site focused on cooking, is catching the attention of tons of food blogs today thanks to this video of oddball actor Christopher Walken demonstrating his recipe and technique for roast chicken with pears. Being suckers for such viral marketing, we decided to take a look around the site, which, aside from its foodie slant, is an otherwise straightforward video-sharing community: members can upload and watch videos; join groups focused on specific techniques, cuisines, or ingredients; and create lists of friends and favorites.

Why not just post these vids to YouTube? Well, some people have. … Read more

GroupRecipes: An online foodie confab

A lot of chefs will say that you're not a real cook if you have to have to work from a recipe, which I'm going to go ahead and dispute right now. Some of us with sophisticated palates just require a little more structure than others.

Since discovering new recipes online is my favorite pastime, I'm usually an Epicurious kind of gal--great content, easy to use--but has taken recipe sites to a cool social/interactive level. It's got a lot of the standard Web 2.0 features: users can create a foodie profile, add … Read more