Font Stamp review

Font Stamp provides access to all kinds of fonts, and lets you change the background color and text color to create a fun text image to share. Write whatever comes to mind, and then choose the perfect font and color combination to get your message across clearly. Then share what you've created via Facebook, Twitter, LINE, or SinaWeibo, directly from the app.

This app has no Help file or tutorial, although there aren't too many features, so it doesn't take long to get the hang of things. There is a banner ad at the top of the … Read more

Get ready for multicolor fonts -- maybe in motion, too

For a few decades now, fonts have been monochromatic -- just the thing for putting black ink on white paper. But publishing has gone digital, and the era of the multicolored font is beginning.

The Motion Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) standards group last week began a project to standardize chromatic fonts -- those with multiple colors. Vladimir Levantovsky, a Monotype Imaging employee who serves as chairman of the group's font work, said he expects to merge technology from Mozilla, Adobe, Google, and Microsoft into a standard.

The impetus for the work was the need to support emoji, the colorful emoticons, icons, and pictures that gradually are expanding in use. But the work will expand to traditional typography, too, Levantovsky said. … Read more

Review: Get five free fonts with Handwritten Font 3 for FlipFont

Handwritten Font 3 FlipFont bundles five free fonts for your Android device. These fonts offer a stylish take on the handwritten style and give your phone or tablet a personal touch. The app is ad-supported and a bit intrusive in access, but the fonts are nicely rendered and, better yet, free.

Handwritten Font 3 will probably appear in your Apps Manager as Fuentes Manuscritas 3, though all the app's documentation and instructions were in the appropriate language (English, in our case). When you first run the app, its homepage lets you view previews, get more apps, or open the … Read more

Google Fonts now fully accessible to design enthusiasts

Google Fonts, the search giant's repository for typefaces, has inked a deal with Monotype to make it easier to preview those fonts.

The companies announced the deal on Thursday, saying that when a user now picks a font from Google Fonts, they'll be brought to Monotype's Typecast application, where they'll be able to see how it looks with different messages, modify size and width, and export that code to a file format of their choosing.

Google Fonts has been growing, but one of its chief limitations has been the ability to see for oneself how the … Read more

Review: Font Free is a great hybrid text and photo editor for the iPhone

Font Free is a fun, little photo editor that may not be heavy on editing tools, but is easy to use and produces fantastic looking images in just a few seconds. The focus here is the text addition tool, which goes above and beyond the low-quality embossing and other free effects you normally see to offer high-quality, premium-level fonts for your tagging -- the result is fantastic-looking photos.

When you open the app, you will see a mosaic of your photo library and a button to take a new photo. Tap any tile on the screen to open that photo … Read more

Organize OS X fonts using Font Book smart collections

Apple's Font Book utility is a convenient lightweight font manager built into OS X, and while it does not offer some of the advanced features of some third-party font managers, it does offer enough for most average uses. With this utility you can enable and disable fonts, import and preview them, run diagnostics, and repair routines. In addition, you can group them into collections for various uses, be it writing in a specific language, or for tasks like Web design where you might need Web-compatible fonts.

In Font Book, Apple includes a number of these collections, which you can … Read more

Review: Big Font Pro(change font size) delivers on its name

Big Font Pro lets you make your font bigger or smaller and gives you more options than Android's default choices. Sadly, it only works with the fonts already on your Android and doesn't give you any bonus fonts or add-ons. It will give you a bigger font with more size increments than your Android's settings menu, though.

This app lets you control your font size with a sliding scale, ranging from 0 to 200 percent. We were pleased to find that if you use Android's Small, Normal, Big, or Really Big options, Big Font Pro adjusts … Read more

Review: Awesome Fonts is a clean, easy-to-use font-customization app for iOS

Awesome Fonts is a feature-rich font editing and sharing tool that allows you to convert your text instantly into one of dozens of unique fonts before sharing them with friends. The app is cleverly designed to be accessible, quick, and fun to use, and the result is an experience that perfectly captures the joy of discovering a new, goofy font for a message to a friend.

When the app opens, there will be a small text screen with three instructions on it. Read them and you'll know exactly how to use the app in its entirety -- it's … Read more

How to adjust the systemwide font size on iOS 7

In prior versions of iOS, users were able to adjust the font size for specific core apps through the Accessibility menu. Those apps were Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, and Notes. Sure, this was helpful to those who had trouble seeing the default text size on an iOS device, but outside of those apps it was of no help.

With iOS 7, users can change the default size of text across the entire device, so long as developers have properly updated their apps to support the latest APIs found in iOS 7.

To change the size of Dynamic Text (its technical … Read more

Review: Symbolizer Fonts provides fun ways to change text, copy it, and share

Symbolizer Fonts is a fun and easy-to-use app that allows you to convert any string of text into a series of symbols that you can copy and paste into messages. The app also supports converting upside down text, as well as circled text and a few other fun effects; and while it suffers from an over abundance of onscreen ads and a sometimes messy interface, the app is generally very fun to use.

When you first open Symbolizer Fonts, you can immediately start converting text into different symbols. Just enter the text you want to convert into the box provided … Read more