How to add favicons to your Google search results

I often use Google to find solutions to technical problems. While doing this, I usually come across a lot of posts that are extremely unrelated to the problem at hand. If this is a common occurrence for you, check out Faviconize Google.

This Chrome extension/Firefox add-on script will allow you to see small favicons next to the results in your search area. Adding Faviconize Google to your browser will streamline your results review process. If you see an icon you recognize, you're likely to know if that site will have the information you're seeking. … Read more

Heaven sent

The default appearance of Firefox is pleasant enough, but sometimes customizations are nice, too. Now you can reflect your Christian faith in Firefox with Bible Fox Blue. This browser extension changes some of the browser's button icons to religious images. The extension doesn't do a whole lot, but it's a nice choice if you'd like to add some visual reminders of Christianity to your Web browsing experience.

The extension installs without issues, although it will make Bing your default search engine unless you opt out. Once we had installed it and restarted Firefox, the changes were … Read more

Google Reader adds optional favicon support

Google on Tuesday added a small but welcomed feature to its Reader service: favicons. These are the little square icons provided by sites that show up both in your address bar and open tabs (in most browsers at least). Google Reader users can now opt in to see them in their feed source list, where previously, feeds just showed up as little blue RSS signal logos. According to Google it was the top requested feature from Google Reader's product ideas mini-site.

In many ways favicons are a logical step in simplifying the feed reading process, since you can now … Read more

Honey, I shrunk the Firefox tabs!

If you find yourself browsing dozens of Web pages at once, this free add-on offers a handy way to manage all those open tabs.

FaviconizeTab is a behind-the-scenes add-on for Firefox 1.5 and newer. It quickly transforms the size of a single tab into nothing larger than the Favicon already displayed on it. Users can simply right-click any open tab, select the FaviconizeTab option, and the tabs shrinks instantaneously. The same action quickly returns the tab to normal size. Although that's the sum total of FaviconizeTab's functionality, the program worked without flaw in our tests.

When Internet … Read more

Faviconize your way to tab freedom

I first came across Faviconize through Seth Rosenblatt's CNET story highlighting 12 "must-have" Firefox extensions. My life has not been the same since.

Faviconize won't wash your socks or balance your checkbook. No, it does something much more basic: It frees up space in your tab list.

There are three sites that I spend a lot of time on: Zimbra (email), SugarCRM (CRM), and CNET (er, blogging). So, I've created three permanent places for them on my tab list. You can see them to the left of my open tabs. The rest come and go: … Read more

Google updates Web address iconography

Update 10:30 p.m. PT: I corrected the description of the old favicon.

Overnight, Google got a new face on the Web--one measuring 16x16 pixels.

The search giant updated its favicon, the eensy little 256-pixel logo that appears in browser locations such as bookmarks, URL location bar, and window tabs. The old icon, a capital G in a multicolored box, has been supplanted by a cuddlier-looking blue lower-case g.

It's a minor change, to be sure. But coming from a company obsessed not only with design choices but also the effect those choices have, I can't help … Read more

Fix broken icons in Firefox bookmarks

(You can see this tip in action at CNET TV.)

Do your Firefox bookmark icons ever break? For instance, I have a bookmark to the CNET Intranet but the Last.FM logo is next to it. Not horrible, I know, but annoying.

Here's how to fix improper icons that, for one reason or another, may show up in the Firefox browser.

First you need to find the bookmarks.html folder for your Firefox.

In Windows XP for me, it's on a torturous thrill ride through the following folders: Documents and Settings - username - ApplicationData - Mozilla - … Read more