TwitFollow review

TwitFollow is a program to help you keep track of who you are following and who is following you on Twitter via a dedicated interface. Get all your stats at a glance, and keep track of new followers quickly with this handy tool. Whether you're just curious about your following, or you're trying to build a commercial presence on Twitter, this app can make it clear what's going on in your account.

To use TwitFollow, you have to log in to your Twitter account. The app immediately imports all of the data concerning who is following you, … Read more

GetFollowers review

GetFollowers lets you earn coins by following other Instagram users, which you can then exchange to get other users to follow you. Boost your follower numbers by promoting yourself on GetFollowers, and you'll see your list growing in no time.

To begin using GetFollowers, you first need to log in with your Instagram account. The app will then take you to a screen where you can earn coins by following other users. You get 20 coins to start with, and as a user appears on the screen, you can take a look at a sampling of their photos to … Read more

Followers review

Followers integrates with almost any social media network to let you see who's following you at a glance. The intuitive and attractive interface presents your stats in an accessible format, and tapping a category even lets you see which specific users are involved. This is a handy tool for anyone active in social media who wants to get a clear overall picture of their interactions.

When you open Followers, you'll have to choose the account you want to add from the main list, and then enter your log-in information for that account. Once that's done, your follower … Read more

LinkedIn to let all members write posts and win followers

Those of you on LinkedIn will soon be able to write posts that could get you noticed and followed by other members.

The networking site initially launched its publishing platform as a way for "influencers" to share their knowledge and advice. Such top influencers as Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, former GE head Jack Welch, and HP CEO Meg Whitman can use LinkedIn as a forum to promote themselves by writing posts and capturing followers.

But why should they have all the fun? Starting Wednesday, the company is expanding the platform to all members, … Read more

How to receive DMs from any of your followers on Twitter

Last week, Twitter slowly started rolling out a new feature that allows users to receive a direct-message from anyone following them on Twitter. The current setting only allows users to send a direct-message to those who follow them, leaving a potential recipient without the option to send a DM back.

The new feature isn't on by default, as it requires you to specifically enable it via Twitter's Web site.

You'll need to visit your account settings to see if there's a new Messages option under the Content section. If the option isn't present in your … Read more

GTA Online hit with launch problems

CNET Update is waiting for other players:

In this episode of Update:

- Prepare for a few glitches as Rockstar works to fix issues with GTA Online. While waiting to log on, read up on Gamespot's tips on getting started in your new life of crime.

- Pay $9 a month to access the Scribd digital book subscription service, which competes with the Oyster app.

- Be mindful that posts and status updates on Facebook will be searchable.

- Spot the new Spotify "Follow" buttons popping up with other social media shortcuts.

- Check out a new crop of cameras from GoPro. … Read more

Buying your biz a buzz: Hackers sell fake Instagram 'likes'

Would you pay $30 for a thousand bogus "likes" on Instagram? Apparently some buzz-seeking businesses would.

Reuters reports that hackers are selling rigged Instagram endorsements, and that to create these supposed indicators of a company's cool factor, they've rejiggered a virus originally designed to steal credit card numbers.

And get this: the endorsements sell for more than the credit card info.

Reuters cites security company RSA in reporting this new use for the Zeus virus -- malware that can be secretly slipped onto millions of computers to create a botnet, or army of "zombie" … Read more

Amazon gets all Pinterest-like with 'Collections'

Amazon seems to be taking some cues from the social network Pinterest. The e-commerce giant launched a feature on Thursday dubbed Amazon Collections, which lets users categorize shopping wish lists into different categories.

While Collections has more of a lean toward shopping, it has the look and feel of Pinterest. Like Pinterest, which lets users "pin" and categorize images of items they've found across Web, Collections lets people follow other users and add images to various lists.

"Collections are a way to gather and share things you like, want, or recommend," the site reads. "… Read more

Review: InstaFollow streamlines follower management for your Instagram account

InstaFollow streamlines follower management for your Instagram account, something that the photo filtering app doesn't necessarily support, at least not in full. The result is a streamlined interface with numerous tools to see who you are following, who is following you, who you can follow back, and much more.

InstaFollow is not an Instagram client. There are no tools here for editing images, uploading to Instagram, or otherwise. It is solely focused on the following counts for your account and those of your followers and the people you follow. As a result, you can see at a glance almost … Read more

Twitter says no to auto follows, yes to curation

Twitter has updated its developer guidelines, killing off auto-follow features and loosening the reins on curation services.

That means developers of third-party applications won't be able to let users automatically follow someone who follows them or suggested follows. But Twitter is reducing its restrictions for services that gather and display tweets, like Storify. So curation is OK, as long as it's done manually.

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