The 404 1,247: Where we hop in the ball pit with Emily Dreyfuss (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Hi-fi reviews based purely on the feel of the knob .

- Which celebrities can you pay to message on Facebook?

- Can you bully a celebrity? Short answer: no.

- How the hell do you pronounce GIF anyway?

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The 404 1,157: Where we live in a van down by the river (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Anthropologist says Apple is definitely a religion.

- Google brings Street View to the Grand Canyon.

- Apple now owns the trademark to The Beatles' Apple Corps Logo.

- What I learned while live-tweeting a friend's funeral.

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Windows 8 to be released to manufacturing by April?

Windows 8 could be released to manufacturing by April, according to a "not so crazy" rumor offered by Mary Jo Foley of CNET sister site ZDNet.

In her column yesterday, Foley cited a "trusted source," who says that Microsoft is currently on track for Windows 8 to be released to manufacturing by April. RTM, or release to manufacturing, is the final version of a product just before it reaches consumers. For example, Windows 7 was released to manufacturing in July 2009 and then officially launched a few months later in October.

According to Foley's source, … Read more

Reporters' Roundtable Podcast: Significance of 7

Is Windows 7 just Vista done right, or is it a real departure for Microsoft? This week on the Roundtable, we discuss what Windows 7 means for the industry as well as its impact on vendors like Apple and Google--with special guests Farhad Manjoo of Slate and Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet.

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Reporters' Roundtable #6: What Windows 7 means

We are days away from the launch of Windows 7. There is, to put it mildly, a lot riding on this release. Vista never lived up to expectations. Even today, three years after release, Vista has less than 19 percent of market share, and it's declining, according to Net Applications. Many people never upgraded from XP or got a machine with XP instead of Vista. Some are even abandoning Vista for the not-for-sale-yet Windows 7 through various pre-release programs. What can Windows 7 really do for Microsoft, and the tech industry? Click past the jump for the full show notes for this episode of Reporters Roundtable and for the full content, play the podcast, above.

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Lewis Hamilton vs. Felipe Massa for the Formula One Championship

A couple of weekends ago at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, two Formula One race car drivers made headlines, but for very different reasons. Reigning F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton chalked up his first victory of the 2009 season by finishing first at the race, and Felipe Massa suffered a career-threatening crash and injury that has pretty much ended his hope for a world title this season. I've blogged about these subjects in greater depth (i.e., more depth than I've written in this specific blog) earlier this week, so I'll spare you the repeat (and since some … Read more

Microsoft's mixed-up open-source TCO messaging makes perfect sense

Old Microsoft, meet new Microsoft. Best sit down, talk, and work out your story(ies) on open source and its TCO.

Mary Jo Foley points out that Microsoft has resurrected an old TCO study (December 2007), put some varnish on it, and is trotting it out like it's news. Why? Well, you can guess, as Mary Jo does:

So why is Microsoft touting it today? Perhaps due to the recession and desire by companies to find ways to cut costs by using more free software? Or maybe to counteract the press around a former Microsoft developer's new book … Read more

IE 8 to include private browsing feature

As CNET News first reported last week, Internet Explorer 8 will include a way to surf somewhat anonymously, allowing the user to suspend browsing history, cookies, and other identifying information. Mozilla had considered such a feature for its Firefox 3 release, but dropped it for technical reasons. Apple Safari also includes a similar feature.

Known as InPrivate, Microsoft is touting the feature as one of several security enhancements within its next major browser release. The scenarios for using InPrivate include when you're using someone else's computer, when you need to buy a gift for a loved one without … Read more

Column: Finally, ID fraud protection that works

Jay Foley, co-founder of the Identity Theft Resource Center, told me recently that 57 percent of all identity fraud involves opening new accounts "for short-term gain." The ITRC should know: it has been surveying ID fraud victims for several years and has amassed some impressive real-world statistics.

Foley also said 13 percent of the identity theft victims found out about the attacks only after criminals had established utility or cable service in their names. "So your credit record is more theirs than yours, making it harder to fight them in court," he said.

Clearly the best … Read more

Fiji not happy with Microsoft's 'Fiji'

Microsoft is used to having governments get upset over its products. But usually it's not the name they are complaining about.

ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley spotted a local story from Fiji saying the island nation's government was unhappy to learn there was a version of Windows called Fiji. Microsoft reportedly sent a letter to the government stating that Fiji was just the code name for the product.

Foley rightly zeroes in on the more important issue--in trying to pacify the Fijians, Microsoft reportedly said more than it ever has about the product, which is a near-term update … Read more

The 404 110: Where it's not a virus, it's a worm

Mess with the best, die like the rest! We don't hack the planet, but we do spout off about the MediaDefender's hack (code name: IRONY), pedagogical foursomes, John Wayne as a weapon, and Korean child star Ju-On's surprise appearance in Denver. We also bust out the old squawk box for some much needed Disney sing-alongs. EPISODE 110 Download today's podcast