AoA DVD Ripper review

AoA DVD Ripper lets you save movies to your computer in multiple formats, so you can play them back later on the device of your choice. Through the program's intuitive interface, you can quickly add files and complete the transfer without being a technical wizard.


Multiple formats: When you save movies from DVD to your computer through this app, you can choose to save them in one of several different formats depending on the device you ultimately want to play the movie on. Options include AVI, MPG, WAV, WMV, MP4, TBM, 3GP, and FLV.

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YouTube makes playlists easier to manage

Some layout changes for YouTube debuting on Wednesday bring with them better playlist management options.

The changes, rolling out to all YouTube visitors over the next few days, make the YouTube site more closely resemble its mobile apps. The interface is now center-aligned, and a prominent "guide" three-lined icon next to the site logo places options such as subscriptions and playlists in the center of your screen.

The site also has made some adjustments to playlists themselves. Playlists that you've created and those from other YouTube users that you've liked are now listed in your guide, … Read more

Classics Corner: Skoda Favorit

Today, Skoda is the darling of the automotive world. It's a brand that can do no wrong and tends to pick up awards left, right, and center. Best dealer this. Best service that. Best just about every car on the planet. And quite right, too: the Skoda range is one of the most relevant and sensible line-ups you'll ever find. Everyone loves Skoda. You get the impression that it could take photos of Kate Middleton's private bits and not run into trouble. In fact, Skoda would probably win an award for it.

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By Gavin Braithwaite-Smith

Twitter's flattery of ad creatives has bottom-line agenda

The Vine is pretty clever. It shows, in six rapid seconds, how to quickly and easily put up a simple bookshelf.

Done in the stop-motion technique that has been the hallmark of most of the best Vines to surface so far, the video is an ad for Lowe's home improvement stores, and is part of a series called, appropriately, #lowesfixinsix.

Published more than three weeks ago, the video got a fresh life today when Twitter featured it as the inaugural poster child for its new #CreativeFavorites program, an initiative that aims to celebrate the best work being done on … Read more

Top streaming-radio apps for iOS and Android

There are tons of music-listening apps in both of the big app stores, but when you want to find new music, there's nothing better than a streaming-radio app. These apps are set up for browsing through stations and genres so you can get a fresh dose of new options based on the music you like.

The obvious choice here is an app like Pandora (free - iOS|Android), but there are a few I like that have other options that might appeal to different types of music listeners.… Read more

Facebook launches 'action links' for greater app interaction

Facebook introduced a new feature today designed to help developers engage users more deeply with their app content.

In addition to "liking" and "sharing," the social network's customizable "action links" give users a third way to interact with content when users' Open Graph stories appear in news feeds, timelines, or tickers.

Facebook demonstrated how the new links could be used by tapping the geo-location app Foursquare as an example. When people check in at a location using the app on their Timeline, their friends can already like or comment on the post. But … Read more

Reader nominations for the best headphones, speakers, and receivers

Audiophiliac readers have strong opinions about the gear I write about every day; now it's your turn to spread the word about your favorite audio products. Nominate your picks for best speakers, in as many categories as you want: iPod speakers, sound bars, desktop, bookshelf, tower, high-end, subwoofers, home theater, etc.

I'm also seeking nominations for headphones of all types: universal-fit in-ears, custom-molded in-ears, DJ, Bluetooth, full-size on- and over-the-ear headphones, studio headphones, noise-canceling headphones. How about receivers? Stereo and home theater receivers, or integrated amplifiers, as well as turntables, CD players, iPods, and other types of music … Read more

Access and manage Favorites and Bookmarks with FavoritesView

NirSoft's FavoritesView is a neat bit of freeware that lets you save, edit, and access your Internet Explorer Favorites and Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks from one compact, customizable interface. You can choose your target folders and open Web pages directly from its toolbar. It can find duplicates and create HTML reports. Unfortunately, it doesn't (yet) accommodate Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any of the other other browsers.

As with many NirSoft tools, FavoritesView is portable freeware that opened as soon as we clicked the extracted program file. The program's interface is basic, with an up-to-date rendering of the classic … Read more

CNET readers' least favorite smartphones

This post has been updated since its original publish date of March 14, 2010, with new picks.

Earlier this week we highlighted some of your favorite smartphones and as promised then, we now have your least favorite. These handsets (presented in no particular order) had a lower average user rating (2.5 stars or lower, with at least 10 user reviews) compared with their competitors, and just like we did for the favorites, we included our bottom line as well as an excerpt from a user review that gives an example of why these devices didn't fare so well. … Read more

CNET readers' favorite smartphones

A lot of smartphones come through our offices here at CNET, and we put each one of them through their paces; some pass with flying colors and others we'd rather take a pass on. However, at the end of the day, it's you, our readers, who are the harshest critics. After all, you're the ones living with and using these gadgets every day, and while we have our own list of editors' favorites, we also definitely pay attention to user ratings and opinions.

In the photo gallery below, you'll find 10 of our readers' favorite smartphones, all of which received a user rating of 4 stars or above. They're presented in no particular order and we've included our bottom line as well as a reader's comment to give you an example of why these devices are so well-loved.

Also, be sure to check out our list of CNET readers' least favorite smartphones.

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