It's all in the Numbers

Numbers for iPad works well for creating spreadsheets and organizing data while away from your desktop, with a multitude of useful tools and a smart interface design to make your spreadsheet work easier. The app comes with a Getting Started file that walks you through everything from basic spreadsheet use to more complicated features using an intuitive tabbed interface. As you learn the various features, the Getting Started file directs you to try them on your own as you go--an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of Numbers.

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Ideal iPhone apps for frequent fliers

If you fly frequently and have an iPhone, you might have already researched the iTunes App Store for titles that will help you track your flight, pick your seat, and check for delays. As a frequent flier and airline geek, I've browsed quite a few apps on the CNET iPhone and have downloaded more than my share. The selection is quite extensive, but as is true with much of the iTunes App Store, it can take time to separate quality apps from those that aren't even worth a free download.

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Yapta now tracks discounts by frequent-flier miles

Travel planning service Yapta has a cool new feature for registered users that lets you track price drops or award seats based on your frequent-flier mileage. It'll keep an eye out for deals that match how many miles you have saved up, and give you an alert when they're up for grabs. When used properly this system could net you free or heavily discounted tickets alongside letting you know about potential price drops.

In addition to tracking single seats, you can have it track deals on several seats on the same flight. This works for any number of … Read more