A utensil just for ramen

Ramen makes for a quick and cheap meal, so much so that some of us may rely on it as a mainstay of our meal planning. If you fall into that category, the Ramen Spoon + Fork was designed with you in mind. The utensil is meant specifically for eating ramen, with tines you can twirl noodles around and a spoon that allows you to scoop up broth. It isn't a traditional spork, although it does combine the functions of both spoon and fork, but the fork tines are significantly longer than those on the typical spork. Of course, it … Read more

Funky flatware for your table

I host meals in my home at least twice a month, and usually more often than that. And because I am competitive by nature, I am constantly trying to, well, show off a little with my table settings, recipes, presentation, and so on. A girl's gotta have a creative outlet, right?

Until recently, I didn't own "good" silverware. I have multiple sets from Target (my kitchen is kosher, so I have separate sets for meat and dairy), but nothing fancy.

And then, one day, I decided that I would buy myself silverware that I love. And … Read more

Reusable, disposable, compostable dinnerware

In the effort to go green, I'm focusing on small changes that add up to big wins. I've owned up to the fact that I'm not going to give up using my dryer, for example, but I have stopped buying paper towels. Napkins are up next. I'm also encouraging my children to use real plates and silverware when we're at home, and to save the disposable things for picnics and school lunches.

However, with the beautiful summer weather upon us, I love eating outdoors. I love the mess-free kitchen after a meal eaten outside, and … Read more

Silverware for little hands

There are plenty of plastic spoons and forks meant for children just figuring out feeding themselves. Inevitably, though, a kid is going to want the same sort of silverware as Mom and Dad; after all, if the grown-ups get shiny flatware, kids are going to want them, too. Oneida, known for its flatware, has a compromise between letting children jump straight to full-size forks and keeping them stuck with plastic versions that can't even pierce a piece of food: the Chateau Child & Baby Flatware.

The Chateau line of flatware has six pieces, which you can order in a … Read more

Organize kitchen utensils with customizable drawer trays

I am jealous of people who have a kitchen space where every last thing is organized. It's not as easy to accomplish as it seems. I'm not talking about the obvious things, like where to store the food processor when not using it. Rather, I am thinking of a small, seemingly minor thing that can lead to clean, efficient kitchens: the flatware drawer.

My flatware drawer houses my forks, knives and spoons, but in a haphazard manner. Yes, I have a utensil separator, but really it's more bother than it is worth. Besides the fact that it … Read more