Review: FreeFileSync Portable compares and syncs files and folders, easily

FreeFileSync Portable lets you compare and synchronize files and folders, but it doesn't offer much in the way of advanced goodies as there's no way to compress, re-organize, or clean up your files as you're copying them. Still, if you just want a slightly better version of Windows' drag-and-drop system, this program will probably meet your needs.

Though this includes portable right in the name, it checks in at 24MB. That's not massive by any means, but portable programs tend to be less than 1MB. It makes it easier to carry them on a portable drive, … Read more

Amazon Cloud Drive app available for OS X

Amazon's Cloud Drive is one of many online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft's SkyDrive where you can save pictures and documents for access on another system with Internet access.

While the Cloud Drive service has been available for a while, one of its lacking features has been a well-integrated file sync option that makes use of the online storage seamless. Additionally, Amazon's older tools for accessing the drive were written in Java, which is no longer included in OS X and which many are avoiding because of security issues.

To bring its service up … Read more

Amazon Cloud Drive gets more Dropbox-like, adds file syncing

One would have assumed that Amazon, the Web services cloud giant, would already have had file syncing available for its personal cloud storage service, Cloud Drive.

Turns out that the digital lockers didn't have that capability until recently.

The Verge reported today that the company has quietly rolled out the new feature to Cloud Drive users.

File syncing seems like it should be a fairly standard feature for any cloud-based storage and collaboration platform, and Amazon's version doesn't seem much different.

Basically, users can just drop a file into a specified folder. That file is automatically uploaded … Read more

Freebie Friday: Get a 50GB Box cloud account for free

Recently, cloud-storage service Box was offering free 25GB accounts to new customers.

I meant to write it up, but other things got in the way. Good thing, too, because now Box is offering free 50GB accounts to new customers. My foot-dragging is your gain.

Before I go any further, take note that the signup page says "Dell Exclusive Offer." There's no indication you need to actually be a Dell customer or employee or anything like that, but there's always the chance Box will get flooded with unintended/unwanted sign-ups and decide to end or even rescind … Read more

Get a year of Bitcasa unlimited cloud storage for $69

Running out of space on your hard drive? Hey, even in these days of seemingly endless gigabytes, it happens.

Bitcasa is a new service that aims to supplant your hard drive with unlimited cloud storage. And by supplant I mean replace -- kind of.

I'll circle back on that in a minute. For now, consider this: a year of Bitcasa no-limit storage normally runs $99, but right now you can get a year of Bitcasa Infinite for $69. If that doesn't immediately butter your bacon, how about a 10GB Bitcasa account absolutely free?

Update: As eagle-eyed reader brotherj2k … Read more

Cubby out of beta, offers free 5GB accounts to all

Remember Cubby? It's the new file-syncing and -sharing service from LogMeIn (makers of my longtime favorite remote-access tool).

Cubby's been running a closed, invitation-only beta for some time, but I've got good news: now it's an open, no-invitation-required beta. That means anyone can sign up for a free Cubby account, which includes, among other things, 5GB of cloud storage.

But hold on a sec -- this isn't just another Dropbox wanna-be. For starters, the latter gives you only 2GB of free storage; Cubby gives you 5GB. And for each friend you refer who signs up, … Read more

Get a free 15GB cloud-storage account from 4Sync

Cloud-storage vendors are falling all over themselves to attract new customers.

Dropbox, by far the most popular, offers newcomers freebie accounts with 2GB of space. SugarSync raises the bar to 5GB, while Microsoft ponies up 7GB for its SkyDrive service.

If you're looking for even more cloud storage and want to keep your wallet closed, check out 4Sync. The company, just out of beta, currently offers 15GB of cloud storage free of charge.

True to its name, 4Sync promises to keep all your files in sync across all your devices: laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone. But unlike, say, Dropbox … Read more

Microsoft SkyDrive vs. Google Drive on Android

With Microsoft SkyDrive recently touching down on Google Drive's territory, it's only fitting we take a look at how the two cloud storage and file-syncing Android apps fare against one another. On the one hand, we have Google Drive: the incumbent and the darling of the Android platform. And on the other hand, we have SkyDrive: Microsoft's offering and somewhat unexpectedly, the new kid on the block. Each app has its strengths and weaknesses, and we take a look at how they compare.

Microsoft SkyDrive (free) Similar to Google Drive, Microsoft's SkyDrive lets you store files … Read more

Get a beta invitation to Cubby file-syncing service

Happy Friday the 13th. Let's celebrate this no-different-than-any-other-day-on-the-calendar day with a great freebie!

Cubby, the new file-syncing and -sharing service from LogMeIn, has been running a closed, invitation-only beta for the past few months. It's still closed, still invitation-only -- but I've got invites just for you, Cheapskate readers.

In other words, you can now get a free 5GB Cubby account. Just type in your e-mail address and presto, you've got access. (Watch your inbox for an activation e-mail. Mine arrived almost instantly.)

Quick caveat: This is capped at 5,000 users. If the limit is … Read more

SugarSync for Android gets better at sharing

As one of Dropbox's primary competitors, it's no surprise that SugarSync is pushing hard to step it's game up. Announced yesterday, the popular file-syncing service in the cloud has upgraded its Android app with a few sharing and file-management enhancements that are certainly worth a look.

First, users can now share files or even entire folders through Facebook and Twitter. Previously SugarSync was only able to share to your contacts, but now the app makes it easy to create a link and post it directly to your social networks. While it is a welcome addition to SugarSync'… Read more