Review: Class Action Gradebook Elementary Edition helps track your students' progress

Class Action Gradebook Elementary Edition is a tool for tracking the progress of your class, calculating grades, and sending out reports. There are tons of functions available in this program, and it is highly customizable, making it possible for you to add in the subjects you teach and include notes or other information about each student. This app is designed for use by elementary school teachers who instruct one class in multiple subjects.

The first time you open Class Action Gradebook, you will be prompted to enter your name, e-mail address, and your name as you would like it to … Read more

Could your heart power its own pacemaker?

Scientists have been working for years on finding a way to harvest ambient energy continuously to power biomedical implants. The aim is to keep these vital implants running without the need for batteries, multiple invasive surgeries, and the like. From solar power to friction, to the energy produced when glucose breaks down or body temperature shifts, every rock is being turned over, looked under, and presumably considered for its potential as an energy source, too.

Now, bioengineers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign say they are closing in on this goal. Perhaps the holy grail of biomedical energy harvesting is using nearby organs; the energy generated by our own hearts and lungs is so, well, reliable.… Read more

Bendable TVs, smartwatches headline CES 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show has officially kicked off and CNET Update is covering the biggest stories each day from the convention in Las Vegas. And this time, not all of the buzz was about technology.

In this episode:

- Learn what mattered on Press Day at CES 2014.

- Check out the barrage of new 4K products, including Sony's televisions, camcorder and even a Lenovo monitor.

- Deck out your wrist with new health-trackers like the LG Lifeband Touch, the Razer Nabu, and Sony's Core. But the star of the wearables so far looks like the Pebble Steel. … Read more

Smartphones: What's next? (The Next Big Thing, Episode 3)

Awaiting you in this episode:

Smartphones have almost unarguably become commodities. So what's next? Lost cost phones are a big trend to watch, bringing along the still large population that is stuck with "dumb phones" and not part of the always-on/always-on-you revolution.

Fitness wearables have arrived in a big way. What was once a niche category focused on the extremely fit (or those who aspired to be) is now heading fast toward the crowd that just wants to sleep better or lose 5-10 pounds. But the smartwatch lurks out there, possibly ready to cannibalize the mainstream … Read more

LG flexible-display smartphone reportedly leaked in new photos

We may have gotten our first peek at LG's upcoming curved display smartphone.

A gallery of leaked photos allegedly snapped of the LG G Flex reveals a curved 6-inch screen and rear buttons mounted in a style similar to that found on the LG G2, The Verge said Wednesday. The photos come from journalist Federico Ini, who claims that the G Flex will launch in South Korea in November but that no release is planned for the US, Europe, or Latin America.

The curved aspect of the phone is similar to the curved OLED TVs from LG and Samsung, … Read more

LG's G Flex images emerge, phone to launch next month

LG's curved smartphone, the G Flex, get its glamor shots in.

CNET has obtained renderings of the G Flex, which people familiar with the phone's launch plans confirmed would be launching some time next month.

There's been a lot of buzz over flexible displays and curved smartphones. CNET previously reported on the G Flex, and the latest images only confirm LG's curved smartphone.

The G Flex follows Samsung Electronics' own Galaxy Round, a smartphone it unveiled last week. But while the Galaxy Round is bent on its vertical access, the G Flex is curved at its … Read more

What you should know about flexible displays (FAQ)

Samsung, LG, and others have been showing off flexible displays and even a prototype phone for years, but it's only now that bendy screens are going commercial.

Samsung's Galaxy Round and LG's G Flex raise a lot of questions about what a flexible display is and isn't, what the word really means, and just what kinds of benefits a bendable display would bring to a smartphone or any other gadget.

We address your burning questions below, but if you have more, drop them in the comments.

What is a flexible display anyway? Colloquially, "display" … Read more

Galaxy Round smartphone rocks -- on tables

CNET Update rolls with the trends:

In this episode of Update:

- See the new tricks Samsung programmed into the first smartphone with a curved screen, the Galaxy Round. Before you roll your eyes at this rolling smartphone, prepare to see LG come out with a similar curved smartphone, the G Flex. LG is also working on bendable batteries.

- Expect new iPads and the Mac Pro to be announced in a few weeks, likely on October 22.

- Tune into television shows with a new "See It" button on Twitter, but only for Comcast Xfinity users.

- … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Round brings curve to smartphones

Samsung has won the race to be the first phone manufacturer this fall to launch a curved smartphone.

The company announced late Tuesday that the new Galaxy Round incorporates the latest in screen technology, along with other unique features.

The device resembles the Galaxy S3 and S4, but it has slight dip in the middle that causes the phone to curve along a vertical axis. The phone's body itself is rigid, so it doesn't actually flex or bend -- but rather has a stationary curve that is said to fit the contours of a person's face. The … Read more

LG to launch flexible batteries -- is bend the new black?

To get a truly flexible phone, you'd need a flexible battery, right?

LG thinks so. That's why it's unveiling the first of its kind series of bendable or modifiable batteries. The company announced Tuesday that its LG Chem branch was successful in creating three new types of batteries -- curved, stepped, and cable.

The curved battery is said to be able to fit in smartphones, smartwatches, and smart glasses. LG Chem said it has patented a "stack and folding" technology, which is crucial for getting the batteries to power a curved screen or flexible design. … Read more