How to change Siri's voice on iOS 7

Sir's feminine voice can potentially be a thing of the past if you'd prefer a more masculine personal assistant with iOS 7.

As demoed by Apple back in June, iOS users are now able to change the new female Siri voice to a male voice.

Changing the gender of Siri's voice only takes a few seconds and is really easy to do.

Launch the Settings app and tap on General, followed by Siri.

Here you can disable Siri, change its default language, as well as point Siri to your personal info and change a couple more settings. … Read more

Female Google execs on how to attract more women to the biz

SAN FRANCISCO -- On the eve of the Google I/O Developers Conference, the company's offices here were abuzz with a familiar refrain: the need for more women in the computer science industry.

The Women Techmakers event featured five women from Google's storied ranks talking about recruitment, leadership, gender bias, and of course, why Google is such an enviable place for women to work.

Susan Wojcicki, the senior vice president of advertising, was the 16th Google employee. When she started, she was told she would have a boss to report to.

"I waited for years," she … Read more

Does Facebook's corporate board need women?

Facebook is under fire once again for lack of women in its leadership. The FACE IT Campaign launched today to draw attention to the fact that as the world's largest social network readies itself to go public, after announcing a $5 billion IPO in February, its board consists only of white men.

"We believe that this board of white men should include women of all colors," states the FACE IT Campaign's mission. "Because Facebook should go public with a board that reflects its own mission--to make the world more open and connected."

Facebook's … Read more

The 404 Podcast 520: Where we hire a new Twitterererer

In our struggling economy, it's nice to know that our commander-in-chief is doing his part to provide jobs to our country. Well, at least one: Barack Obama is hiring a new Social Networks Manager! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to "maintain the Democratic Party and Organizing for America accounts on all social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace accounts, etc." Who wouldn't want to be Barack Obama's Internet ambassador? It's time to beef up that resume, write an outstanding cover letter, channel your inner Gabriel, and fill out this application...no word yet on compensation.

Touch-screen smartphones are fun to use, but what happens when users don't want to remove their gloves in the freezing winter to send a text message or a play a game? We've seen some asinine iPhone accessories, but the latest trend in South Korea is too hilarious to ignore.

Clever citizens discovered that a certain brand of sausage can be used as a stylus in lieu of a human finger. CJ Corporation, the business behind the "Maekseubong" sausages, reported a record breaking 39 percent revenue increase over the last year thanks to the discovery. Check out this video of a guy playing a Taiko drumming game using two of the Maxbong (tiny sausage) snacks.

Lots of sticker pictures and voice-mails today, including an official 404 Olympic Update and a crazy story about how The 404 helped a listener through an automobile accident. Glad you're safe, Jersey from Pete!

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Remarkable photo editor

We have to admit we were skeptical. We've messed around in Photoshop before and had no idea what we were doing. Portrait Professional promised to be easy, but how easy could it be? Surely it would require some kind of photo-editing skills, right? Wrong.

We are not exaggerating when we say that anyone could use this program. It doesn't really get any easier than this. Open a photo, and the program guides you though the process of adjusting a series of outlines over the subject's facial features. Even this doesn't have to be exact. Once you'… Read more

Confessions of a female audiophile

Women sometimes buy quality audio, but that doesn't make them audiophiles.

With rare exceptions, all the audiophiles I've known are men. The unifying mantra for audiophiles is that there's always something, maybe an amplifier or speaker just out a reach that might get them a little closer to the music. Audiophiles are gear junkies. They want to have Aretha Franklin or the New York Philharmonic or their favorite music sound like it's in the house. Audiophiles crave an emotional, visceral connection with their music.

That pretty much sums up Margery Budoff's audiophile urges. Like most audiophiles I know, Margery had an unusually strong affinity for music at a young age. She described herself as "A child musician with an industrial design fetish." Even as a little kid she loved the look of stuff, especially older, big and clunky 1950s and 1960s record players.

The first record Margery bought was "Telstar," then Dionne Warwick, then the Rolling Stones. The record player was the thing that could "Decipher the secret code encrypted in the records. I wanted to hear the sound in all its glory. That's how I became an audiophile."… Read more

The 404 165: Where we don't discuss geopolitics

On today's show, it's all about guido fist pumps and geopolitics. Psyke! We actually talk about big foot news (down, but not out), more Spanish insensitivities, ugly ducklings, neuvo guido fashion, the Goslings vs. the Reynolds, and Wilson's disturbing explanation of evolutionary breast development.

After receiving an e-mail from one of our listeners requesting coverage of the dismal political climate in modern Georgia, we dig deep and produce: "I love the money pit." That's all we have to say about that. There are few things that we don't discuss on The 404, and … Read more

The 404 120: Where we're "tight" with the NewYork.com girls

We're on our best behavior for today's show featuring the NewYork.com girls. Who are we kidding? We turn up the heat today and get a much needed female's perspective on the worst possible Father's Day gift, women's best kept secrets, stabbing Wal-Mart robots, and the girls' strange obsession with the Jolly Green Hotness. EPISODE 120 Download today's podcast

The 404 119: Where if we don't have a title, it's not the end of the world

Justin Yu takes a meeting, so Mark the Intern in his first week as Mark the Associate Producer takes his place. We chit chat about the lack of balls it takes to use Microsoft Surface to flirt with girls and why the iPhone actually costs more than your first born child. We also hit up some news about the life expectancy in the United States, and it looks like we're going to break out our walkers. Finally some ramblings about Iron Man 2 and restoring your male virginity through surgery. All this goodness and more found on the Interwebs. … Read more