ReFind for Mac review

ReFind for Mac brings out the folders you need in an instant, with just a few keyboard strokes. This small application lets you browse through your folders and files faster, and also offers you some bookmarking options that overlap with those of Mac OS's Finder.


Convenient access to most-used folders: The "Recent Places" feature in Mac OS X is great, but having quick access to your most popular folders is even better. ReFind for Mac grants you just that, featuring three main folder categories: Most Popular, Bookmarked, and Hard Drive.

Folder bookmarks: The app allows you … Read more

Oppo debuts world's first 5.5-inch Quad HD Find 7

BEIJING, China -- Priced at a reasonable $599, Oppo's latest Find 7 has just made its debut in China, and is the first to sport a 5.5-inch Quad HD display. QHD, not to be confused with qHD (960x540 pixels), has a resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels, which is more than four times as many pixels as you'll find on 720p TVs.

If you're interested in the numbers, that's 538 pixels per inch (PPI), and you'll never have to worry about fuzzy fonts anymore. Apart from a super-sharp screen, the Find 7 comes packing … Read more

Use TheFind on Android to shop, compare retail outlets

Shopping online is super convenient. You get to sit in the comfort of your own home, browsing various sites to find the best deal on a product. Sometimes you don't even have to browse Web sites, due to most major retail chains having native apps for various platforms.

But let's face it, going to a number of sites (or launching a number of apps) brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "shop till you drop." To tackle this first-world problem, TheFind will help you "search over 500,000 stores and 500 million products" … Read more

Multiple versions of Oppo Find 7 expected in March

Chinese handset maker Oppo is expected to introduce at least two versions of its Find 7 smartphone next month, according to recent rumblings. And a post on the company's Weibo social network account suggests that it's true.

Leaked benchmarks from earlier in the week suggest that at least one Oppo Find 7 will feature a 1080p display. Yet, since Oppo went on record to say that it would give the Find 7 a 2K display, this suggests that there could be multiple devices in the works -- an idea supported by the phrasing in Oppo's social networking … Read more

Review: Finding-Nemo is wonderfully colorful, but the gameplay is bland

Finding-Nemo doesn't offer much in terms variance, difficult gameplay, or creative elements for older gamers, but it could be fun for young children. It looks decent, but the lack of levels and basic gameplay make it tough to give this game high marks. It's fine if you like looking at fish, but most people will want to stick to more popular aquarium or fishing games.

Though this game harkens to the popular Pixar film, the music, characters, and gameplay have nothing to do with it -- even though there are a few clown fish. Instead, this game sends … Read more

Review: Ashampoo ClipFinder HD lets you easily find, watch, and download videos

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is a stunning online video manager that's loaded with options, good looks, and plenty of style. Few programs can let you find, watch, and even download a video -- no matter what site it's on -- from the same window. It's one of the best ways you can find to watch videos online. It's even better than the best browsers.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD lets you search for a keyword or video on multiple sites at once. Vimeo, YouTube, Google Video, and most of the favorites are here, which makes it easy to find … Read more

Oppo confirms 2K display for Find 7 smartphone

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo may fire the first shot as the war of next-gen displays gets underway. The upcoming Find 7 handset will debut with a 2,560x1,440 pixel (2K) display, according to a recent tweet from the manufacturer. And it seems like only yesterday they were readying the world's first 1080p smartphone.

There are relatively few known specifications about the Find 7; however, the rumors paint a pretty picture. Should the device live up to expectations, consumers could be in for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB RAM and a whopping 4,000mAh battery.

Presumably running … Read more

Review: Araxis Find Duplicate Files for Mac quickly locates and removes file copies

Araxis Find Duplicate Files for Mac quickly locates and removes files you don't need on your computer, saving disc space. Notable for its speed, drag-and-drop functions, and easy-to-use interface, this program will be of use to you if you have a large number of files cluttering your hard drive. The only major downside is that it's a premium app.

The trial version of Araxis Find Duplicate Files for Mac comes with no limitations in terms of features, but works only for seven days. You can either drag and drop folders for searching or manually add them via a … Read more

The 404 1,388: Where we turn on the lights (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- CNET's Xbox One review: The game console that would rule your living room (but shouldn't quite yet).

- Interactive Dylan video takes surreal roll through TV land.

- Keep your phone from getting stolen (and what to do if it is).

- Microsoft says Xbox One can use up to 15 Kinects at once for maximum next-gen gaming.

- How to use voice commands with the all new Kinect.… Read more

Carriers reject idea of phone kill switch

CNET Update is a steal:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn what you can do to foil phone thieves, since carriers won't thwart theft with a kill switch.

- Translate languages with Word Lens on Google Glass, as developers begin making more complex apps for the headpiece.

- Compare the Logitech PowerShell iPhone game controller case with the Moga Ace Power snap-on controller. Both devices were unveiled this week for the holiday shopping season.

- Check out CNET's review of the Xbox One, Microsoft's new console that hits stores Friday.


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